Four months without water for extension 8 gogo

64-year old Gogo Nomthunzi Sidyiyo of Cosmo City’s extension 8 lived four months with no access to water after her water-pipes burst during an October 2020 construction.

Gogo Nomthunzi said that a fibre construction crew  ruined her pipes while digging a trench past her yard. Despite her approaches to local authorities,Gogo Nomthunzi said she got no immediate help.

“Life has been very tough without water,” she said. “I feel like I am being treated like a foreigner. When I approached the local authorities they told me they could not attend me since it was lockdown.”

Gogo Nomthunzi, who also suffers from high blood pressure, alleged that she was unable to take showers, wash her hands or even use the toilet intermittently in the past four months. She said she faced this serious crisis at a time when public health officials recommend frequent hand washing to prevent spread of COVID-19. 

Since it was raining in January, Gogo Nomthunzi said she relied much on rainwater.

“I was using rainwater in the toilet,” she said. “My question is why should we live like pigs? I am old and uneducated, but I deserve a better life as a South African. All of my neighbours had water except me. What frustrated me more is that I kept on reporting about the issue, but not getting any response.”

 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) PR Councillor Karabo Ndini said it was a sad thing to see a granny going through a nightmare trying to get a basic utility fixed.

“She could not get hold of the Ward Councillor to explain the situation,” Ndini said. “When she approached me, she told me she had also failed to get help from Joburg Water due to lockdown regulations. I tried to help her to get the situation rectified. Joburg Water told us that Gogo’s situation was attended in January, but nothing was fixed. So I had to literally go to get the plumbers in Stridjom Park who came and fixed the pipes.”

Ndini blamed construction companies that hire illegal immigrants saying: “Whenever these workers mess up, they do not report the problems.” ��Z&/OU

Hundreds arrested for crimes committed

Police arrested hundreds of people in Cosmo City, Honeydew and  parts of Roodepoort for crimes committed in the beginning of this month, police reported.

Police had to be vigilant to combat crime as the country moved to level 1 lockdown, Honeydew police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan told the Chronicle, because people tend to commit more crime when under the influence of alcohol.

“We had success from the 1st of March to the 5th,” said Captain Muthan. “Suspects were arrested for various crimes in and around the Honeydew policing area.”

Through Operation Okae Molao, Captain Muthan said, police  caught people in connection with house breaking and robbery.  They  also arrested more people for drinking and driving.

 All the police stations  conducted roadblocks where law enforcers stopped and searched vehicles throughout the policing areas, Captain Muthan said.

New constables from college also participated in the programme,boosting the visibility of patrols at malls and shopping centres. All liquor stores and other liquor outlets were closed during the specified times as well. These operations will continue until further notice, he said.

All arrested suspects will appear in various magistrate courts.

Captaptain Muthan thanked all the police for their efforts to bring peace in the communities during the festive season.

Residents speaking to the Chronicle said police should continue patrolling in the community to reduce crime.

“Some people use illegal means to get money,” said Methuli Dliwayo of extension 6. “We are now in level 1 and people and things are getting back to normal. Crime is likely to increase so we need to see more police visibility in the community.”

Crumbling streets left unattended

Most of the roads in Cosmo City are unfit for driving, residents say, and there is need to take solid action, especially in Kampala Street (Ex6), Addis Ababa Street (Ext 2), Quatemala Street (Ext 4) and Nebraska Street (Ext 0).

Despite Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA)’s efforts to roll out a road construction and rehabilitation programme in Cosmo City to revamp the roads and streets in the community, these particular  streets  have disintegrated into  eyesores.

Local authorities vow that the rehabilitation process it still on. The main cause of the road potholes is  underground water, according to Ward 100 Councillor Mapula Mosito. “We also need to take care of our roads,” the councillor said. “In most cases, residents tend to burn tyres on the roads during strikes, leaving the infrastructure exposed to corrosion. The municipality also has to keep on maintaining our roads to keep them alive.”

Motorists believe that the municipality also should keep maintaining small streets. “Whenever municipality is doing road maintenance, they only focus on the main roads,” complained resident Mohammed Assan. “We also need to see our home routes fixed and getting maintained regularly.”

Diminishing GBV narrative through touching music

After working under strict Covid-19 Lockdown laws ‘cooking’ what he anticipates to be the best love song to come out early 2021, Fresh Eric, real name Eric Mokaleng, has released his Amapiano-inspired tune on 12 February, followed by the official music video coming out on 12 March.

This fashionable vocalist released this song with the intent to bring healing, love and happiness.

Eric told his existing and potential fans of what to expect from this track, “Firstly, what inspired this song was Gender-based violence. I realized that there’s a stigma among men for trying to change women to suit their characters, so this song speaks to that. We sometimes meet women comfortable in their miniskirts and we come into their lives and expect to change their dress code and even behaviour at times,” he explained.

The track features another and upcoming producer LiL MH (his homeboy from Mpumalanga).  Eric who made Afro Pop his home genre explained why he dabbled into an amapiano beat. “The beat was made by LiL MH from Mpumalanga who wanted some vocals on it, and with my versatility, the song Yimina Lo was born, paving a new path in my career and subgenre that I call Afropiano,” the Newlands resident explained.

Eric is currently an independent artist who works with small independent agency to help promote his brand and music to heights he never imagined.

Only 28-years-old, the budding talent, who is a singer and song writer, is paving his own path to stardom and hoping to take over the Afro Pop scene and run with it in the country.

This confident and bubbly rising star was born in the North West and raised in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga to a Swati and Tshwana parents. He moved to Johannesburg, Gauteng at the tender age of 10, where he grew up and did all of his schooling.

Owing to having multi-cultured parents, Eric grew up having able to speak an array of languages – a component which he poured out into his music which works wonders for him as he aims to gain fans across the multiple cultures in continent of Africa.

Before he found his feet in Afro Pop, Fresh Eric from Newlands first tested waters in a complete different genre. “Back in the days when my interest started growing for music, I did RnB and Hip Hop. But as time went on I started falling in love with my current genre, Afro Pop,” he says.

Music video link of Yimina Lo:

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