Tito Mboweni announced as new Finance Minister

Former Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni has been sworn in as South Africa’s new Finance Minister.

This comes after outgoing Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, submitted a letter of resignation on Tuesday morning to President Cyril Ramaphosa, requesting to be relieved of his duties.

President Ramaphosa made the announcement in Cape Town on Tuesday.

“Over the course of the last few days there has been much discussion among South Africans on matters that arose in the course of the testimony of Minister Nhlanhla Nene at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

“As a consequence of these developments, Minister Nene submitted a letter of resignation this morning in which he requested that I relieve him of the position of the Minister of Finance,” the President said.

He said Nene had indicated that there is risk that the developments around his testimony will detract from the important task of serving the people of South Africa, particularly as government works to re-establish public trust.

The President’s announcement comes after Presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko told journalists on Tuesday that there had been engagements between the President and Nene following his testimony at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice, Judge Raymond Zondo.

Following his testimony to the commission last week, Nene released a statement apologising to South Africans for his lapse in judgement after his earlier statement during a TV interview that he had not gone to meet members of the Gupta family, except for at public functions.

Briefing journalists on Tuesday, the President said after due consideration of the evidence presented by Nene at the Commission, and in the interests of good governance, he took a decision to accept Nene's resignation.

The President took some time to thank Nene for having served the people and the government of South Africa with “diligence and ability”.

He said that under difficult circumstances and often under great pressure, Nene consistently defended the cause of proper financial management and clean governance.

“It is a measure of his character and his commitment to the national interest that he has taken this decision to resign in the wake of errors of judgment, even though he has not been implicated in acts of wrongdoing,” he said.

Mboweni returns

After a brief stint as advisor to the Reserve Bank Governor between July 1998 and July 1999, Mboweni was appointed as the Governor in August 1999.

Mboweni was appointed to several positions during his tenure. This includes his appointment as the honorary Professor of Economics by the University of South Africa between 2000 and 2003 as well as being elected Chancellor of the University of the North West and he was installed as Chancellor in February 2002.

In April of 2002, Mboweni was appointed as the Governor Professor Extraordinary in Economics and served in that capacity until 31 March 2005.

On Tuesday, the President said that having served as a Minister of Labour before being appointed as a Governor of the Reserve Bank, Mboweni brings a wealth of experience “in the areas of finance, economic policy and governance”.

“Mr Mboweni takes on this responsibility at a critical moment for our economy, as we intensify cooperation among all social partners to increase investment, accelerate growth and create jobs on a substantial scale.

“This moment calls for strong, capable and steady leadership that will unlock new opportunities as we grow and transform our economy.

“I am confident that Mr Mboweni will provide that leadership.”

Commission of Inquiry on State Capture

The President said, meanwhile, it was critical the Commission has the means and opportunity to effectively fulfil its mandate.

He said during this process, no person should be above scrutiny, and all relevant and credible accusations of wrongdoing should be thoroughly investigated.

“It is incumbent upon any person who may have knowledge of any of the matters within the Commission’s mandate to provide that information to the Commission, to do so honestly and to do so fully.

“For the country to move forward, we need to establish the full extent of state capture, identify those responsible for facilitating it, and take decisive steps to prevent it happening again.

“Throughout this process, we need to be guided by the values and principles of our Constitution, mindful of the importance of due process, committed to good governance, and determined that, with the support of all South Africans, the Commission of Inquiry will succeed in fulfilling its critical mandate,” he said. – SAnews.gov.za

Wakhe Sebenza leaves Cosmo FM

No more midday magazine show for Wakhe Sebenza on Cosmo FM as the well-liked voice on radio in Cosmo City is ready for bigger plans.

Sebenza said goodbye to his Cosmo FM listeners on 5 October, after working for the local radio station for more than one year. He hosted the magazine show Midday Delights from 12:00 to 15:00 weekdays. Sebenza’s show catered for men and women as a content driven programme which focused on current affairs and health, social and educational issues.

