A promising project for Zandspruit community

Democratic Alliance (DA), African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are working together to provide housing in the community of Zandspruit.

DA Johannesburg Mayor Cllr Hemman Mashaba and MMC for Housing Meshack van Wyk revealed the parties’ alliance when they conducted an oversight visit to Zandspruit. The community mostly affected and in most urgent need for all political parties to unite and provide proper housing, according to Mashaba. 

The mayor’s visit marked the official launch of a project that will lead to the construction of 7000 housing units to replace shacks. The oversight visit also aimed to ensure that all processes planned for extensions 83, 84 and 85 are followed to enable the multi-party government to deliver services effectively.

 “Last year, I came to listen to the residents’ problems and challenges,” the Mayor said in an interview with the Chronicle. “They then showed me the land that the city can use to develop and provide the community with stands. I prepared a report to the council and it was approved that we can go ahead.”

 In the history of Johannesburg, the mayor said, this is the first time that all political parties were willing to work together on a particular project.

“From day one, the provincial government wanted to collapse our multi-party government in the city of Johannesburg,” Mashaba said. “Multi-party government is so important when it comes to community development. I think I will use this project as a model throughout the city. We want to do away with informal settlement over the next 10 to 15 years.”

Mashaba added that the City of Johannesburg is in discussion with Eskom to assist the community with proper electrification.

Nkosi Mthembu,who has lived in Zandspruit for the past 19 years,  said it was a promising sign to see all political parties going for the same goal.

“What we want is proper infrastructure in our community,” he said. “Politicians always come to us with different ideas especially towards elections. But this time I hope their promises will stand.” 1

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