The Future of trucking

Space-age software company ZaiLab tasked its industrial design team with a unique project: design a futuristic space truck that can travel from Cape Town to Cairo – in just 300 days. ZaiLab CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub wanted to put his company on the map and decided to do exactly that – by building a space truck to match the futuristic offices located in Cape Town’s trendy Foreshore. He already had a military vehicle on hand, originally bought for overland travel.


It was about to set out on the journey of a lifetime. Cape Town–based ZaiLab, which specialises in a new take on staid contact centre software, has the concept of rewarding conversations at its core. This value needed to be factored into the overland adventure.


Ayyoub decided to partner the truck’s journey with his humanitarian project, Voices of Humanity, which aims to record the lived experience of a wide spectrum of people. The intention, in this inaugural journey, is to spread the message of rewarding conversations across the continent. It was a perfect match. After all, what better way to start a conversation than an 18-tonne space-age truck?


The custom-built vehicle features a repurposed military 6×6 MAN KAT chassis, while the bodywork design was inspired by futuristic vehicles from science fiction films such as Tron, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars, as well as a heavy duty V10 diesel engine. The ZaiTruck can survive even the toughest terrain, which has come in handy in its great trek across the continent. Ayyoub’s industrial design team jumped at the chance to design the futuristic vehicle. His unique approach to building his company attracted a dedicated team who share their CEO’s vision. His ideology that anything is possible is ingrained into the DNA of ZaiLab.


The expedition, which includes Ayyoub himself and ZaiLab staff members Dominique Vandenhoudt (videographer) and Roelf Mulder (industrial designer), set off from Cape Town in September. The route has thus far taken them north via Namibia and through Zambia, Tanzania and Sudan. The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, with electronic failure, flat tyres and potholes from hell causing all kinds of trouble along the way. But that didn’t stop the team from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in early October.


As the ZaiTruck rumbles its way towards its end goal, the team stop to have conversations with locals, asking 10 questions that they record for the Voices of Humanity website. And those interested in the quirky company behind the truck can check out the cutting-edge contact centre capabilities using the vehicle’s the on-board computers.


The truck, which is currently making its way across Sudan, is scheduled to arrive in Cairo in December before heading overseas to America for the Enterprise Connect Expo taking place in Orlando in March.


Baby Driver

In this Crime film/Thriller a talented getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. After meeting the woman (Lily James) of his dreams, he sees a chance to ditch his shady lifestyle and make a clean break. Coerced into working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), Baby must face the music as a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom. Another famous face is Jamie Foxx. Run time is 1hr 53mins with an age restriction of 16 with Language and Violence.

Home Again

In this romcom a recently separated from her husband, Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) decides to start over by moving back to Los Angeles with her two daughters. While celebrating her 40th birthday, Alice meets Harry, George and Teddy, three young filmmakers who need a place to live. Complications soon arise when she agrees to let the men stay in her guesthouse temporarily. As Alice develops a budding romance with Harry, her newfound happiness comes crashing down when her ex shows up with a suitcase in his hand. It is a PG13 movie with a run time of 2hours.

NYDA welcomes free higher education announcement

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has welcomed President Jacob Zuma’s announcement of free higher education for poor, working class students.

“The NYDA welcomes President Zuma’s response to the Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education and Training. This ground-breaking decision comes at a time wherein almost a million candidates sat for the matric final examinations, with no clear way forward about their future,” said the agency on Saturday.

President Zuma on Saturday announced the decision to extend fully subsidised free higher education to youth from well over 90% of South African households and to prioritise infrastructural development at universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges.

“Free quality education is the single most important enabler to achieve our agenda of creating employment creators as opposed to more job seekers by use of education, skills development and entrepreneurship,” said NYDA chairperson Sifiso Mtsweni.

President Zuma said government will introduce fully subsidised free higher education and training for poor and working class South African undergraduate students, starting in 2018 with students in their first year of study at public universities.

This will be done in a phased-in approach over a period of five years.

The President also announced that there will be no tuition fee increment for students from households earning up to R600 000 a year during the 2018 academic year.

The NYDA said it will introduce a new programmes in 2018 to ensure that it responds to skills shortages and unemployment amongst youth.

“In light of the fourth industrial revolution, education and skills development are critical to grow our economy. This is the most progressive decision since the advent of democracy ensuring that young people remain key role players in the future of the South Africa,” said Mtsweni.

The subsidised full cost of study will include tuition fees, prescribed study material, meals, accommodation and/or transport.


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