Ward councilor engages community members amid escalating crime activities

Ward 100 councilor Mapula Mosito called in residents from Asmara and Addis Ababa Street in Cosmo city’s extension 2 for a block meeting on 3 July 2019 regarding crime activities prevailing in that area.

Police and Emergency Management Service (EMS) representatives attended the meeting alongside the community members. The robbery which occurred in the early hours on 29 June 2019 is also one of the reasons for the meeting, according to the councilor.

During the block meeting, the police encouraged residents to check with the police station commander whenever they do not see any progress about reported cases. The police told residents to do follow up on cases by taking case numbers of reported cases and lodge complaints about pending cases.

“As the Cosmo city residents we should not take matters into our own hands, we should rather wait for the police to come and they should be the ones to solve the matter” said Councilor Mosito.

“Sometimes the police officers are wrong,” said one resident. “They are failing to immediately attend to community cases. There was a case where police officers arrested boys that caught a thief. They were then questioned about who gave them authority to arrest criminals. The criminals were said to be attempting to rape an older woman and children.”

“Calling the police is something that can be considered after we have taken the law into our own hands,” added the resident.

Narrating the robbery incident, a ward committee said it was then necessary to call for a meeting with the councilor.

According to footage, two armed robbers followed a couple from a tavern to where they live, said a ward committee.  “When the robbers approached the couple,” the ward committee said, “they pretended as if they are drunk in order to confuse the couple. They tried to rob them, and the boyfriend tried to retaliate, that is when they started stabbing them and the boyfriend ran to the house, and one of the robbers followed him,” the ward committee said.

“When they got to the house,” the ward committee added, “the alleged robber also proceeded to stab the house owner, who died on the scene, leaving his wife uninjured because she was in the other room when the incident took place. The other two who were the couple, were left injured outside the house and they were transported by private cars to the hospital.”

The ward committee also highlighted the fact that as street committees they monitor noise around the community and the people who commit crime. They also work alongside the police and the street patrollers in order to stop the crime that is happening around the community.