Meet Heavywise, a young DJ who keeps kids off the streets

Phenomenal DJs with different visions can be found in all corners of the country, and a nineteen- year- old  DJ Heavywise (Wisemen Iviwe Mtolo) is striving to keep informal settlement kids off the streets through entertainment.

DJ Heavywise is based in the Thabo Mbeki informal settlement. Out of his love for music, Heavywise ventured into the entertainment industry at the age of 12 while he was a student at Lion Park Primary School in the settlement. He later moved to Blue Eagle High in Cosmo City. He has shared a stage with well known performers like Dj Ankletap and DJ Mphulo of YFM,Biblos, Sjava, Mobi Dixion,  and Dj Spelete.

“When I was in primary school,”DJ Heavywise said, “I developed a love to be behind the decks.  I and my friend used to draw decks on paper in class and start playing music pretending to be DJs.”

DJ Heavywise said when he was at high school his passion grew and he never looked back as he wanted to bring change in informal settlements. He plays different genres of music including Soulful, Deep House, Commercial House, Gqom, Dance Hall and Hip-hop.

“At first, my father was not happy with my passion because I used to get home at late hours,” he said. “It was a challenge because I did not have my own equipment and I used to visit local taverns to see other DJs playing. Things positively changed when I met DJ Tsholo who gave me lessons and a platform to showcase my talent. Now everyone is proud of me in the community as I try to keep kids occupied.”

Whenever he performs, he gives children advice on how to nurture their talent and enjoy it without the influence of alcohol.

Besides being a DJ at Cosmo FM, Heavywise is an actor, photographer and event organizer.  He is currently working on an event called The Red Cups and Hubbly Experience to be held at Momes Place in Lion Park on the 1st of December. The event will see the likes of Jovislash,BYG, DJ Phatpro and Mega Drum.

“The event is aimed at raising funds to further my studies next year and open opportunities for my community,” Heavywise said. “I will be studying Music and Production at Boston College. My aim is to start different, positive  projects for the youth of Thabo Mbeki informal settlement.”


Cosmo Dolphins Academy invites community for water safety lessons

Cosmo Dolphins Academy invites community members, who are interested in swimming, to attend free water safety lessons on 24 November and 8 December.

Cosmo Dolphins Swimming Academy is a swim school located at 10188, Uzbekistan Crescent, Ext 8, Cosmo City.

The primary purpose of the school is to teach children and adults to learn to swim. Tsepang and Moipone Mohapi founded the swimming academy which provides swimming lessons and competitions for both children and adults. They also educate the swimmers how to do swimming techniques like stroke correction and water aerobics.

“We want the community to be water safe as we approach the festive season,” said Moipone Mohapi. “Everyone is welcomed to join us as we partake in this water awareness, and it is for free. We want people to be aware of how and when to rescue people from water.”

During the awareness campaign, people will be taught how to deal with water when swimming at the beach, lakes, dams, and pools, said Mohapi.

“We will be focusing on youth and adults, not excluding kids,” Mohapi added. “According to statistics, South Africa is ranked as one of the countries with higher rates of drowning in water. So we feel compelled to run an awareness especially this time of the year when is hot and people want to cool themselves.”

People who are interested in joining the Water Awareness campaign should contact Cosmo Dolphins on: 082 741 3412 or 083 341 8511.


Zandspruit Youth Forum push for Community’s Recreational Center

As land invasion continues in Zandspruit, pressure builds from the youth for a recreational center in the community.

Relevant stakeholders, including municipality are aware of the project, according to Zandspruit Youth Forum chairperson David Tebogo Mangena. Should the youth forum gets permission to use the land opposite Zandspruit taxi rank, Mangena said the community will have a recreational center for the first time.

“Zandspruit started in 1993, but so far we do not have a proper structure from the government,” Mangena said. “Nobody seems to be caring about our community development, and we want to build a mobile recreational center. Nothing recreational is happening in Zandspruit and we feel dumped when it comes to development.”

Mangena said they are appealing to the corporate community to put their vision into reality.

“We are appealing to businesses, churches, NGOs, and companies to assist in getting this dream come true. Young people have lost hope as they do not see anything good coming out of this community.”

The community needs to establish a community hall surrounded by four containers, each costing an estimated R32 900. The containers will be used for library, IT computer lab, classroom, and offices, Mangena explained.

“We are doing this to empower the youth of Zandspruit,” he added. “When children come from school, they do not have any place to go. We have students who are talented in art and acting, but they do not have a community platform to pursue their dreams.”



Zandspruit community use soccer to remember electrocuted kids

Eight junior soccer teams participated in a one day tournament held in Zandspruit on 3 November, as a way to remember two kids recently electrocuted by illegal electricity.

The winners walked away with t-shirts from Bidvest and soccer balls.

According to ward 114 Public Relations councillor Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku, it was a good thing to keep the youngsters busy with sports activities, following the recent electrocutions.

“I was approached by a number of youngsters in the community concerned about sport activities” she said, “then I decided to organize the tournament to remember the kids who were electrocuted.”

Kayser-Echeozonjoku said they were currently focusing on soccer, which kids are mostly interested in, as a way to keep them from possible electrocutions.

“It is my first month in Zandspruit, and my role is to see that service delivery takes place in this community, “she added. “I think this is a good start because the community feels that we should be doing this every month.”

Children who live in informal settlement, Kayser-Echeozonjoku said, are close to her heart. She said if the community manages to keep the young ones occupied, drug abuse would be lessened.

Khumbulani Ngcobo, a Zandspruit community member, said he was happy for the community to be considered in sports for consolation after the loss of two kids.



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