A message from Buti Green ahead of the festive season

A message from Buti Green ahead of the festive season

Mascot, Buti Green, is a Green Development Foundation custodian who is being used to entertain and propel the vision of this non-profit entity using the FURA campaign to feed the impoverished in different parts of Gauteng.

 Here is his plea for the festive season:

“My name is Buti Green, and all I ever wanted was to be a Superhero. I am raising money to feed 70500 families in Johannesburg North that currently have no jobs because of the repercussion of Covid-19 lockdown.

The situation in these communities is extremely desperate and I really hope that you can help me to reach as many people as possible so that 70500 families don’t go to bed hungry this festive season.

 I am raising money in three ways:

  1. People can sms FURA to 48991 to donate R10 towards vegetable seeding starter packs (nutria-buckets) as well as basic vegetable production training.
  2. I am also asking for people to send me their old & unwanted shoes to 23 Monument Road, Kempton Park so that I can plant beautiful flowers to sell as part of my “Walk the Hope” campaign to also raise funds to feed and train these hungry families.
  3. A very generous angel who happens to also be a world class biochemist has helped me to create a hand-crafted natural organic skin care range that is also on sale as part of the fundraising.”

For more information:

Visit: www.gdfsa.org/ contact:  Farai on 011 028 7635/ 072 207 1717. ,ؙ��T(?

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