Born Mziwakhe Eric Sebenza, the radio personality was raised in KZN.  He once considered teaching as profession.  After attending Clydesdale Senior Secondary School, he attended Berea Technical College for his National Diploma in Public Management. Despite working as a receptionist, filing clerk and admin assistant, Sebenza’s love for radio never went away. In July of 2017, he moved to Johannesburg and one week later he got an opportunity at Cosmo FM.

“When I first joined Cosmo FM I had no experience or formal education related to radio,” he told Cosmo City Chronicle. “I had one thing when I left my cooperate Job in KZN coming to Johannesburg: A Dream. I've always wanted to be a radio and TV personality, I knew I needed experience and some basic, formal training behind my name to help me get my foot into the door of the radio industry.”

Sebenza prepared to be a radio personality for years, he said. “I would do a radio show even when I was alone in the house. I recorded it on my phone, keeping my dream alive.”

Sebenza joined radio at a time when The Media Connection, the front runner in community radio airtime sales, was branching on Training Academy (TMC Academy) to boost skills in community radio. Sebenza benefited from the academy as he went through a Radio Production NQF Level 5 Course.

“I thank God because that is what I needed,” he said. “A huge thanks to Cosmo FM for a lifetime opportunity. I have learnt excellent writing and storytelling skills. I am a qualified Content Producer and an On-Air Personality with experience.”

Sebenza said he will continue to pursue his career in the broadcasting media industry, focusing more on producing and presenting. He urged aspiring content producers to get involved in spaces like campus radio stations and community radio stations in order cultivate their skills.

SSCC helps disadvantaged orphans and elderly women

“Our aim is to take women out of poverty,” said Seipone Sasechaba Community Center (SSCC) vice chair- person Nhlanhla Ndlovu at the 29 September Pick ’n Pay Cosmo Mall grocery give-away for vulnerable women and children in Cosmo City.

SSCC helps disadvantaged orphans and elderly women in Cosmo City by providing free health and women rights education, clothing and groceries.

SSCC, which currently caters for more than 400 residents, is a Non- Profit Organisatiion founded in 2017 by six women: Rejaina Moipone Sephiri, Nhlanhla Ndlovu, Kholiswa Manyana, Nomsa Prudence Sephiri, Minah Mpho Lekwane and Livhuwani Elda Mokgabi. SSCC works together with various stakeholders to fight against gender discrimination and gender-based violence in the community.

Every month SSCC gives away food and clothing to the needy. On 29 September, the NPO teamed up with Pick n Pay Cosmo Mall to give away groceries.

“We would like to thank various stakeholders who support our initiative,” said Ndlovuat the Pick ‘n Pay Cosmo Mall give-away. “A lot of women have been affected by poverty in our community. We try by all means to find the most affected women and children in the community to provide them with a sense of belonging.  We provide them with training programmes that will improve their livelihood. We also want to help the community get rid of child and women abuse.”

Ndlovu explained that they teach women about the importance of child immunization and encourage those who live with HIV to adhere to treatment.

Elsie Nthapelang, one of the SSCC beneficiaries, said that she was happy to be considered by the NPO.

“I am happy, not only for myself but for everyone who is benefiting from SSCC,”she told Cosmo City Chronicle.  “I hope they continue expanding beyond Cosmo City. We are also happy for the committed stakeholders like Pick n Pay, we really appreciate their effort.”

Zolile Nomcweya of Pick n Pay Cosmo Mall said giving back to the community is a good process as we are building good relationships with people that support us .

Opel only German brand among most reliable car brands to own and maintain in SA

The New World Wealth has released its 2018 Car Maintenance Index, putting the spotlight on the most reliable cars in South Africa.

Opel is the only German brand in the Top 5, with the balance being Japanese.

The Johannesburg-based global market research group reviewed the best car brands to own in South Africa, based on the affordability of maintaining these vehicles over the long-term.

