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Meet Ishimiza SA, a Zandspruit rapper who dreams big

A 22 year old Zandspruit rapper Ishmael Sphamandla Masuku, popularly known as Ishmiza SA, is shaking things up in the music industry.

The Hip-hop artiste, who has shared stage with the big names like Kwesta and Casper Nyovest, told Cosmo City Chronicle that he aims to take entertainment to the next level in the north west of Johannesburg.

The proficient Ishmiza SA developed interests for music at a very young age. He was raised in a family of music lovers with family members in charge of church choirs.

“When I was 14, I formed a small music group which consisted of members of my church choir. We started singing Hip-hop gospel music,” he said. “Since then, I fell in love with Hip-hop music and I never looked back as my family and friends kept on encouraging me.”

In 2015, Ishmiza SA released his first ever studio single ‘After Party’, that put his name on a world map. The song reigned at the local radio stations like Cosmo FM, Sloot FM and Westside FM. In 2016 Ishmiza SA won the best Hip-hop performing artist of the year with his After Party track becoming the best song of the year at the Sentrons WestRand awards.

His music is a blend of the Trap beats and Kwaito, with mixture of vernacular and English lyrics to enable his listenership about what he is singing about.

“I grew up listening to Kwaito, and I was inspired by the late Brown Dash,” he said. “I believe that kwaito is not entirely dead because it can come back. if you look at artistes like Kwesta and Casper Nyovest, you can see that in some of their tracks they bring the element of Kwaito, which I also like to focus on as an

The After Party hit maker has now officially launched his own recording company called Qwala Fam Entertainment which is also based in Zandspruit..

“After the establishment of Qwala Fam Entertainment, music production has developed,” said Ishmiza. “In Zandspruit, we have a lot of talent, but we lack important things like a community hall to host entertainment events. At Qwala Fam, we try to uplift upcoming artistes not only from Zandspruit.ck resources so we do not charge most of the artistes for recording.”

Ishmiza SA has released three music albums, and is currently working on his new album ‘Better Place’. He said his upcoming album is dedicated to his late friend, TebogoKganye, who was murdered on 2 December last year.

“I decided to name my next album ‘Better Place’ as a dedication to my late friend who was murdered in Zandspruit. I know Zandspruit was not a better place for him, and I hope he is in a better place wherever he is. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” concluded Ishmiza.


Ishmiza SA has been nominated in three categories for the forthcoming 035 music awards to take place in KZN in December. He is nominated for the Song of the year, mix tape of the year and hustler of the year.


People who want to vote for Ishmiza in 035 Awards can SMS Ishmiza to 35029.

From a filthy dumpsite to an elegant pre-school in Kya Sand: Hot 91.9 FM’s hand in Hlalisekani Playgroup

Hot 91.9 FM, through its Hot Cares initiative, has been working with various stakeholders since November 2017, to build up Hlalisekani Playground from a place which used to be a horrifying dumpsite in Kya Sand’s informal settlement.

Hot 91.9 FM is an award winning community radio station based in Northriding Johannesburg, and it mainly plays Johannesburg’s old school and R&B music.  The FM’S Hot Cares is the community upliftment initiative that strives towards making a meaningful difference to the lives of the people in their nearby communities. Hlalisekani Playgroup has massively benefited from the upliftment initiative which has brought them dignity in the informal settlement.

In an interview with Cosmo City Chronicle, Christi Rode, from Hot 91.9 FM said the preschool was developed from an open area with no proper shelter.

“When we started off with this crèche, there was absolutely nothing promising,” she said. “It was started off on a dumpsite. The children who lived around Kya Sand were getting raped down at the river. So the most wonderful lady, by the name of Thami, started taking care of the children that she found victimised at the river. She has now grown from six children to over 135 children.”

Rode added that when the radio station learnt about the challenge faced by Hlalisekani Playgroup, they decided to chip in and uplift the community.

“We are a community radio station, and we love giving back to the community,” said Rode. “Most of the people in Kya Sand are unemployed so the children who come to this pre-school don’t get charged for school fees. We have been working with other stakeholders, who are also our listeners, to make difference to the children living in Kya Sand.”

Narrating the history of the crèche which was started in 2016, Hlalisekani Playgroup principal, Nomathamsanqa Qukwana (Thami), was reduced to tears as she gave huge thanks to the work done by Hot 91.9 FM.

“If it wasn’t for Hot Cares, I don’t know what would be the lives of these children like,” she told Cosmo City Chronicle. “They came to us when we were at our weakest point to assist the children. I love children, and when we started this project in 2017, the community members could not manage to support us while some people turned against our agenda,” she was overcome with emotions. “I would like to thank Hot FM for tirelessly supporting us from the beginning of the project up to now. Hlalisekani is now dignified in the community and we receive new children on a daily basis. I wish God would bless Hot FM and its listeners.”


Ever since the Hot FM team chipped into the preschool’s developments, they never looked back. On 18 July 2018, the radio station showed that it has big treats in store for the children of the Hlalisekani Playgroup in Kya Sands. The kids were taken off for Mandela day at the Johannesburg Zoo, while back at their premises, Hot FM workers took 67 minutes to improve the crèche’s site.

On Mandela day, the team would not only rebuild the entire playground for the children, but they also created a sustainable veggie patch for the Hlalisekani Playgroup, giving them the ability to sustain themselves as well as contributing to their community.





Armed robbers cause mayhem in extension 10

Residents of Cosmo City’s extension 10 are living in fear due to constant attacks by armed robbers. On the average, the residents claim they are attacked twice in a week and this has been going on for more than two months.

The residents who live in Syria Crescent feel the robbers are out of hand in their street as they call on more police presence and visibility in extension 10.

“These robberies have been going on for a while, but these days it is worse especially along Syria Crescent Street,” said a resident who preferred anonymity. “These robbers are targeting cars. They get into our houses around 1 am and break our car windows to take everything that would be inside the cars, including car radios. I am afraid; this might lead to serious car hijacking in Cosmo City.”

The residents claim that in the last two weeks, four houses in Syria Crescent have been attacked by the robbers, leaving six vehicles heavily damaged.

The situation has forced the residents to form a community group to patrol along Syria crescent at night.

“We have also implemented a siren which will alert the residents about any attempted robbery. Many residents in Syria Crescent already have the remotes for the siren. Whoever gets suspicious of an attempted robbery presses the panic button to alert the residents,” said the resident.

Repair work and lane closure on Malibongwe Drive to end on Tuesday

The road rehabilitation which has led to the closure of one lane in Malibongwe drive will come to an end on Tuesday 31 July 2018, according to the constructors.

Three construction companies teamed up to revamp Malibongwe drive from corner Vitckopen Road up to Boundary road. The companies are Gautrans, Barleda, Vea Maintanance and Cifils. Since 23 July 2018, the drivers who use Malibongwe Drive have been affected by bumper to bumper traffic.

However, Marius Strydom who is the site manager has assured that the road rehab would be over soon.

“We have been working on Malibongwe Drive for a week,” he said. “We are expecting to be done with this project by the end of Tuesday. We know we have somehow affected the traffic, but we will be done soon.”

Strydom told Cosmo City Chronicle that there had been no accidents reported so far.

“We are happy about the proceedings because there have been no accidents. We have been working with some insurance company to monitor the situation,” he said.

He added that some drivers were a bit harsh to them due to the effects of bumper to bumper traffic. He urged the drivers to be patient as the companies are improving the road.

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