Avengers Endgame

SPOILER alert: this movie is the “ending”…see what I did there? With the word?  Eh you had to be there Anyway Endgame is the 22nd MCU movie after Captain Marvel , 11 years in the making and it was worth the wait.

If Infinity War was about Thanos, Endgame follows Avengers dealing with the after math that took place in Infinity war after Thanos’ Snappening, snapping?...wait there is better word for this….decimation that wiped out half the universe creatures.

At 3h2m runtime it didn’t feel like though the pacing is steady filling in the gaps, giving you the feels, there were audible sniffles and cheers in the cinema, how do I not spoil this?...umm Endgame is directed by the Russo brothers who seem to be capable of balancing out such a “huge” story. Last time I felt a movie was well balanced it was it…I mean “it” the movie anyway Endgame brings a climatic “end” you did not see coming. Captain America (Chris Evans)is the MVP of the movie, Thanos still remains the MCU’s best villain. With no post credit scenes Endgame gives a perfect ending to the first 22 movies saga which brings the question….now what?

If you loved….all the MCU movies you will love this one.

Avengers: Infinty War aka Thanos finally stood up yall

Finally after seeing him for the first time in the post credits scene of the first Avengers, the purple one…no not prince!, Thanos the mad Titan finally steps down from his thrown to get the infinity stones himself. Avengers Infinity War aka Thanos 1(insert laugh here) culminates the 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) since the 1st Iron Movie, Infinty War sees Iron Man (Robert Downey jr), Thor(Chris Hemsworth)Captain America(Chris Evans) and the rest of the Avengers face off against Thanos(Josh Brolin) whose quest is to get all the Infinty stones and do away with of half the universe.

It is the 19th Movie in the MC(Marvel Cinematic Universe) directed by the Russo brothers (Arrested Development) who direct a stellar, huge cast and still making sure that the movie is contained, the banter between the characters work. Thanos finally breaks the curse of the Meh-Marvel movie villain by bringing forth a really smart, sympathetic villain; Spider man and Thor steal the show and be prepared for gasps as this is not your usual light hearted Marvel movie because it has some dark elements to it and it may leave some fans exhausted or no chance to breath because it is just so action packed. The movie runtime is 2h40m You will hardly feel it and 13LV

Thor Ragnarok

The hammer wielding Asgardian brute,does not have a hammer in this one, Yep mourn for Mjolnir but that does not stop this movie from taking you on a trip and just gifting you with a nice surprise that you could’nt “see”coming(laughing emoji here).In this one Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) face off against: Hela (Cate Blanchett), The Goddess of death and the fire demon Surtur(Clancy Brown) who intend to plunge Asgard into oblivion, directed by Taika Waititi. Thor Ragnarok is the 3rd movie in the Thor movie trilogy and the 17th installment in the well woven MCU, Thor Ragnarok is a galactic Space trip, visually fantastic filled with all the colours that make you feel like you’ve entered a game. The action left a little something to be desired but was fun to watch which I think was a Nod to Thor the god of thunder video game and Thor’s character arc is confusing,is he arrogant again? or is he just confident?.Hela is the generic Meh-Marvel-Villian, Hulk is amazing,speaking and smashing stuff the score is amazing and Jeff Goldlum as the Grandmaster steals the show. For the lovers of the first two Thor movies prepare to feel like you’re in a game with this installment, you will not leave disappointed. Thor Ragnarok allows an audience well over 13,children should be accompanied by their parents and it runs for 130 minutes.