The advisory group said it considered over 30 car brands for this study. "We included all major car brands available in SA," it said, using the following criteria:

  • Availability and affordability of spare parts for vehicle.
  • Affordability of services after motor plan has ended.
  • Reliability of car after motor plan has ended (Special focus on number of major engine and gearbox problems that vehicle experiences over time).
  • Ability of dealerships to handle large repair jobs and affordability of such repairs.
  • Affordability of insurance premiums, relative to price of vehicle.

The study was conducted through interviews with independent second-hand car dealers, independent auto mechanics and roadworthy vehicle inspection providers.

The New World Wealth specialises in ratings, surveys, country reports and wealth statistics and as part of this study, also rated the top car insurers for 2018.

And the Consumers Agree

The semi-finalists for the Cars.co.za Consumer Awards - powered by WesBank, have been announced and the Opel Crossland X 1.2T Cosmo A/T is in the semi-finals!

The Opel Crossland X has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Compact Family (R300 000 - R400 000) category. With household budgets stretched to breaking point, the reasonably affordable contemporary family car has to wear many hats - from compact traffic-dodger, to school-run taxi and even weekend getaway machine. Practicality and spaciousness are important considerations, but so are safety, technology, fuel efficiency and a modicum of lifestyle flexibility. The Opel Crossland X ticks these boxes and then some! With class-leading safety features and technology, there is very little that rivals the Opel Crossland X in terms of value for money.

The Crossland X is no stranger to the podium. Earlier this year Euro NCAP announced its "Best in Class of 2017" and the Opel Crossland X joined this exclusive retinue by emerging as the winner of its category. In the safety ratings published last November, Euro NCAP awarded the Opel Crossland Xthe maximum five stars, based on good assessments in the four safety areas: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist. The Crossland X performed especially well in the side barrier tests, where it scored maximum points for both adult and child occupant protection.

In addition to the safety equipment fitted as standard, such as Lane Departure Warning, the Opel Crossland X also offers optional innovations for even higher driving safety: Forward Collision Alert with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking, Driver Drowsiness Detection, high-tech full LED headlights, 180-degree Panoramic Rear View Camera and Side Blind Spot Alert are just some examples.

Crisp and compact on the outside and especially spacious and versatile on the inside, with trendy two-tone paintwork and cool SUV looks, the Opel Crossland X has already convinced more than 80,000 customers since sales began in Europe in 2017.

In the 1st round of the #CarsAwards, the Cars.co.za extended editorial team selected the 5 best cars in each of the 13 categories devised for this year's programme. Careful attention was paid to the respective categories' "Filters of Eligibility" and the "Pillars of Success" in order to come to a consensus on the identities of the semi-finalists. All vehicles available on the South African market on September 1, 2018 were eligible not only new products that were launched in the past 12 months.

The debate and agreement by consensus is a core pillar of our programme," says Cars.co.za Consumer Experience Manager, Hannes Oosthuizen. "We debate each eligible vehicle within the context of its category, and will not move on until the entire team is in agreement. This means that the selection process encompasses far deeper interrogation (and more exhaustive investigation) than is typical in a 'secret vote' setup."

In the next round, due to take place early in October 2018, the same jury will score each vehicle individually, taking into account the various criteria set out for each of the respective categories. The top 3 finalists per category will then be announced next month, and be put through back-to-back testing at Gerotek in Gauteng early in November 2018, by the entire Cars.co.za Consumer Awards - Powered by WesBankjury.

Opel wishes all other participants the best of luck!

OPEL is one of the oldest car brands operating in Southern Africa, and the brand has built a solid reputation over the 80+ years that OPEL has been in the country. The South African Motoring Guild voted the new  OPEL ASTRA as the South African 'Car of the Year for 2017' after the new  ASTRA was awarded 'Car of the Year' in 12 European countries, as well as 'Overall European Car of the Year'. OPEL won the prestigious 'Car of the

Year' award in South Africa on few previous occasions as well - in 1991 (OPEL Monza), in 1994 (OPEL Kadett) and in 1995 (OPEL Astra). OPEL cars are known for offering luxury level specifications that packs stamps a German engineered punch high above their price category.


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