One arrested for unlicensed live ammunition

Police arrested a 44-year-old Diepsloot man after he was found in possession of unlicensed live ammunition on  21 January 2021.

The arrest took place in Diepsloot’s extension 6 at around 14:15 hrs, according to Diepsloot police spokesperson Captain Tinyiko Mathebula.

“Police members were on duty when they received a tip-off from a community member,” Captain Mathebula said. “The community member alleged that there is a certain shack in extension 6 where illegal activities are suspected to be taking place. The police acted swiftly on the information and proceeded to the said shack. “

Upon arrival, Captain Mathebula said, they conducted a search and found twenty rounds of live ammunition in the shack. “An African male who was found in the shack was asked to produce a license to possess live ammunition, which he failed to do and was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of unlicensed live ammunition.”

The suspect has appeared in the Randburg magistrate’s court. ˘���b�

Prayers for Honeydew police station

Members of the Frontline City Church, which is based in Honeydew, gathered to pray for police officers at Honeydew police station on 23 January 2020.

The prayer session took place at the entrance of the police station from 10 am to 11 am with different police officers being prayed for amid the spread of COVID-19.  The impact of coronavirus temporarily forced the police station to close for decontamination early this year.

“We believe that police officers are less appreciated in the community,” said Pastor Wendy Mckillop. “We want to show support to them and let them know that we are willing to stand with them in such difficult times. We want to help them fight crime in the community,”

Better things can still happen during coronavirus times, said Pastor Hannes Wessels.  “We had to declare that the church is not dead but alive. So we are getting out to where they really need us, where we find the frontline of this covid. We want to declare to the police and other essential services that instead of things going down during covid, there must be change.”

Provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters noted that officers were at greater risk of exposure and infection because they provided an essential service working in the frontline in support of government’s response to the second wave.

“They balance crime prevention and enforcement of the adjusted Level 3 lockdown regulations,” she noted. “It is on this basis that the SAPS, through the Provincial Covid-19 Steering Committee, is hard at work ensuring that members are protected through the provision of the necessary PPE and regular decontamination of affected police stations and SAPS buildings,”

Baker’s Dozen officially opens in Cosmo City Giving you a piece of the pie

Situated at Cosmo Junction in extension 0, Baker’s Dozen is ready to offer its services to the community.

The retailer, which officially opened on 12 December 2020, offers customers  a chance to buy frozen products to heat and eat in the convenience of their homes, and the opportunity to buy products and on-sell, to make a profit.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our pockets,” reads a statement from the Baker’s Dozen management. “ we are all looking for means to stretch our Rands, good food to pack for the kids to take to school, and an opportunity to make money. “

Baker’s Dozen is the answer, through the sales of products for you to prepare when you need them for the kiddies’ lunch, an easy dinner after work, or to be able to make the products from home and sell them in your community-  giving you some much needed cash!

“Our aim is to sell you the quantities you need- from 6 items to 150, you choose from our pre packed range,” says the management.

“If you have an oven and the ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit of making your own money, you can purchase our products and prepare them at home, just follow our easy instructions on packs. “

Offered  products and pastries include pies, croissants, muffin batter, biscuits, doughnuts, rolls and breads. These are sold frozen and can be baked in any good oven for home use or selling.

Baker’s Dozen is also a coffee shop serving light meals for customers looking to sit down and enjoy our free customer Wi-Fi. Open every day, we are the ideal spot for meetings or just a smoothie after gym.

“We deliver platters (for functions and meetings) and bulk purchases to our customers around Cosmo City for free. Place your order online before 12h00 and see stipulated delivery times for different products and areas. “

Baker’s Dozen will be carrying own range products but will also stock some leading products that so far have only been available to caterers due to volume- now they are at your door step.

Baker’s Dozen, From the Oven with Love

Greater Lanseria Master Plan Draft out

The Greater Lanseria Master Plan is the first stage in the development of the new post-apartheid Smart City in Lanseria announced by President Ramaphosa in his 2020 State of the Nation Address and a draft of the master plan is now available for public comment.

 A Smart City in the South African context must use innovative technologies to provide smarter and more sustainable services to create a new normality that will change the apartheid spatial architecture and provide social and economic opportunity for all South Africans.

The Lanseria Smart City will not be a new, glitzy Dubai or Singapore but a true post-apartheid city based on the “TRAM” principles: a Transformative city structure for true social and economic inclusion; Re-industrialization of the city economy; Adaptive and resilient to change; Modernizing to be more internationally competitive. 

Lanseria will become a modern South African city in which people find normality, urban prospect and dignity in a place that subscribes to the fundamental principles of inclusion, sustainability and life-enhancing smartness for all. It will create significant economic opportunity, building on the influence of Lanseria International Airport, in the vicinity of marginalised communities like Diepsloot and Cosmo City on this north-western periphery of the Gauteng City Region and provide a basis for sustainable urban consolidation in this area.

Lanseria is one of the places that can absorb a lot of that growth in a structured way and although the private sector has been wanting to develop in the Lanseria area for the past 20 years, there has been no development because the area sits on the edge of four different municipalities – City of Johannesburg, Mogale City, City of Tshwane and Madibeng - and is not a priority for any of them. As a result, the required bulk infrastructure to enable development is inadequate.

The Gauteng Provincial Government appointed a professional team led by GAPP Architects and Urban Designers (GAPP) to draft a master plan for the Greater Lanseria area. The objective of the Greater Lanseria Master Plan is to determine the bulk infrastructure requirements to ensure the realisation of the smart city at the core of the wider development node. The master plan looks at transport, water, sanitation, stormwater management, electricity, solid waste, information and communication technologies, health, education, social and economic infrastructure, agriculture, environmental and heritage aspects and will also propose governance and institutional arrangements for the area. It covers the infrastructure programmes and projects of several stakeholders within the Gauteng City Region, including the National Government, State Owned Enterprises, the Gauteng Provincial Government and its agencies, municipal governments and entities and the private sector.

The draft master plan can be viewed online or downloaded from the following website: or the following link

Videos of detailed presentations on different aspects of the draft master plan are available on YouTube at the following link:

A Facebook page and Twitter account have also been set up for the master plan as follows:   and  @LanseriaSCity

Written comments on the draft master plan can be sent to the following email address: until the close of the comment period. For further information on the draft master plan please contact Nomi Muthialu or Julian Drew of the GAPP professional team at 011 209 2698. ��

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