Road construction still in limbo in Cosmo City?

Cosmo City residents are upset about the lack of road work progress on their main road, South Africa Drive. However, Johannesburg Roads Association has vowed to finish the construction anytime soon.

South Africa Drive became corroded during the sewage crisis, leading to the closure of one lane and causing bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis. Construction work appeared to begin in early March but it has not gained pace. Residents say they feel hopeless despite JRA’s efforts. “Honestly I do not know what is happening there,” said Calvin Masango. “When I saw some construction company there, I thought the road would be sorted any time. But there is no progress. This is surely getting embarrassing.”

After Johannesburg Water finished fixing the sewer line in early 2019, JRA filled the potholes on the road with rubble as a temporary measure and appeared ready to resurface the road. However, no more work was done.  “I always arrive late at work because of this road,” said one motorist. “The problem is that the local authorities are not conducting meetings to update us on the issue. We need to know what is happening because right now we are clueless. This situation has seen several cars bumping against each other and it is getting worse.”

Local authorities say the project is still moving forward. The contractor is established on the site and the Joburg Water teams are constantly monitoring progress, according to PR Councillor Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku.

“We expect the contractor to complete the upgrade somewhere around October 2019 at a cost of R10 million,” said Echeozonjoku.

 Alex Mahada of JRA said they got delayed to fix the road because they were waiting for sewage crisis to come to an end.

“our presence is not linked to any election campaigning,” he said. “We are here to do the job, which we believe will be done in the next few days. People should understand that we have our own plan. The road was heavily demaged by the sewer flow, but we are doing our best to repair it.”

The JRA has finally resumed the upgrade, said Ward 100 Councillor Mapula Mosito.

“We want to apologize to the residents that it took long to repair the road,” she said. “Joburg Water has completed with the pipeline along South Africa Road, and it will be easy for JRA to continue with road construction.”.

Cosmo City ready for change after 2019 elections

In the midst of violent protests and an increase in crime that shook Cosmo City in the weeks building up to elections, the political parties wrapped up their campaigning, and South Africans cast their ballots on Wednesday 2019 to decide the leader of the country. Cosmo City residents told the Chronicle that no matter who wins, what the community wants after the elections is positive change.

“Ofcourse we are coming from a tough time,” said Stephinah Boshielo. “Our community has been facing many challenges including housing, unemployment, economic imbalances and lack of business opportunities.”

“Only the citizens have to decide who they want to put into power to govern and administer the affairs that are challenging our community and country at large,” she said. “However, all we need is positive change only.”

Much needs to be done to improve the community, residents say.

“There is lack of service delivery,” Boshielo said. “The community is overcrowded, lacking black people investors, and increasing in back room deals.”

Furthermore, she said, the community keeps complaining that they are not benefiting from community development.

 “It is sad to note that most people who benefit from our local projects do not reside in Cosmo City,” Boshielo said. “Some do not take this community seriously. We have an estimated number of 70 000 residents, but people failed to attend and launch South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) with at least 100 people (a minimum of 100 people were required to launch the organisation).”

It is important to organise a media workshop with the residents of Cosmo City, she said to find out why they don't have confidence in the current leadership.

 “Crime is getting more prevalent in our area,” said Malcom Mchunu of extension 6. “Whoever becomes the leader of the country should make sure that there is peace in areas like Cosmo City. This area is busy developing in terms of building houses, instead of building a proper police station. We need peace, and we also need a functional hospital in such a big community.”

Elections alone will not bring positive change in the community, said Mthethuvumile Gqongo.

“2019 Provincial and National Elections will leave very little change in terms of service delivery,” he said. “This is so because service delivery is a municipal competency.”

Football Without Borders gives back to the community

Football Without Borders (FWB) donated much needed football equipment to two local sports teams on 17 April.

The two teams, Golden Drifters Academy and Rampya Chiefs, are based in Zandspruit informal settlement.  FWB gave each club two soccer balls, a set of bibs, and a set of cones.

Football Without Borders (FWB) is a non-profit organisation that uses sport – particularly football, boxing and kickboxing – to engage youths on social issues that affect them, such as gender equity, health education, academic education and community development.

“This donation was done through the grant we received from National Lotteries Commission,” said Michael Mapfunde the cofounder of FWB. “We applied for that grant for the purpose of developing football in areas that we operate in – mainly Zandspruit and Kromdraai. We support clubs like Kromdraai FC, which plays in Mogale Local Football League. We also have Kromdraai Ladies FC, which will be soon playing in the Women’s Regional League.”

 “We're very happy for the donation we received from FWB,” said Golden Drifters president Shoko. “It’s something which will benefit our development teams and also our SAB[BP1]  Team. We received bibs, balls and cones. These equipment items are a priority when it comes to player development.”

This was not the Golden Drifters’ first time to receive donations from FWB, Shoko said, and he believes it will not be the last time.

“They donated a netball kit and balls to our organisation earlier this year and also offered a life skills and coaching workshop to our coaches and SAB[BP2]  players,” he said. “We're really grateful for the support from Mr. Mike and FWB at large.”

 [BP1]You need to spell out this acronym. It’s the first time it shows up in your article.

 [BP2]It’s OK to have the acronym here as long as you spell it out and put the acronym in parentheses in the previous paragraph (third from the bottom).

Massive turnout for Buhle Health Club event

Hundreds of people turned out at Lifestyle GOG Park in Lanseria for Buhle Health Club’s third annual sport and fun day event on 13 April 2019.

People at the event participated in sport activities like aerobics, tug of war and running races. Winners of competitions walked away with prizes.

“We want people to stay fit and strong,” said Buhle Health Club co-founder Vusi  Maduna. “We are having fun through exercising, and at the same time we are promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

“The event is also very important,” he said,“because we are trying to raise funds as an NPO. I would like to thank all the sponsors who made the event a success.”

Cosmo City Chronicle, Cosmo Chicken Licken, Roots Butchery, Shaya I’faya, Cosmo Romans Pizza, Cosmo Shell Garage and Cosmo City Sasol Garage sponsored the event.

“I think the Buhle Health Club did very well with this event,” said Nobantu Zonke from Shaya I’faya. “I was so impressed to see some of the pensioners participating.”

“We as Shaya I’faya were motivated to support the event because Buhle Health Club is a Non-Profit Organisation,” she said,“and when they approached us with regards to sponsorship, we felt it was a great opportunity and a good start for Shaya I'faya to  actually make a change in people's lives.”

Zonke said Shaya has already made changes in her life. Their goal, she said, is to help people control their own future by earning extra money to make their lives better.

“I personally want to teach my children and all other underprivileged individuals that they do not have to be limited by where they start in life,” she said. “They can dream big and if they work hard they can achieve their dreams.”

Fathima of Cosmo Chicken Licken said it was heartwarming to see the community enjoying in a safe environment.

“An economically affordable event like that, gives people an opportunity to participate & interact in a fun and healthy way, close to their homes. We were privileged to sponsor such an event.”

She concluded by encouraging other stakeholders and community members to be part of such an awareness programme which promotes the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’.

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