Dithupe Foundation pushes to help foreign nationals amid lockdown

There is need to also consider some foreign nationals when distributing food parcels,” said Itumeleng Dithuphe the chairperson of Dithupe Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization operating in Zandspruit informal settlements.

“We have been approached by some residents in our community asking for help because they do not have anything to eat,” he said. “Our mission is to help the vulnerable members of the communities around South Africa. We are also including our fellow brothers and sisters from the neighbouring countries.

During the struggle against COVID-19  it is unnecesaary to discriminate the foreign nationals when giving away food parcels, Dithupe said.

“Every Sunday, our organisation cooks proper meal with the aim to help the starving community members. We are facing serious challenges because we are running the organisation from our own pockets.

Dithupe said they currently catering for 450 Lesotho citizens. “Most people are not working and do not have anything to eat. Therefore, we are appealing to the corporate communities to chip in and help us save people’s lives. Currently we are looking for more donors to help us with food parcels, sanitizers and face masks. We also need gas stoves to continue cooking for the residents.

On Sunday the 24th of May the foundation cooked food for more than 100 people in Zandspruit community.

People who are willing to contribute to Dituphe Foundation can contact them on 071 999 2456/079 341 4428 or email mac.tumza@gmail.com. ����͢"

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