Kgowa’s Entertainment lights up the community

Jam-packed excitement prevailed at Cosmo City’s Tanzania Park in extension2 on Saturday 2 February, as scores of people witnessed a combination of music and soccer entertainment.

Kgowa’s Entertainment hosted the 9a.m to 7p.m free-entrance event. Music and soccer fans from Zandspruit, Cosmo City, Diepsloot, Msawawa, and Lion Park attended. Incredible performances by local DJs gave the event an electrifying atmosphere while the battle between sixteen soccer teams kept the spectators captivated and celebrating.

The event’s purpose was to bring the community together and to jump start the entertainment proceedings, said Tebogo Matlou, popularly known as LekgowaDaDJ, the founder of Kgowa’s Entertainment.

“I am very happy with the turnout,” Matlou told the Chronicle. “In most cases, when the youth gather, they normally do bad things like protesting and doing mob justice by burning crime perpetrators.”

Matlo said that he was happy there were no fights or serious injuries during the event.

“I love it when people get entertained,” he said. “This time we decided to bring soccer and music at the same time to get the community together. It is a good thing because in such an event people get to know each other and some get their talents realised. We will continue hosting that event on a yearly basis.”

In the near future, Matlou said, he wants to engage various stakeholders and companies to bring more entertainment to he community.

Community members speaking to the Chronicle expressed their happiness with the event.

“This is a very good way to start the month of love (February),” said Marvin Maphalala. “ I think entertainment works hand in glove with expressing love because the aim is to bring happiness. So we are happy we got time to socialize with people from other communities. I personally appreciate such kind of entertainment.” �Bl��% \�

VeeBeatsExclusive set to raise his bar in music industry

An emerging musical talent in Cosmo City, VeeBeatsExclusive, believes 2019 will be full of exciting opportunities to launch his career to the next level.

Born Isaac Sekonyela, the 26 year old has performed in the same stage with high-ranking artistes such as Mlindo The Vocalist, Areece, Siyashezi, Dj CitiLyts, Busiswa,

BigZulu, DJ Arch Junior,and Dr Malinga.

VeeBeatsExclusive is a versatile producer, songwriter and a singer based in Cosmo City. Due to his musical flair, he manages to produce music in various genres including Hip-hop, Trap, House, Cultural Music, Afro-Pop, R&B, Accapela, and Gospel.

He ventured into the entertainment industry in 2009 when his first track Lamatlhatso stood out for him. Since then, he never looked back and he has evolved into a multitalented artiste able to swing seamlessly from low-slung hip-hop beats to New-Age Kwaito and Gqom.

He has helped local artistes like BozzaDeGhost, Scima, MalakaScouting, Mr OK Molomo, Amo, 245Music, Flight Mode Gang, TorriX, BreezyThePlug and many more.

He recently teamed up with Ishmiza SA and Nelly for his fellatio-insinuating single Ha Ke Etsa So. Some of his famous tracks include Pinini Ponono and Imali Yengadi.

In an interview with the Chronicle, the Imali Yengadi hit maker said this he wants to be more progressive and productive this year, like never before.

“This year, it’s time to move to the next level,” VeeBeatsExclusive said. “I am looking forward to working on four exclusive projects. On 23 February we are dropping Scima’s Unembeza EP, before releasing Calvy B’s MotswAfrica EP on 15 June. On 3 August, we are expecting to drop Yellow Tape 2 with 30 tracks from different artistes. However, during the course of the year, I will be working with other artistes to release their singles.”

VeeBeatsExclusive added that in 2018, he did not get an opportunity to shoot music videos, and he hopes to shoot several videos this year.

“I want to do more this time,” he said. “The problem is people tend to show support only when you are already big in the music industry. I think we should have proper venues in the community to host arts and culture shows so that the young ones can showcase their talent and get the support at an early age.”

He expressed his preference for working with trend-chasing artistes who focus more on African concepts like Casper Nyovest. 

Land invasion still an issue in Kyasand

The building of informal structures on the property of Life Tree Community Project in Kya Sands is still an issue, the organisation’s officials say.

The first attempted land invasion on the organisation’s property took place at the Pipeline informal settlement in December 2018, with hundreds of people reportedly marched onto the land to claim it as their own.

Since December 2018, the organization reports, over 200 Informal settlement residents continuously storm the land to claim it as their own. They plant pegs to designate space for the people who are said to be the owners. The land in question is earmarked for development by the Non Profit Company (NPC) Life Tree, which schools many children from the community.

“We have been facing a serious trouble since December last year,” said the organisation’s Director Carla Lee Kamp. “We fear for further intimidation from Kya Sand community members who claim this land to be theirs.”

Life Tree engages with the police on a daily basis, Kamp said. When the police come, construction halts. But the minute police leave, construction continues.

“The community members held a series of meetings with political parties where, I believe, they were told to continue the construction,” Kamp said. “We are also trying to get a lawyer to arrange a court interdict so that we can stop the invasion.”

When Life Tree directors confronted the leadership of the group of people to request clarity on the situation, Kamp said, the leadership said they were taking the land to build houses.

“The group leaders and the hundred of gatherers were putting on EFF berets and EFF shirts,” said Kamp.

Efforts to get a comment from the group’s leadership were fruitless as the leaders avoided this publication. Hence, the Chronicle has been unable to confirm if the land grabbers are in fact EFF members.

BGYA strives to combat HIV/AIDS in vulnerable communities

Boys and Girls Youth Africa (BYGA) is working with HIV SA to engage various stakeholders to fight against the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in local communities, and to restore hope to the victims.

The aim of the project is to educate, uphold and protect the rights and responsibilities of the youth and children in Africa, according to BGYA COO Kudakwashe Dzakatira.

“As an organization, our vision is to improve the health and economic security of vulnerable Youth ,” Dzakatira said. “We can only do that by providing the young people with a structured support which mitigates both the stigma behind the virus while bridging the gap between living a healthy lifestyle and talking about the subject as it is of omnipotence to the society.”

The project is set to impact communities like Cosmo City, Zandspruit, Lion Park Diepsloot and other nearby communities. In 2017, BYGA also worked on a similar project with HIVSA called Bridge, where they engaged vulnerable youth to educate them about HIV prevention, Financial Capability, career guidance, and employability.

However, this year’s project aims to service 396 vulnerable beneficiaries through engagement in local schools, household home visits, churches and local clinics. It will focus on vulnerable adolescent girls, orphans and vulnerable children living with HIV, people living with HIV, children exposed to Gender Based Violence, and children of key pops (Children from female sex workers).

 “Our Target for this program is the children and youth between the ages of 0-17 years,” Dzakatira said, “but suppose there is a need to intervene on the household heads, we are also mandated to do so and not limit it to the young people only.”

He added that people always have a tendency to shy away from talking about HIV and AIDS.

“Parents hardly discuss such topics with their children and expect teachers at school to do so, yet teachers often expect parents to be the ones on the forefront. It is for this reason why most of our young people get lost, thinking they are on the right path.  No one wants to take responsibility for educating our youngsters. It's very depressing to see that until today, most people still think that the virus is equal death.”

Dzakatira said their project is also aimed at educating the parents about HIV and ways in which people can engage each other to overcome it.

“We are very grateful to organisations like HIVSA who have entrusted us with the project to ensure that the people from concerned communities benefit from such an initiative.  BGYA is grateful for such an opportunity,” he said. }

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