Hungry Lions qualify for SAB Regional League

Cosmo City’s Hungry Lions FC beat Diepsloot’s DYA FC 8-2 in the South African Breweries (SAB) League final play off match held at Multipurpose grounds on 6 September 2021.

In the SAFA SAB league semi-final play offs, Cosmo City Local Football Association was represented by Ikade Youth Development (2018 Senior League winners) led by coach Lazi Ntaoland and Hungry Lions (2019 Senior League winners) lead by Coach Tshepo Motsomi.

The two teams would fight for the Sole SAFA SAB Regional League spot against 2018 and 2019 Senior League winners from Diepsloot Local Football Association, namely DYA FC and Bophelong Sporting.

The resilient Hungry Lions beat Ikade YD 3-1 in the semis while DYA FC defeated Bophelong Sporting 5-2.

The final was very exciting between Cosmo City versus Diepsloot to crown the ultimate champion of our football region. DYA FC started well in the final and took an early lead against a very shaky and nervous Hungry Lions. Hungry Lions managed to settle their nerves and started getting more on the ball and took control of the match with Vusi and Austin dictating terms in the middle of the park. Hungry Lions started dominating the game and responded with quick five goals. At half time in was 5-1 in favour of Hungry Lions.

The second half started lively with DYA FC showing incredible fighting spirit to try get back in the game with yet another early goal to make the score 5-2. Hungry Lions once again settled and took control of the midfield. What followed was three goals from Hungry Lions to end the SAFA SAB Regional Play Off final 8 - 2.

This is an incredible achievement for Cosmo City football and the community at large as Hungry Lions is the first club from Cosmo City to ever qualify for the SAFA SAB Regional League, said the chairman of Cosmo City Local Football Association Thulani Malebana.

“This is a great achievement for us as the league,” he said. “we have never had a team in the SAFA SAB Regional League before, this is a great achievement indeed for the development and growth of our football and the Community of Cosmo City as a whole. When I was elected as chairman of the Football Association in 2018 one of my main objectives was to see a team from Cosmo City qualify and being represented in the SAFA SAB Regional League. That is a stepping stone. One day we would see one of our clubs in Cosmo City being represented in the PSL League.”

The South African Breweries Regional League is the fourth tier of domestic football in the South African football pyramid. There are many clubs competing in the competition. Most teams are made up of players under the age of 19.

“SAFA SAB Regional League is the first step, next step is ABC Motsepe League, then GladAfrica League and then the PSL - all is possible with a vision, hard work and determination,” Malebana said.

“I would like to wish all the best to Hungry Lions on their journey in the SAFA SAB Regional League. We know it is not going to be easy but the Assocaition will be there every step of the way to support Hungry Lions. To achieve what Hungry Lions has achieved in a period where football has been interrupted by the COVID pandemic in the last 18 months is truly amazing. We appeal to the community particularly private sector and businesses to please join hands with the Local Football Association to support Hungry Lions in the quest to put Cosmo City on the Football map, as this is challenging journey particularly financially as the team will be travelling all over the Gauteng province to represent Cosmo City in the SAFA SAB Regional League.”

We would like to thank the league for the opportunity to be part of the SAB playoffs, said Hungry Lions Management.

“The journey wouldn't have been easy without all of you. We would first like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to Ikade YD for the game they gave us. As Hungry Lions, we will need your support going forward. And we know we can count on all of you for support.”

Hungry Lions FC Management Tshepo Motsomi &

Local Pantsula dancers dream big

The energetic Pantsula Royal Milano 37 Nation dancers literally stop traffic when they start busting their moves in the Cosmo City township.

“We love to show people what we are capable of in terms of dancing,” said Antony Mathonzi, popularly known as Maganja, who formed the dance group in 2017 with his friends Prince, Lebo, Chris, Junior, Nono, Maposi and Sfundo out of their love for Pantsula.

