Maintenance in Cosmo City

Road maintenance in residential areas is hard to maintain especially if residents constantly have to wait a while to receive basic services from the municipality.

Cosmo City is one area that has been waiting for basic road maintenance for a while especially in crescents. Going into the different crescents like Serbia, Bulgeria, Berma and Chisnau the road is filled with potholes.

There are other issues in Cosmo City along South Africa drive such as sewage and running water on the road. There pothole issue is not just in one street but in plenty of streets throughout Cosmo City.

Therefore the state of roads in Cosmo City needs urgent attention from the authorities because potholes can be very dangerous especially to drivers. They can destroy car tires, cause traffic, create mud holes, when it rains and cause accidents when people drive fast.

The councilor of ward 100, Mapula Mosito made it clear that maintenance is being done in Cosmo City especially regarding potholes, sewage and illegal dumping. The JRA is currently conducting inspections in and around Cosmo City. A budget has been allocated for speed humps but residents can help with a petition all that’s missing is the when and how this will be implemented.

According to Mapula there are plans and a budget to upgrade the sewage system; the business area being used as a soccer ground is being used temporarily because there are not enough sports grounds in Cosmo City, that space is being used as well as the multipurpose grounds.

The Fire Station is ready to be opened but there isn’t a date of when it will be opened. Residents are urged to order more bins from Pikitup on 011 375 - 5555

Herman Mashaba hands over 1000 shoes to children at a Zandspruit Primary school

The office of the executive Mayor, Councilor Herman Mashaba on Monday January 29th gave away 1000 pairs of school shoes to primary school children in Zandspruit near Honeydew.  This was done as a part of the “A re sebetseng” schools program with Adcock Ingram.


Mashaba said he could not be more delighted to join the community for the handover of some 1 000 school shoes to the children of Zandspruit. ‘’ Today’s handover is the manifestation of where we would like to see Johannesburg’s A Re Sebetseng clean-up campaign going’’.

Mashaba added that he believes it takes a village to raise a child.  ‘’ In ensuring the wellbeing of our children and investing in their future, that is why he is truly happy to be here today’’.

Zandspruit is an informal settlement that lately has been filled with a number of protests over basic service delivery. Residents have taken to the street over poor living conditions as well as other basic services.


A re sebetseng is a monthly clean-up campaign that is tasked with cleaning up the city of Johannesburg. The project was created so that the residents of the city of Johannesburg can help clean up the city and be a part of keeping it clean, through learning about the dangers of living in a dirty environment.

The project is used not only to teach, but to inspire young children to learn about the environment and to take care of the ozone layer, by reducing the amount of waist pollution in the city of Johannesburg.

‘’ Under the City’s A Re Sebetseng campaign, Adcock Ingram Critical Care and Netcare are playing their part in not only investing in the wellbeing of our children; they are also ensuring we invest in our environment. A Re Sebetseng is modeled on the Rwandan model of Umaganda, which is about residents coming together to look after their communities’’, he said

Cosmo FM and Roots Butchery give back to the Children of Lion Park

Cosmo FM and Roots butchery came together to give back to the children of Lion Park primary school, this was done to give back to the community of Lion Park as well as to encourage the children to stay in school and make something of themselves, by giving away 98 school bags with stationary inside sponsored by Roots Butchery.

Cosmo FM and Roots Butchery are important to the community of Cosmo City and as a result they are able to influence the youth in a way that motivates and shows them that they care about the area and its surrounding communities.

Cosmo FM and Roots butchery went to Lion Park and gave 98 school bags to the primary school children. The previous day they also gave bags to Tirisano Mmogo Primary school in Cosmo City.

The Cosmo FM DJs gave away prizes to the children, with them they brought entertainment and laughter. Which lead to children dancing, singing and even reciting poetry to win prizes. The school choir sang traditional and church songs for the guests.

Roots butchery sponsored the school bags to encourage the children to continue going to school and to assure the residence of these communities that they were not there just for the business but to also uplift the community

Eva Motshegoa of Roots Butchery in Cosmo City said that they plan to keep helping the school this year, it could be once or twice every month or it could be more but that this year Lion Park Primary would be included when  the butchery gave back.

Giving back to the community is an important part of Cosmo FM and Roots Butchery, education is also an important part of any Childs’ life, there for it is always important to give children the tools to succeed even if it is a school bag.

Girls on Purpose

Girls on Purpose is a movement founded by Zinhle Xulu who is an entrepreneur; a mother of 2; a Cosmo City resident; production manager, news reader and radio personality. The movement began in 2013 and is growing each year. Zinhle says she has always had a passion for educating and empowering young  girls and she had always been a person whom  people found  easy to talk to.

Zinhle states that Girls on Purpose is a movement that is there to propel young girls into finding their purpose in life and to be confident , find their voice and own their space and dream big .

Girl on Purpose is currently only in Cosmo City but she hope it will grow to other communities and pay forward the wisdom of different girls.

Girls on Purpose is a movement meant to enable young women to know where they fit in, where they belong, how to carry themselves.

Girls on purpose can be found on social media twitter and instagram it is  @Zinhleonpurpose, and on  Whatsapp it is 074 685 0256


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