Their Finest

For those who love Romance with a bit of scandal then this movie is for you. Gemma Arterton plays a married woman who develops a growing attraction for a screenwriter played by Sam Claflin, while working together on a propaganda film about the evacuation of allied troops from Dunkirk, France. The movie is set in 1940 with a run time of 1hr57m.

The whole Truth

In this thrilling movie Keanu Reeves (Neo from the Matrix) plays a defense Attorney Richard Ramsay, who takes on a personal case. The case involves his windowed friend’s son who is being accused of murdering his father. Along the way secrets and evidence are revealed that bring a twist into what actually took place. This movie is filled with suspense as it leaves you wanting to know the truth. This movie is not suitable for persons under the age of 16.

Ireland not letting go in 2023 World Cup fight

Cape Town - Irish Rugby has written a letter to World Rugby expressing its concern at South Africa being recommended as hosts of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

This follows last week's recommendation from World Rugby that South Africa be awarded the rights to host the showpiece.

That recommendation was the result of an independent evaluation conducted by World Rugby, and while it does not guarantee South Africa the tournament just yet, it has left both Ireland and France less than happy.

In a letter to World Rugby CEO Brett Gosper that was published in the Irish Times, IRFU Chief Executive Philip Browne requested that all World Rugby Council members be reassured that they can vote for whichever of the three potential host nations they prefer on November 15.

That is the date when 39 votes will be cast by the World Rugby Council, with a simple majority determining the official hosts for 2023.

World Rugby Council members are encouraged to consider the World Rugby recommendation when casting their votes, but they can still vote for whoever they like.

Browne went on to suggest that there were concerns over South Africa's ability to ensure full stadiums throughout the tournament and he wanted to know why this was not reflected in the recommendation report.

He then highlighted security, querying what mechanisms had been used in the recommendation to determine threat levels in the three regions.

Finally, Brown pointed to the fact that there was no mention of South Africa's failed 2022 Commonwealth Games journey. The country had been awarded the rights to host the global event, but pulled out due to financial concerns.

Browne wrote that he was surprised that World Rugby had not approached the Commonwealth Games Federation to obtain more information as to what transpired in South Africa eventually being stripped of the rights to host the Games.

Outsourced from Sports24

Mrs. S.A Finalist

Kholofelo Tsoloane is a Mrs SA finalist originally from Bela-Bela, currently living in Randburg. She is also a Captain in the South African Military Health Services and works as a Biokineticist, based at South African Air Force Head Quarter. The competition for Mrs SA 2017 finale will be on the 17th of November 2017.

Outside of her day to day job she mentors young people. In 2014 she helped start an NPO in Alexandra, where the group met with young girls and taught them life skills, e.g. CV writing, self-confidence and career goals to name a few of the topics they focused on. The aim was to equip the young women for post high school life, so they could enter the adult world with some background knowledge of how to navigate and have tools to use.

‘’Education is also very close to my heart, as I believe all young people should equally be equipped by getting an education. Someone needs to care and want to do something not to just teach them Maths and Science, but also teach the young women etiquette behaviour and how to conduct yourself respectably so that one, can be a woman who is educated and has substance,’’ said Kholofelo

She plays Netball and made the South African National Defense Force team in 2009-2013. “Health, fitness and sports are extremely important to me, it's my vocation and in any way I can I live up to the standard I set for my patients.

‘’I love all things sports, I'm a runner and that is my addiction, I've done two oceans marathon and I've now registered for comrades marathon 2018, I haven't started training but it's a goal and dream I'm working on. And I also played cricket in high school,’’ she explained

‘’I'm currently doing my campaign with impact going to communities and schools educating people about the importance of recycling and the benefits of recycling, not only financially but also to our environment,’’ she said

This journey has empowered her to want more for herself and most of all to want to do more for those around her. She has grown in leaps and bounds that even after her campaign is over, crown or no crown, she wants to use it to gather young women and continue to give them skills so that they can flourish as she does.

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