Young and vibrant musician: Bulumko Raphiri

On Saturday the 17 of June, youth were in masses at Cosmo City Ext 3 Park to witness youth shining with their talents. The aim was to create awareness amongst the youth about being in a good place with God. It was the day after Youth Day, which is remembered for the brave 1976 students who defended their right to equal education and the refusal to learning Africans in South Africa.  “Bulumko Raphiri” who goes by his stage name “BeERapz” was amongst those who were performing during the celebration.

Bulumko stated that while many children already know what they want to be when they grow up. He only knew what he wanted to be when he was in grade 8. Bulumko started his career as a poet, writing on common topics such as love, hate and culture, before he started following his calling of being a Hip Hop artist. Through his journey he strives to spread the Gospel of the Lord; through the music he produces so that it touches people.

BeERapz says he is where he is today because of what his father, Ezekiel Ernest Raphiri, taught him throughout his childhood, to always have passion in what he does and persevere at all times. “There are many challenges in the industry more especially creating a unique style of composing music when you have writers block” he said.

His father played a powerful role in making him the dedicated person he is today. “My mentor is my father; he encourages me to push on since he is also in the industry with me; knows it better and has always been there for me, telling me that there is enough space in the industry for as long as I don’t compare myself with those who have lost in their own battle”.

BeERapz does not only have a passion for singing, he is also a pianist. This year, he has spread his wings as a solo artist and released his new album “The New Life” which is available on iTunes and Apple Music. And later during the year he will be hosting an album launch followed by another studio project soon. “I was born in a Christian family and was raised by a God fearing father who contributed greatly to what I am today. I plan on releasing my own clothing line as well in future.

People can get in touch with him on Instagram: @ beerapz_sa

Twitter: @beerapz_sa

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City hosts waste awareness campaign

MMC for Environmental and Infrastructure Development Services, Cllr Nico de Jager together with the Managing Director of Pikitup, Mr Lungile Dhlamini, held a waste awareness campaign and public meeting at Emthonjeni Community Centre in Zandspruit on the 14th of June as part of Pikitup’s Community Upliftment Programme (CUP). Zandspruit was chosen among many Informal Settlements, which has been proven that “it has almost 24 900 housing units”. Because of its high population in the past it has been challenged by a number of socio-economic issues, one of them being illegal dumping in the area.

The aim of the waste awareness campaign was to encourage residents and illegal traders to actively participate in recycling, to reduce waste products that go to landfill sites. De Jager said that he did not believe the level of cleanliness on this informal settlement, because there are other suburbs in the city that have nothing compared to what he sees at Zandspruit and he urged the residents to form a relationship with waste as a form of maintaining their lifestyle in keeping the environment clean. “this is not my suburb it is a community suburb,which needs partnerships with pikitup’s and city power to work together in ensuring that they deliver on the promises that they made a couple of years ago to keep the area clean”.

Lungile Dlamini spoke about ways of using waste materials and sustaining cleanness, as well as recycling as a business. “A clean environment is started by waste removal services whereby, bins are collected not left overflowing and solid waste is not dumped illegally, which will benefit the city in creating a productive economy by flourishing business hubs for recycling”. He said that to settle in, in the next five years he would like “to achieve a good relationship with waste, but not only with the relationship of leadership from Pikitup’s but with the leadership of the community, by all the citizens and stakeholders within the city of Johannesburg and progress from campaign programs and bi-ins”.

On the 13th of June a day before this cleaning campaign City parks and Pikitup’s workers in Cosmo City spent the whole day at the suburb cleaning up on Granada Street at Ext 4 and Uganda Street in Ext 6 as they have been known as the dirtiest streets in this suburb.

Victor Mafinya, Ward 114 councillor and Nico de Jager, MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Development MMC, taking a walk some polluted streets in Zandspruit.

Women with purpose fulfilling their talent

The Sizanani team showcasing some of the work they have done in the past weeks

Members of Methodist church at Cosmo city Ext 6 are working hard to fulfil their dreams. Last year at around February they decided to come with an idea to keep themselves busy by starting “The Sizanani (Help each other)” project which is run by a few women who have passion for hand craft work as part of their daily routine.  Later after months other dedicated members from the church joined the project after realising how designing is so important. The name of the project was chosen by, ordinary church members who gave up their time to assist those in need. The Sizanani Project is a non-profit organization on a mission to help, eliminate the burden of those who are unemployed to at least make something and sell to the community to help have an income.

In this project women are trained to make, blankets, hats and other countless products that are done by wool. One of the members who wanted to remain anonymous stated that “they had experienced some challenges with most of the members joined, because they were desperate and they needed money so fast, this resulted to them lacking patience with regards to the development of the organisation and they left”.

In order for them as women to prosper, they said they need donations. One member from the team said “as a team we would accept any form of gift, be it wools crotch needles to be delivered at their church during the week on Tuesday at 10 am up until 12pm”. They added that anyone who wants to join their team from the community is welcomed and that they are no educational standards for one who needs to participate in the projects. In future they are planning to adapt students who are interested in hand craft designing to teach them.

“As Sizanani Project we cannot wait for jobs to return or the economy to improve. We only strive in helping each other to beat unemployment”.

Transformer Bursts into Flames.

A transformer failure in Cosmo City Ext 2 behind Multi-Purpose Centre sparked a fire that ended up causing some residents from Luyanda and Harare streets to spend days without electricity. The incident happened on Saturday 11 of June at around 18:00 pm to 19:30pm.

One resident said when the transformer caught fire he was very scared; “the fire reminded me of the shocking incident that just happened in Knysna in Western Cape. I heard a sound, and when I got outside I saw the box burning” he said. When conducting Eskom they said that “the transformer is overloaded and that also affects the performance of power supply”. Councillor of Ward 100 Mapula Mosito commented that “they had just replaced the transformers on the same day when it exploded and that Eskom promised to replace it as soon as possible”.

Tripping due to technical fault is a major concern for us, but our complaints fall on deaf ears. Shop owner next to the transformer, said “getting through Eskom toll-free number to complain is also a tough task since they just tell us that the transformer carries power which is beyond its capacity”.

Buhle Mchunu, a resident of the street said, They request Eskom to supply them with two transformers in future to prevent situations of this nature. “We cannot live like this, our children cannot study at night, the worse part exams have just began, and our food rotting”.

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