“I grew up surrounded by AmaPantsula,” said Maganja. “I used to do skeleton dance moves when I was young.  When I came to Cosmo I met my friends and we decided to form a dance group. Dancing has helped us to be off the streets and stay away from bad things.”

Pantsula Royal Milano members

Maganja said their group raises money to buy themselves their Pantsula culture clothes by performing in the streets and at local events in the township. Their dream is to travel the world to showcase their talents and also to participate in the Pantsula Dance Competitions around the country.

The Royal Milano Pantsulas will be featured in Triumpha Euphoria’s music video titled ‘Ungumsindisi Wam’

Pantsula is part of the day-to-day life in many townships, with many dancers showing off their skills in the middle of the street in broad daylight. Pantsula originated in the 1950s and has developed into a form of social commentary in many townships.

The dance style began in two townships in Johannesburg, Alexandra and Sophiatown as an expression of resistance against the Apartheid Government during political struggles in South Africa. Pantsula dancers move to Kwaito and House music with on-the-spot rhythmic footwork in a quick-stepping, tap-dance- influenced dance style that includes everyday gestures, such as the rolling of dice. Dress style is as important as the dancing in isiPantsula.

Little Stars Day Care Nursery celebrates Fun Day

Cosmo City Fire Fighters workers gave rides in their fire engine truck to pupils at Little Stars Day Care Nursey on 27 August 2021 and taught them about the dangers of fire during a career guidance session on the pre-school’s Fun Day.

Little Stars Day Care Nursery is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) based in Cosmo City’s extension 2.

The fire fighters’s visit to the crèche was part of a career expo programme, said Little Stars Day Care principal Keitumetse Lethoko.

“We have been getting visits from different professionals including teachers and police officers,” she said. “It is part of their learning process. They need to understand how dangerous fire is.”

One of the learners at Little Stars Day Care became homeless in July after a house fire destroyed his family’s property in extension 2.

Little Stars Day Care pupils posing for a photograph with Fire Station workers

Little Stars Day Care strives to bring quality education to the township children, Lethoko said. “We cannot all afford those expensive schools in the suburbs. We are doing our best to mentor children in a good way so that they can be able to think outside the box. We also want them to develop entrepreneurial mind-sets at an early age. We want our children to explore. In terms of learning, we want them to be in the same level as their white counterparts.”

 Little Stars school has a lot of challenges, Lethoko said. “Most of our children come from disadvantaged families. Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to pay school fees.”

Meet RTwins: Young Zandspruit teens on the rise

Popularly known as RTwins, the singing and dancing identical twins Mpho Cynthia  and Cecilia Mphonyana Raat are  becoming a household name in the underground scene.

Budding artists RTwins

Born on 25 September 2003, the duo grew up in Zandspruit informal settlement, a place which they still call their home. The RTwins  do not allow the social ills of informal settlement to hinder showcasing their talent.

“Our journey started by dancing,” Cecilia said. “We were still in primary, I think we were doing grade four. We got inspired by Babes Wodumo’s dance moves as well as her singing talent.”

Working with my sister is a huge blessing,” she said, “because when I am stuck she comes up with something and covers me up. For example, When I am sick, she does the singing with different voices and it sounds as if the song was performed by both of us.”


The twins attended Masakhane primary school, and  are currently doing grade 11 at St Ansgar’s Combined School in Lanseria.

“We have a timetable that helps us to balance both school and music,” she said. “It is very easy because we know that during the week we are only focusing on school work.”

The pair also highlighted challenges that they go through as upcoming female artists. “When it comes to music there is lot of competition. It is not easy to get gigs and some people start hating you. Some even give you false hope about getting gigs.”

RTwins posing for a photogragh with their producer Sinini-Ngwana Bokoko.

The twins have been working with a local producer, Mpho Mokgonyana known as Sinini_Ngwana Bokoko, who produced their recent single titled "lotto.” The song was released early this month with its music video now available on YouTube.  

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