2018 Travel Expo

The annual travel expo was held at the ticket Pro Dome last weekend from Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th February 2018, the expo is to inform people about how easy and cheap it is to travel.

It was open to anyone who wanted to know more about travelling. It was there to show people how to save , and budget for travel  for a long trip that would normally cost a large amount of money which could leave travelers in debt from unexpected expenses on the trip.

Lance Nkwe, marketing personnel at Flight centre SA, said the expo was there to teach and show people how affordable travel is. This year they have introduced a way of helping people who love to travel but cannot afford by way of opening stokvel’s , so that they can save as a group to travel, by contributing  a minimum of R500 over a period of time with friends and family. Once the stokvel has accumulated large savings they can be used to travel to any destination they want as a group. The stokvel can have members starting from 3 up to 30.

The travel expo is hosted annually and it allows the travel agencies to inform the public about special packages on tickets or cheaper accommodation and the best time to travel. In and round the world.

For more information on travel or the stokvel people can go to the flight centre website www.flightcentre.co.za or call them on 0117781300.

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