A kickstart to a new journey

The Triple Threat Kickboxing Club held their open day on the 30th of August in Ruimsig to celebrate moving to a new and bigger gym. 

The club consists of three exercising regimes: kickboxing, self-defence and functional training, turning each individual into a triple threat. “The programs we run are very unique,” said Wade Rendall, the owner of the club. Triple Threat’s training emphasises individual attention, he said.   

Rendall founded the Triple Threat club about ten months ago. Rendall used to be a personal trainer and kickboxer. “When I did kickboxing, I really enjoyed it. It became such a big part of my life. I loved training people. It got to a point where I’m actually taking my own fighters to competitions.”  

The gym is also kid-friendly and one of the three trainers, Grant Myburgh, trains children in kickboxing, self-defence and jujitsu.  

The Triple Threat brand is everywhere, said Camielle Goldstone, a client at the gym. The club has been featured in the Roodepoort Northsider newspaper, Goldstone said, and one of their kickboxers won a South African kickboxing championship. 

The club’s popularity seems to be due to word of mouth. “People that come to the gym really enjoy it so much that they refer their friends to come to the gym,” said Rendall.

Goldstone found out about Rendall through one of her friends. The friend wanted to be in the right shape to fit into her wedding dress and asked for Rendall’s assistance. Goldstone thus met Rendall when he was a personal trainer and has stuck with him for three years. Goldstone also showed up at the club’s open day to show her support.  

The open day was successful, said Myburgh. The trainers worked hard to make the new gym ready, he said. The new gym is larger than the club’s previous gym in Little Falls, said Rendall. Delays caused the team to have to set up the new gym in just one day. In another week the gym will be fully operational, Rendall said. Despite the gym still being 10% away from completion, the training will go on, he said.  

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done” is one of the motivational quotes that Rendall frequently WhatsApps to his trainees.  

“Triple Threat is going to new heights,” said Goldstone.

For more information contact Wade Rendall at wade@triplethreatdojo.co.za .

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