MMC Sifumba Opens Mazwai Mdina’s Exhibition at Workers Museum Newtown

On Wednesday the 9th of August, The City of Johannesburg hosted a Woman’s day event themed Imbali yo Mfazi/The Legend of a woman at the Workers Museum Newton.

This event was part of the opening of Mazwai Mdima’s exhibition with the same title Imbali yo Mfazi/ The Legend of a woman, which will run from 9 August to 15 September 2017.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development for the City of Johannesburg, Nonhlanhla Sifumba was amongst the guests.

Sifumba said that they have been engaging with different communities around Johannesburg through Let’s Talk Jozi Imbizos to address the issues of Human Trafficking and Women and Children abuse.

“I hope people will learn from this exhibition because Gender violence and women abuse is one area that we as society seem to be afraid to deal with it,” said Sifumba. “We host the Let’s Talk Jozi Imbizos so that we can talk to people and come up with solutions to problems. We are also showcasing what we have within our portfolio so that people would know about what we do as the department.”

“This exhibition speaks to the heat and hopefully the hype will be created around this.” Said Sifumba

The Veteran artist and sculptor Mazwai Mdima will be exhibiting his 18 wood sculptures and the body of work constituting his exhibition has been created specifically for the purpose of raising awareness of levels of gender-violence in communities.

Mdima who has lost two of his children through domestic violence said that certain social constructs need to be changed to decrease domestic and women abuse.

“Two of my children have been victims to ‘child in love murders’,”said Mdima“One of the things that we need to get rid of as a country, as a matter of emergency is ukulobolana (paying bride-price),we can’t be selling our children and give it a good name and pretending that it’s a good thing. For the mere purpose of holding on to what was done in the past, we can give it up now.”

He went on to say, “Paying bride price, gives a man power to easily abuse a woman because he believes that he has bought her. We have even brain-washed our children, our young women are proud to say that they are worth more than R100 000.”

“We have done a terrible damage to our society and we need to replace some aspects of culture which now seems to be contributing to the abuse of women,” he added.

The Exhibition is open to the members of public. It can be seen daily from 9am to 5pm.

Premier Makhura launches the Empower a Girl to lead campaign at Aurora Girls Sec in Soweto

On Tuesday 1ST of August, Gauteng Provincial Government in partnership with civil society, NGOs and the business community, launched the "empower a girl to lead" campaign at the Aurora High School in Zola, Soweto.

The purpose of the campaign is to address the plight of the girl child and young women which includes, but not limited to: teenage pregnancy, increased HIV infection rate, gender based violence, inequality and human trafficking.

Gauteng Premier David Makura said that this year they have decided not to focus on women in general, but rather highlight and address the plight of girls and young women.

"Although a lot of progress has been made in addressing challenges faced by girls and young women in our province, we still have a long way to go in bridging the inequality gap between girls and boys as boys are treated differently from girls in schools it's even worse at home," said Makhura.

The learners were also afforded an opportunity to engage Premier Makhura on issues that they hold close to their heart.

"Since the government is giving us free food, free condoms, why can't government give us free sanitary towels to prevent absenteeism from Girls during their menstruation cycle?" asked Mathabo Dladla a learner at the school.

To which Premier Makhura responded:" To all the young girls that come from poor families that cannot afford a very basic sanitary pads, I have good news for you, the Gauteng province is working together with its partners in ensuring that in the next 2 years starting from now, all girls will have access to free sanitary pads in all public schools in Gauteng".

He also added that 50% of the bursaries awarded to Grade 12 learners who have demonstrated capability and talent will be awarded to girls.

Batloutsi Day Care gets facelift sponsored by the South African Post Office

The South African Post Office, in partnership with JAM SA, came together for the first time to uplift Batloutsi Day Care in Diepsloot.

In celebration of Mandela month, Angela Abrahams, Senior Manager for Corporate Citizenship at the South African Post Office Head Office proposed to her management that they uplift an Early Child Development Centre in an effort to promote sustainable development.

“Once this upgrade is complete, the crèche will be more recognised and likely to qualify to get a grant from the Department of Social Development,” said Abraham.

The makeover which took place on the 3rd and 4th August 2017, entailed fixing the leaking roof, fitting a toilet door and painting the interior and the exterior of the crèche.

The South African Post Office Communications, Marketing and Strategy teams spent separate days painting the crèche, transforming the dull structure to a colourful and more stimulating learning environment.

Mrs Defney Moshokoa started Batloutsi Day Care Centre when she was unable to find employment, and her mother lent her money to put up a basic building with two classrooms. The roof is leaking and lacks a ceiling, while the toilet has no door.

Mrs Moshokoa said she started the crèche because she felt the toddlers that roam the streets need looking after, but now she believes it is her calling in life.

“I am so happy for this to happen,” said Moshokoa. “God is showing me I am doing the right thing, and I never expected all these people to come make my place better for the children.”

The project is run in conjunction with the organisation JAM South Africa, an NGO that is currently feeding over 90 000 pre-school children in more than 2000 Centre’s countrywide. Good nutrition and stimulation are essential to develop the potential of pre-school children fully

The teams did not come empty handed - they brought lunch, dessert, balloons and goody bags, all much to the excitement of the children on the last day of the makeover,

“We can all dig deep and do more - we are not just painting for today, we are creating and enabling an environment for sustainable development. When the principal gets her grant, she will be able to go for further training and move forward in transforming her and the children's lives.” said Abraham.

Meet Gift, Cosmo FM Presenter

He has become a household name in Cosmo City through his voice and passion for radio. Real Magivano is one of the young people that are working tireless to change the narrative of a black child. He is a Saturday breakfast show host at Cosmo FM.

“Media has always been a calling for me. I actually realised at a very young age that I am actually an entertainer, “said Real Magivano. “It has always been a dream for me to be on radio.”

Real Magivano whose real name is Gift Maifa is a Cosmo City based Television and Radio personality who was born and raised in the North West province, he moved to Johannesburg to further his studies, to also follow and persuade his dreams on the entertainment industry. He is currently holding a diploma in Marketing from Central Johannesburg College

In 2015, Real Magivano started working with Cosmo FM and 6 months on air he got nominated for an award

“Awards are there to celebrate our works as broadcasters” said Real Magivano.

“If you can go back to where I started you will see that I have grown. Having to work with such wonderful people has also taught me something as a radio presenter” he added.

When talking about other broadcasters who inspire him in the industry, Real Magivano talked warm heartedly about Mo Flavor who is a talented radio personality and club DJ.

“I look up to Mo Flavor, he is so open -minded. One thing I have realised about radio is that one needs to be open- minded and one needs to also accommodate different people, and be versatile on air. Mo Flavor is fearless on air, open minded and everything,” said Real Magivano.

He went on to say, “My show is a youth show and we call it a University of Hustlers. The aim of the show is to uplift the youth and also to educate the youth. As much as we have serious issues that we talk about on the show more than anything music is also there.”

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