Golden drifters moving up the football ladder

Golden Drifters Academy has bought the status of a professional team in the South African Breweries (SAB) to become the first football club from the North of Johannesburg to participate in South Africa’s third division league.
Through the support we got from local businesses the club has managed to acquire an SAB status to play in the professional league.
The Golden Drifters Academy president, Proud Shoko, said the dream of having a professional team from the north of Johannesburg had come true.
“Now that we will be participating in a professional league, our aim is to do our best to win and get promoted to the second division which is the ABC Motsepe league,” he said. “We are also targeting to get our players promoted to the bigger clubs because they are now professionals. We are also aiming to sustain our position in the league so that we do not get relegated.”
Shoko added that they are appealing to the corporate community to chip in and support the underground talent.
“Our request to the community and local businesses is that we need support
“It is always a challenge to run a team in the SAB League because it is always costly,” he said. “We have players from Cosmo City and Zandspruit, and at the moment we do not have our own transport to ferry them to and from the matches. We also need help with other administration fees such as match fees as well as for equipment. We welcome anyone who wants to work with us. We are also looking for players who want this opportunity to play in the SAB League this season.”
The SAB League will start on 4 August 2018 until May 2019, and Golden Drifters will participate in the Nedbank Cup tournament.
Golden Drifters Academy was established in 2011 in Cosmo City’s extension 7 by Proud Shoko. The club is mainly focusing on the development ages from under 11 to under 17 and
participated in the Cosmo City League from 2014 to 2016. While playing in Cosmo City League, the club’s under15 won the league and a league cup in 2015. In 2016, the under 17 won the league.
In 2017, when Golden Drifters started participating in the Zandspruit League, the under 17 won the league and went to participate in the SAFA Junior Championship at regional level. . In 2017, Golden Drifters Academy established its first ever senior team which was playing the Promotional League in Mogale City Local Football Association. This was the first ever senior team of Golden Drifters with the aim to promote players to professional football.

People who are willing to work with Golden Drifters can visit the offices at 174 Marina Drive Zandspruit (Rea Leboha crèche). They can also contact the Academy President on 0732487052 or email to

Eight shacks razed by fire in Zandspruit

Eight shacks were, on 4 July 2018, razed down by fire in Zandspruit, leaving more than 16 residents homeless.
According to Honeydew police, the fire was started by electricity.
“No injuries were reported,” said Honeydew police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan.” On investigation by Emergency Medical Service (EMS), it was found that illegal connections were the cause of the fire. Our people need to be educated about the ill effects of illegal connections.”
When Cosmo City Chronicle visited the site, the residents were clearing the place by removing the remained ashes. The shack dwellers, whose shacks got burnt, expressed their shock about the situation as the fire allegedly started when there was no one at home.
“At round 12pm when I was still at work, I got a call from my people telling me that the shacks were burning,” said Vasco Kuboi. “I was shocked because they couldn’t explain what had caused the fire. When I got home at around 3pm, everything which was inside was burnt. We lost money, property, IDs, and other special documents.”
He added that no one could prevent his property from burning because the room was locked.
Dora Tambani, said the fire was so quick that they could not extinguish it.
“The fire moved from one shack to the other very quickly,” she said. “In my shack, there was a lot of furniture which got burnt. I have a small business that I run and all the stock that I had stored in my shack got burnt. This is a sad situation for us because we do not know where we will be sleeping from now onwards.”
Tambani added that their neighbours tried to assist them to put away the fire.
Akhona Mantyi, one of the residents who tried to assist the victims, said they were attracted by the huge flames and smoke.
“When we saw the huge fire and smoke going upwards, we decided to go and see what was happening,” he said. When we got there, we tried to remove furniture from the shacks that were not locked. Unfortunately most of the shacks were locked because the tenants were at work. We tried to use water to extinguish fire but it was too late to salvage everything.”
This comes after two different shacks got reportedly got burnt in Zandspruit in the month of June this year.
People who are willing to assist the displaced families can contact Musanda on 0760943547

New-born baby found dead in sewage in Extension 6

A new-born baby was found dead in a sewage pipe at a yard in Cosmo City on 9 July 2018.
According to eyewitnesses, the baby was discovered while sanitary workers were inspecting blocked pipes in the yard at extension 6.
When Cosmo City Chronicle arrived at the scene, the residents were shell-shocked and gathered outside the yard as the news spread. The police and paramedics had also arrived for further investigations.
Narrating the ordeal, Lilitha Ncikana, who resides where the baby was discovered, described the incident as a devastating moment.
“At around 10 am, we noticed that there was something wrong in the sewage system,” she said. “Since we could not fix it on our own, we decided to contact Johannesburg Water to come and help us. When they came to fix the blocked sewer, they told us that they had discovered a baby,” added Ncikana.
“Firstly, I could not believe what they were talking about. Within a few minutes, the police and paramedics were contacted. We were then told that the baby was dead. It is a painful situation, and I am saddened by the situation.”
Mzukisi Nombula, who also lives in the same yard, said he was shocked by the incident.
“We always experience sewer problems in our area, but I did not expect that something like this could happen. Our sewer pipe comes from far, and it is not easy to suspect who could have done such a sad thing to the new-born,” Said Nombula.
This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred in Cosmo City. The details surrounding the incident are not yet known. Contacted for a comment, Honeydew police spokesperson captain Balan Muthan said they could not access the stored information about the incident.
“We have no information as all our systems were down,” said Muthan.

Students embrace technology to tackle community issues

Students in various schools in Gauteng who are getting assistance from Code for Change have developed websites to solve community problems; this was revealed on 23 June when six different schools presented their websites in Cosmo City Secondary School.

The schools which presented their websites were Cosmo City Secondary, Diepsloot 3 Secondary, Katlehong Technical, Sunward Park High, Itereleng secondary and Bokamoso secondary.

Code for Change is a non-profit organisation which is building an ecosystem of coding skills and digital entrepreneurs in secondary schools to change communities.

In an interview, Code for Change’s program manager Mpho Segolela said they were aiming at empowering students through technology.

“We have introduced a program called Code Jika. In this program we teach coding skills to students from different schools in Gauteng. We are being assisted by IT specialists who have volunteered to train students in mastering website development. We have asked students to identify the challenges that are affecting their communities and to find out how websites can assist in providing solutions. They have identified a lot of challenges in their communities which include bullying, rape, robbery and poor sanitation,” said Segolela.

Segolela added that Code for change is pushing for coding skills to be taught in every High school in South Africa. “Our aim is to let every high school teach coding skills. When it comes to technology, it is always a progressive thing to have a positive impact on the young ones. This will bring technological development in our country.  In order to get the students on board to understand coding, we use dancing as it is similar to coding because of the creativity and movements,” he said.

Diketso Setho, one of the Code Jika trainers said it was a challenge to teach students how to do coding.

“It has not been easy to teach coding to students because they had to balance with their exams preparation. However, I am happy now that everyone that I taught has an understanding of how to do the coding to develop the websites. I think Code for Change is doing its best to bring technological change in South Africa,” said Setho.

Blessing Baatji, a Student at Cosmo City Secondary said that it was a good thing to learn about using technology positively. She added that they would use their website to try and solve the sewage problem in Cosmo.

“In Cosmo City we have a serious challenge of the swage and this will lead to the spread of diseases if ti is not addressed properly. So our website will try to spread awareness of the poor sanitation consequences and some possible solutions. This has stopped many people from touring Cosmo City,” she said.

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