Meet a local musician with a philosophical approach

Swizzy DaPhiloso is a philosophy-driven, upcoming hip-hop artist based in Cosmo City’s extension 6. 

His music is characterised by moral lyrics, which question the connection between human beings’ emotions and the universe.

Born Freddie Pilusa, DaPhiloso was raised by his mother and step father in Limpopo Ga-Sekgopo phukubjeng. The 23- year-old rapper, who is currently studying Law at University of South Africa (UNISA), said his background influenced him to be more inquisitive about the world.

“I grew up in a bad environment in the village,” he said. “In such an environment, people have their own perspectives about the universe and they rarely realise their dreams. I then took it as a mission to rise and use music to express what I think about the world. God gave us gifts and we should use our talents to improve every mankind.”

 DaPhiloso is also known for being the driving force of the Super Lunatic Macro Sycho (SLMS), an artists’ movement, which aims to bring peace in the community. “In the movement, we as upcoming artists go around the township encouraging children not to drop out of school because education is the major pillar of life,”

DaPhiloso recently released an album called DUKA DUKA with 18 tracks produced by VeeBeats Exclusives.

Youngsters shine at Black Friday build-up event

Youngsters presented splendid performances in a dance competition during this year’s Black Friday build up campaign held at Cosmo Mall on 23 November.

Cosmo Mall awarded different prizes to the winners. Cosmo Mall also sponsored the event, which was organised by In The Dream (ITD), VoxCode Promotions, Capiwise, Coca-Cola and Mmino More Entertainment. The mall will run a Black Friday promotion with 75% discount in selected stores and give away hampers to community members through sidewalk sales.

 While promoting the Black Friday and month-end sidewalk sales until 2 December, Mmino More Entertainment launched its Yellow Tape album.

Cosmo Mall and its partners wanted to bring the community and Cosmo Mall together, according to ITD director William Molaule. “At the same time, we also wanted the youth to showcase their talent,” he said. “It is important to focus on bringing the youth together because if they are not occupied, they end up doing bad things in the streets.”

Molaule said it is important for community elders to involve the youth in everything they do. “The more the youths get involved in community activities, the more they believe in themselves.  I would love to acknowledge Nkosemhle Ngobese, Romeo Joel, VeeBeats Exclusive and Katlego Lauren for making the event a success.

Pupils participate in spelling and mathematics competition

“Most pupils are looked after by grannies and when they get home they have no one to assist them with school work,” said the founder of Sir Gabriel Centre for Excellence Previous Ndlovu during a spelling and mathematics competition held at the centre on 11 November.

“Our aim is to bridge that gap between parents and pupils. We want to raise students’ morale to get them excited about education.”

Sir Gabriel Centre for Excellence is a private institution operating in Cosmo City’s extension 4. The centre mainly assists primary students with homework, research and revision. During the competition day, more than 50 students competed in spelling and mental mathematics with parents and community members attending the event.

It is crucial for students to understand mathematics at a young age before getting to high school, Ndlovu said. “Mathematics is not a problem, but a challenge,” he said. “It is one subject that makes a child reach his or her full potential. It is a challenge which they need to overcome.  They have to put an effort in mathematics and enjoy it, as it makes them think.”

Ndlovu said they are appealing for support from the community. “Most of the parents do not earn much and cannot afford school fees,” he said. “Eventually we charge them less, and we cannot chase the children away after failing to pay fees.  So it ends up being difficult to run the centre. Therefore, we are appealing to community members to help out wherever they can.  We are in need of study material and other things to keep the centre running.”

The centre is currently renting in a church premise, and Ndlovu said it is another challenge to them as they are told to move out of the premise by January 2020.

“Ever since my children started to attend at Sir Gabriel Centre, I have seen some improvement,” said a parent Cindy Dube. “I have three children, Gugulethu, Brendon and Thando, who attend here, and I am more than satisfied with the feedback that I get from their school.”

Spelling Bee competition winners

Juniors: Ayabonga (2nd Runner up), Brandon S Dube (1st runner up), and Mphikeleli Soko (The Winner).

Seniors:  Hazel T Nheta (2nd Runner up), Phenyo Moletsane (1st runner up), and Gugulethu M Dube (the winner)

Mental mathematics competition winners: Hazel T Nheta (2nd runner up), Kungawo Gqokonqana (1st runner up), and Gugulethu M Dube (the winner)

People can contact Sir Gabriel Centre for Excellence on 0612117657

Helicopter surprise for graduation

More than one hundred pupils at Maranatha Little Paradise rode a helicopter and flew around Cosmo City during their graduation ceremony held on 24 November at Multipurpose Centre.

Riding the helicopter came as a highlight of the day to excite the pupils. “It was a surprise to the graduates, which got them more excited,” said a parent Zola Mthombeni. “It was a nice surprise organised by the school at no extra cost. I am very happy that my child is one of the graduates. I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of education that our children receive at Maranatha.”

Maranatha Little Paradise operates in Cosmo City’s extension 7.

It is very crucial for the little ones to understand the value of education at an early age, said one of the school directors, Donovan C. Masuku. “Children need to understand that their future depends on education,” he said. “When that culture of education is instilled in their hearts at a tender age, there are very low chances of them going astray when they grow up.”

Masuku said it is always challenging to deal with the little ones. “They are from different backgrounds, learning different things from their homes. So it becomes a challenge to deal with them. However, we strive to put them in the right direction because that is where there is a foundation of a better future. As young as they are, we also learn a lot from them.”

Now that the graduates are going to their big school, Masuku said he will miss the lovely moments he had with them.

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