Amanda Pakade elected as Mind Sport South Africa MSSA President

Cosmo City’s own athlete Amanda Pakade is now the president of the Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) and she aims to change a lot of things in the organisation and throughout the country.

MSSA is a nonprofit association and is an affiliate of the International eSports Federation, Federation de Jeau du Mondiale, and the International Wargames Federation. Due to its membership of such international bodies, the MSSA is the sole authority for the games that it caters for in terms of the Sport and Recreation Act, number 110 of 1998 (as amended).

MSSA is responsible for the good governance and promotion of historical figure games (also known as war-games), Board games (such as Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba Sport Stacking etc), Card Gaming, Robotics, and eSports (whether they are played on Cell phones, PSPs or Personal Computers)

 Amanda Pakade said she is set to make a difference in the world of Mind Sport.

“To be honest, let me say I am happy and humbled to be the MSSA president,” she said. “on the other side I am very nervous because I feel like there is a lot of work to be done in this country in order to equip Mind Sport.”

MSSA has been existence for a long time, Pakade said, but its games are still not taken seriously. She said she personally feels that mind sport has been ignored by our government and other stakeholders.

“I think people need to understand that a lot of mind sport games should be taken seriously and controlled,” she added. “In some cases, children play video games for more than 4 hours, which tends to affect them in a bad way. It is unhealthy but it is happening in our country so we need to get rid of that as MSSA. We want children to play in a safe, controlled environment.”

Even with active sport, Pakade added, individuals need mental strength to perform well.

 Having represented MSSA at the site inspection for IESF’S 10th World Championships, attended IESF's 11th Ordinary General Meeting in Kaohsuing, and overseen changes to MSSA's constitution and regulations Pakade proved that she was a hard-worker as well as a formidable committee member who has the vision and ability to lead MSSA “Not a single person stood against Amanda for the position of MSSA President,” said MSSA general secretary Colin Webster. “Even though MSSA's Constitution allows for members to vote against nominations, every member that voted cast their ballot in favor of her.”
With the will of the membership behind her, Pakade has begun her three year term and is determined to effect greater changes that will benefit all athletes.

MMSA Committee members: President - Amanda Pakade; Vice - President - Johan van Breda; Executive Officers - Anabela Joubert, Jason Batzofin, and Leonard Loftus; General Secretary – Colin Webster; Women’s Desk – Blair Hamberger; Board Gaming – Joseph Matlhong; Card Gaming – Paula Loftus; Computer Gaming – Marisa van der Westerhuizen; Wargaming – Terence Allwright; National  Schools Director – vacant; Legal Advisor – Carl Holliday; Disabled Gamer’s Representative – TwaneTollemache; Player’s Representative –  AmonéBekker 

MoreLife gets nominated for National Community Radio Station awards

Cosmo FM presenter Molefi Seqhala, popularly known as MoreLife, is making a name for himself in the broadcasting industry. He has been nominated for the 2018-19 National Community Radio Week awards as the best presenter for his Afternoon Drive and Music Show.

The National Community Radio Week awards happen annually and it is organized by Thoughts Lounge in conjunction with the Free State Provincial government. It is aimed at uplifting community radio personalities in all provinces by awarding them recognition in different categories. The closing date for voting of nominees is 28th of February.

Over 250 participants, from over 66 community radio stations from across the country will join MoreLife in Manguang for a week from 28 February. The last day of the week-long event will conclude with an awards ceremony where different presenters will be rewarded for their outstanding work in their respective communities.

MoreLife’s love for radio encouraged him to pursue a career in broadcasting despite being a professional engineer. He joined Cosmo FM in 2017as a presenter for the Midday Delight Show.  That radio show set his wheels in motion, and he has been riding the wave since.

“Radio is my passion, and I am very happy to be nominated,” MoreLife told the Chronicle. “I had been pushing for radio opportunities since 2015. I was very grateful when I got an opportunity at Cosmo FM. I vividly remember my first day to present the Midday Delight show. When I went to inquire about presenting opportunities, the regular presenter was ill and I was told to go behind the microphone without preparing.”

