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For those who love McDonalds this one is a treat for you.  The movie starring Michael Keaton (Beetle juice) is a movie based on the true story of how the McDonalds franchise came to be. It focuses on the story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) a salesman from Illinois met Mac and Dick McDonald, who in the 1950s in Southern California were running an impressive speedy system of making the food and he saw a franchise potential. Through that Ray Kroc maneuvered himself into a position of pulling the company from the McDonalds brothers and creating a billion-dollar empire.  It is a family move with parental guidance required 7-9 PGL.

Heritage Month

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Heritage day is a day, where we as South Africans are able to celebrate our diversity and the importance of culture. It is an opportunity in which we as citizens are able to showcase where we come from. This is the time where we educate each other about our different cultures. What this usually does is not only educate us but also inform us of our similarities. It is a form of finding respect for our differences and building a united South Africa. An opportunity to give a voice to every culture. This is not only a time to celebrate our cultures but to remember that our diversity is what makes us a great and unique country, the reason we are known as the rainbow nation.

It can be said that this also gives the opportunity for foreigners to also showcase their cultures and celebrate heritage day with us. We get to not only learn about South African culture but also African culture and across to other continents. Days like these show the importance of humanity and humility towards any culture. With the hopes of one day being able to get along in the world. It is a day of celebration peace and unification.

Let us try for this month to learn about each other’s cultures you’ll be surprised how common certain norms are across culture, and pick up the habit of learning a new South African language, we have 11 beautiful languages why not learn them all. From the Cosmo City Chronicle team we wish you a happy Heritage Month

Youth imbizo story

On the 16th of September 2017, Multipurpose was the host to a Youth Imbizo event organised by an orgnisation called Fronesus Students Development Trust, the imbizo was organised as a way for the youth to showcase local talent and find out what can be done to make them an integral part of society.

Fronesus Students Development Trust, have services that include women and youth development. Their youth development project is called Zone14 youth development, they hosted the youth imbizo.

‘’ The reason for this youth imbizo is to bridge the gap between the youth and the government, we know that there is a high unemployment rate and lack of information for various things because the youth do not have access to things such as Wifi, so these expos will be a  networking session for the youth.’’ Said Tsitsi Sekgobela, founder of Fronesus Student Development Trust.

The Zone14 youth development wants to make this imbizo an annual event, so as to assist a new group of youth every year. The venue is dependent on the number of people that come to the youth imbizo. So youth is encouraged to find out about these programs and become a part of them so as to equip them with information

‘’ Government has a lot of programs that are there to assist unemployed youth that we are not aware of, programs that can assist youth in schools with early work experience and other things such as internships.’’ She explained

This year the imbizo focused on Integrated Development Plan (IDP), which is a super plan for an area that gives an overall framework for development. It aims to co- ordinate the work of local and government in a plan to improve the quality of life for all the people living in the area.

‘’ We went to the speaker’s office and asked them to come and unpack the IDP for the youth, so that they understand what the IDP is, because most of them do not know what it is. They do not know what government entity to approach for help with things such as starting a business and needing funding.’’ She continued

This year’s Youth Imbizo was made to highlight the issues that affect the youth such as unemployment, crime and poverty, it is important that the community supports and encourages the youth to grow and develop themselves for the future and for them to have the relevant information they need to grow.

Siyabuselela Learner transport Association story

On the 21st of September 2017, Siyabuselela Learner Transport Association of Cosmo City as well as Lanseria Learner Transport Association held a meeting at the Cosmo Junction Amphitheatre. The meeting was held to urge school children transport drivers to register with their respective associations and for parents to make sure that their children’s transport is registered.

Siyabuselela Learner Transport Association was formed in 2010, they are fully registered with the Gauteng transport services known as GETS, and they are also registered with the department of transport. They cover Cosmo City and its surrounding areas such as Randburg; Cresta; Lanseria; Muldersdrift; Boskop; Nooitgedacht; fourways and Sharonlea.

‘’ When a driver wants to register with Siyabuselela and Lenseria Learner Transport Association, they have to pay a fee of R5000, which is non-refundable should the driver decide they no longer want to be part of the association.’’ Said Bongani Msibi, Chairperson of Siyabuselela Learner Transport Association.

Children’s transport for a long time took no responsibility when it came to the safe arrival of children at home. Drivers had the freedom to leave children at school if they were not at the meeting area, the registration of drivers with the association changes this. Drivers are now required to wait for a period of time for the children, and parents are urged to make arrangements with the driver should the child’s schedule change.

‘’ As Siyabuselela we have a contract that we sign with the parents and one of the clauses included is when the children part take in sports at school or when children have gone on a school trip and return late, now in those cases we encourage communication between the parent and the driver so as to ensure the safety of the child.’’ He explained

The Association has put rules in place to ensure the safety of the children and although there is not a separation of children according to age, they have rules that ensure that the driver does not break the law of the country by driving drunk or do anything to put the association’s reputation into jeopardy.

‘’ Before we take a driver as a member, they have to sign a code of conduct. If they do not follow that code of conduct, they are then sent for a disciplinary hearing with the disciplinary committee within the association.’’ He continued

Transport and safety are the two most important things to any parent whose child uses scholar transport. That is why people who deliver children to and from school are encouraged to register with the association. So that they can be protected and children kept safe.

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