African heritage celebrated at MARANATHA Combined School

This year’s Heritage Month theme (“Celebrating South Africa’s human living treasures”) was a reminder that “The Bible tells us children are a heritage from God,” said Donovan C Masuku, one of  MARANATHA Combined School’s directors during the heritage celebrations held at the school’s Early Childhood Development (ECD)premises on 30 September.

South Africa celebrates Heritage Month annually in September to mark the nation’s diverse culture and heritage.

Involving children in heritage celebrations gives them a sense of belonging to our culture and traditions as Africans, Masuku said.  “It helps them understand who they are and their roots at an early age. Once they understand heritage they will grow in their everyday life having pride of themselves as a nation and tribe.”

“Celebrating heritage is very important,” Masuku said, “because it promotes knowledge of our values. It also promotes patriotism and upholds the spirit of Ubuntu.”

During the day of celebrations at Maranatha Combined School, children and teachers celebrated the school’s cultural diversity with food, music, activities and decoration from different cultures.

Embracing our culture helps us nurture our children in a proper way, said Mr Tieho Boqo, a parent. “Culture is a collection of ideas, customs and social behaviour.  And these play a crucial role in raising children.”

 Maranatha School was registered in 2014 and offers ECD, primary, and secondary education in Cosmo City. The school not only offers an academic education, it also offers social and spiritual wellbeing, said Masuku. 

“We are a Christian based institute, and we highly value morality,” Masuku said. “As an institute we do not only believe in teaching, but also in training pupils to use their mental and physical abilities, strength and powers.  We help them to discover talents and to use them wisely for a better tomorrow. Our best investment has to be in our children through proper education, and we as an institute pride ourselves in doing that.”

“A better, successful and visionary community or society is produced through educating pupils properly and that is exactly what we are doing.”

 “We hope for a better society and nation, a nation that prides in itself, a nation that holds high the value of ethics and morality,” Masuku concluded.

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