30 June 2020

All communities  serviced by Diepsloot police station are advised that the police station has been temporarily closed after one of its members tested positive for Covid-19.

The Community Service Centre will be operating from Metro police department office, opposite Diepsloot police station, Corner Buffalo and Ingonyama street, extension 2. 

The community is advised to call 10111 for all emergencies and complaints which needs to be attended by Diepsloot police station.
The telephone lines at Diepsloot police station Community Service Centre will not be accessible for the duration of closure.
The building will be undergoing decontamination and the community will be informed when the station will be operational again.

The SAPS management apologises for any inconvenience that may arise from this.Station Commander Commander can be contacted at:  082-828-5767 
Relief commander: 082-558-1355
For more information contact Brigadier Mathapelo Peters076-065-6502

Residents resort to alternative power options

Due to constant power outages in the community, residents have resorted to using candles, gas stoves and fire as power alternatives.

More than 10 transformers have exploded in Cosmo City, with Eskom blaming the rise in network overloading resulting from illegal connections.

The community has been facing an electricity crisis for the past two weeks, with extension 2 and 6 mainly affected.

“The situation has forced me to buy a gas stove,” said Mmabatho Mthunzi. “We are in winter, and it is very hard to survive without electricity. The other option we have is to use fire to keep ourselves warm.”

Eskom is slowly taking us back to village life, said Makhosi Moseki . “We are no longer living our normal life in Cosmo City because of power outages. We are now frustrated, and that is why some residents took to the streets to protest Eskom for poor service delivery.”

Ward 100 Electricity Task Team recently visited Eskom offices in Lanseria to enquire about the power challenges in the community. “Eskom responded that the community is facing overloading, by-passing and illegal connections,” reads part of the ward 100 Electricity Task Team statement.

“Due to these (problems), the feeder at the sub-station automatically trips off. This is to protect Eskom infrastructure from blowing up and burning. Because of this, it is not possible for Eskom to publicize the schedule. Residents and tenants are urged to reduce the load in the grid. Try to be mindful of the electricity consumption or usage every day. Switch off items such as the geyser and heaters etc. when necessary to do so. Do not waste electricity unnecessarily. Overloading automatically results in the sub-station tripping off.”

An audit will be done in the community, and there won’t be any penalties, according to the Electricity Task Team. “This audit will assist Eskom to know how to respond and normalise the situation. Eskom technicians must have access to every house or yard and Eskom expects community members to cooperate.”

The other part of the Task Team statement reads as follows:

 (1)we encourage people to buy electricity from Eskom accredited vendors to a minimum of R350 monthly.(2)registration of boxes will be considered and those who have registered before and their boxes appear unregistered must make submission within this grace period. (3)Those who bought houses and the boxes don’t appear under their names must submit a proof of purchase to Eskom service centre. (4) Do not allow unauthorized people to work in  Eskom infrastructure such as power lines, transformers etc. (5) Urgent special cases in all the extensions will be investigated and attended to by Eskom.

We discourage unnecessary protests and marches that damage our infrastructure, such as robots and tarred roads. We must not create a space for criminal elements to destabilize our area. We all have the responsibility to protect Eskom technicians to give us service without any interruptions. No one has the right to intimidate Eskom Technicians. Do not bribe or give them money to do favours. Be on the right side of the law.

NB. After the grace period heavy fines will be imposed from those who would have violated the law. Grace period ends in August 

SPAR and Operation Hunger donate 3 000 food parcels

During times of crisis, it is important to recognize common humanity and show compassion. Thanks to a partnership between SPAR Inland and Operation Hunger’s #FeedaFamily Campaign, 3 000 less fortunate families in Gauteng received much needed food parcels. 

The aim of the donation is to fight the increase in food insecurity and malnutrition brought on by the COVID-19 virus.

During the week of 25 – 29 May 2020, food hampers were distributed to Katlehong, Rondebult, Tembisa, Vanderbijl, Alexander, Cosmo City and Honeydew. The hampers included staple food items like milk, maize meal, samp, tea, sugar, cooking oil, salt, beef stock, to name a few items.

A group of volunteers and SPAR employees packaged the food parcels and upon distribution, provided beneficiaries with community based educational training on COVID-19.