MoreLife said that he had to impress and do the best on his first day on radio. After that he became a regular presenter for the Midday Delight show and other Cosmo FM shows. His voice became well-liked on the Cosmic Drive Show with MoreLife and the Connect Show with MoreLife which eventually saw him nominated for the awards.

 “Being nominated shows that I am making a lot of progress in the broadcasting industry,” MoreLife said. “I respect my listeners; I do not go on air unprepared. In the music show, I strive to bring a moment of fun even if the song is old. I also inform people and give them some advice. I think my nomination will remain in the history of Cosmo FM.”

MoreLife said that he grew up listening to Lesedi FM, and he would love to work for the SABC radio station.

People who want to vote for MoreLife can SMS “afternoon2” to 45844 for the Best Afternoon Drive and SMS “music3” to 45844 for the Best Music Show. SMS cost R1.50 ز���\�

Zandspruit protests take another twist

Residents in Zandspruit woke took to the streets again on 5 February to protest against poor service delivery and land invasion.

 The protests started at around 6 am, forcing the closure of Beyers Naude and Peter Road and other nearby shops. Some residents and students using taxis to get to their workplaces remained stuck outside the rank until getting back to their homes, according to community members.

The strike was mainly sparked by people who invaded an area near Emthonjeni claiming to be theirs, said Zandspruit Youth Forum leader David Mangena.

“They invaded the land and started to build shacks,” he said. “The JMPD came and removed everything. They raided the vendors who operate along the streets. Basically the residents got angry and decided to protest against the removal of the shacks.”

Most residents do not understand the by-laws, Mangena said.

“Some of the residents understand the law, but they just continue with the land invasion. I think JMPD was a bit harsh to the vendors because selling is their only way to survive in life. It would be better if the JMPD informed the vendors about their raiding before they did it.”

  During the protests, the police deployed to Beyers Naude and Peter Road to monitor the situation and avoid any road closures.

Efforts to get comment from the Honeydew police spokesperson were fruitless as he could not be reached. kmh}��4_[v

Zandspruit and Cosmo City residents clash in a local project

Zandspruit residents in Ward 114 are accusing Cosmo City residents in Ward 100 of invading their ward in order to benefit from a construction project worth more than 2 billion rands, it has been heard.

The project, which is currently underway at Boundary Road in Honeydew, has upset Zandspruit residents who feel deprived of their privileges to benefit. The residents allege that the councillor of Ward 114, Victor Mafinya, agreed to split the project into two as a way of accommodating Cosmo City residents in Ward 100. Ward 114 residents feel their councillor should have addressed the community before accommodating the other ward to be beneficiaries of the project.

The construction project aims to build houses, a fuel station, and a mall to equip Zandspruit community, residents allege.

“We are not happy at all,” said Zandspruit Youth Forum leader David Mangena. “This project is taking place in our ward, and it has to benefit the people of this ward. We surely do not understand how Cosmo City people get involved.”

The appointment of the Community Liaison Officer by the councillor shows that there was a plan to manipulate the project towards other people at the expense of Zandspruit, Mangena said.

“A lot of people applied for that job, but the councillor decided to appoint his friend,” Mangena said. “Now, we have discovered that this is the project of the councillor and his friends. However, we are going to fight until we make sure that the Zandspruit community benefits from this project.”

We want everything to be transparent in as far as the project is concerned, Zandspruit resident MalusiNkiwane said..

“Some people seem to be happy to always see Zandspruit in a poor state,” Nkiwane said. “We want all political parties to look at this situation and make sure that our community benefits. We have had a series of meeting, and we will continue until everything is in order. We want the community to be represented.”

Efforts to get a comment from Ward 114 councillor Victor Mafinya were fruitless as he did not answer his cell phone.

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