A glance of Christmas celebrations at Cosmo Mall

Christmas season has come and gone, but children will never forget what they experienced at Cosmo Mall in 2018’s celebrations.

Bentel group (owners) hosted Cosmo Christmas as a way to bring convenience and resonate with the Cosmo community, according to the Cosmo Mall Marketing Management.

Boston, Roots butchery, Steers, Debonaires ,Fishaways , Beares and  Cash crusaders united to sponsor the Christmas celebrations.

 “Everyone enjoyed the Christmas, and children loved taking pictures with Santa,” said mall Space Management

Free indoor and outdoor activities kept the children entertained. The mall was occupied with a playground where kids could play while parents did shopping.

 “The environment provided a great shopping experience,” the management added. “Children also had an opportunity to do sporting activities. A soccer pitch was put in place for football lovers to enjoy themselves. A few lucky winners also walked away with their share of over R50 000 in prizes.”

 In the spirit of giving back, the mall management said, Cosmo mall also hosted a “cloth, feed and educate a child” campaign where 30 orphans were invited for lunch and provided with food, clothes and bursaries.

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