Sandy Bukula, Interim CEO of Operation Hunger (OH) said the contribution of food products has bolstered ongoing efforts to improve access to food for all throughout the pandemic.

“Informed by our 45 years of feeding the country in times of crisis, our #Feedafamily campaign aims to feed no less than 10 000 families. Our efficiency model that is implemented by our experienced team, has ensured that the SPAR food donation takes only 7 days to feed 3 000 families in and around Gauteng,“ explains Bukula.

Recent reports indicate a staggering 100% increase in the number of people who require immediate support from OH. Amongst them are families who do not qualify for government grants or incentives and are currently unemployed. They account for commission-based earners, temporary employees and those who earned minimum wage.

Brett Botten, Managing Director of SPAR South Rand Distribution Centre said, “the aim of the donation is to inspire people to be and do more.”

“It’s during times like these that we really need to be work together and support each other. We are a community-based business and we trust that our small gesture will make a difference in the lives of those affected.”

Nonelela Xaba – Butjie, HR Executive for SPAR South Rand Distribution Centre said they hope the food parcel donations will bring relief to those who are struggling financially as well as emotionally.

“It is important for us to reach out and communicate a message of support to them. Therefore, in each hamper, employees of SPAR South Rand have placed a personal note which is a message of encouragement, just to say better days are coming.”

Since its establishment in 1980, OH has reached more than 2.4 million beneficiaries and is ramping up its fundraising efforts to help the vulnerable during the COVID-19 epidemic. The OH #Feedafamily campaign enables anyone to donate from R200 up on the OH website (www.operationhunger.org.za) towards a food and sanitizing pack for a vulnerable family. 26316_vr1X}

PSDT’s hand in Kya Sands informal settlement amid COVID-19

Phronesis Students Development Trust (PSDT) has distributed food parcels to more than 5 000 residents from Kya Sands informal settlement, last month, to ensure that they do not starve during the nationwide lockdown.

PSDT is an NPO, which serves beneficiaries in the Kya Sand Pipeline Informal / Rural Settlement in Johannesburg North, South Africa. The informal settlement is home to over 30 000 of people.

PSDT has been working with Africa Tikkun, The Angel Network SA, 10 Million Masks, Community Angels, Benmore CAN, and  Vunani and Fairheads Foundation to better the lives of informal settlement residents.

COVID-19 virus is real, and we are not ignorant to the fact that our beneficiaries are highly affected, said PSDT founder Tsitsi Sekgobela.

“We have over 1,800 children from disadvantaged homes in our community and up to 250 elders,” she said.

Not all of them can afford housing, and many end up residing in formal settlements like Kya Sands.  Many of those living in informal settlement s are foreign nationals, providing their own unique set of challenges for integration, community and safety and security.”

PSDT primarily serves to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Sekgobela said.

“Obtaining quality education is one of the foundation’s goals. We are also mobilizing individual philanthropic and private-sector resources to support this critical Medical Disaster.

We want to be to be a catalyst for eradicating poverty in South Africa. We stand in solidarity with the whole world assisting where our resources allow us to save humanity during this lockdown to contain the COVID -19 virus. We are raising emergency response funds to enable the children, the elderly and the multitudes of under-priviledged families to respond to both immediate and planned needs related to COVID-19. These include, food parcels, hygiene care, cleaning soaps and detergents and multivitamin supplements for the children.

 Our aim was initially to raise funds for “1,000 food parcels” and 1,000 Hygiene parcels for the duration of the lock down.

 Despite distributing food parcels, PSDT has also helped distributing 650 vegetable packs, 100 dignity packs, 80 maternity packs, 48 new born baby packs, and 3800 soups and hot meals.

“We are appealing for further assistance with dry non- perishable food for food parcels, food vouchers, cash donations to be able to remaining 9% and start a new drive for food parcels to distribute in the beginning of July, 2020. We are also appealing for donations for operation and transport costs for the organization as we facilitate the distribution during this COVID 19 Period.

 People who are willing to assist the NPO can contact Tsitsi Sekgobela on  + 27 81 207 7135. 0,0″,”n�wr�iX�

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