New water meter boxes get underway in Cosmo City

Johannesburg Water department finally pronounced and granted the allocation of new efficient reliable prepaid water meter boxes in all households around the community of Cosmo city which began early this year.

The project reflects to the extensive loss of water payments that an average of about 70% of our residents eventually does not pay throughout. Prior to this year, the government always urged residents to acquire replacements of their old boxes for new ones which is certainly adequate and much brilliantly developed.

The new water meter box named Lesira which is a class B water meter box with a height of about 1,5m’/h proves nothing but the best that Johannesburg water can offer, the new box brings assurance that tendencies of tempering and bridging water has finally reached to its end and will no longer exist in the community.  

It’s quite profound to understand that mistakes can occur unfortunately, however fortunate enough this is not a mistake or an indecisive decision from the department. The project is a way forward for the community, a collaboration that requires both connection between residents and the workers from the water department, basically this intend that residents should allow the exchange of their old water meter boxes with the new efficient Lesira.

“I have been a resident in this community for a decade and most of us hardly even pay our water bills,” Said Mr Radebe.

“When all of us moved from Sgodipola 11 years ago I used to buy prepaid water but since most of the majority had the same tendency of bridging water it then became a norm that most of us joined”. Mr Radebe added.

“However it’s about time that we follow the law and with these new water meter boxes our paths can be clear of fraud”. 

Jammed Robots and sewage upgrade cause traffic confusion

The process of sewage upgrade and traffic light technical glitches frustrated motorists in the early hours of 3 February Sunday morning essentially causing heavy traffic along South Africa Drive throughout the day, jamming all suitable entrée through Ext 6,2 & Cosmo City centre.

These recently allocated South African drive robots that links roads and stabilise the traffic conjuction seem quietly to be having indecisive technical problems, not only has it been a once, but unfortunately it has now pertained a sense repetition that most motorist are fed up of.

With its previous technical glitches, the robots that link the most acclaimed main road in Cosmo City caused a shutdown and with the construction underway closely within the robots made things worse as one of the two way roads gets closed due to the contractors on site on a daily base. 

Due to the heavy traffic flow some vehicle collided and by God’s will no one was serious injuries only altercations from both frustrated motorists were exchanged and bystanders had to intervene to resolve the matter.

“Am unpleasant and my heart is deeply hurt,” said a motorist who only identified himself as Nkosinathi.

“I just got the front bumper of my car fixed and this incident will eventually set me back,” he told the Chronicle.

“Coming from the festive session all debts have been paid off with my latest salary and now my mind set was on clearly stress free” Nkosinathi added.

“But now these terrible technical problems happening to the robots have just caused more stress that I cannot handle at the moment,” he concluded.

ShapeYour Destiny Youth initiative yet again privilege their young leaders

Jam-packed excitement prevailed at this year’s Shape your Destiny Youth [SYDY] commemoration that took place at Cosmo Christian Centre on 24 November  to ensure that all young leaders pertained in the initiative are well acknowledged, giving them an early festive season most memorable moment that will be most cherished.

Honest Ncube and Kudakwashe Dzakatira founded Shape Your Destiny Youth in December 2016. The initiative commenced initially to provide a better future for young African leader while reducing socio-economic factors affecting those vulnerable in order to pursue several purposes which include minimising the growth of teenage pregnancy, crime and substance abuse amongst the young leaders in Africa.

The event brought turns of tremendous special elements and activities that entertained and brightened the commemoration providing an atmosphere that hard live performance from outstanding live dancers such as Michael Tito and Silent Squad including smooth sounds from singers and well acclaimed hip hop due BIYG and Dion. The cherry on top  which had everyone glued were performances from some of the young leaders as well as the international key note speaker Rutendo Hwindingwi who sparked the room with a tender of brilliant words that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

“A finger alone cannot form a fist,” said Dzakatira, “however, if they all collide together they can become a force to be reckoned with. “A leader is a leader that is consisted of an entire system, a system which i believe resembles an entire community, a community that encourages, motivates and share the same destiny that each individual in the whole community desire to accomplish.”

Jayson Ncube a 19 year old young leader from Cosmo City ext 4 who is one of the top achievers expressed his gratitude, “Am very thankful for the programme, It has helped me plan my life goals, the programme has also motivated me to realise my confidence which basically focuses my mentality towards my studies. Siposetu Makalima from Diepsloot felt overwhelmed with her graduation. “I am a you

SARS visits Cosmo City

South African Revenue Service (SARS) became visible to local businesses in Cosmo City with its first time visit earlier this month on the 07th of November.

The aim was to engage with the community and encourage new and developed businesses to be tax compliant.

Following the extensive 15% VAT increase introduced early this year in April, the mandate embarked tremendous outrage generating an increase in tax invasion formally by businesses across South Africa. This mandate didn’t only cause massive businesses downfall it also opened different discussions that SARS believed held serious focal points that most businesses needed clarification on, such as educating businesses on the types of presides that the department of SARS embody.

The visit originally intended to bring about a lending hand to local businesses and ensure that they have well enough information on what SARS is all about and what are the organisation’s intentions. The meeting focused on engaging with business that have been running for quite a long time and those that have just commenced in order to make sure that local businesses are not scared to involve themselves with SARS.

“SARS collaborating with our local business holds greater stability for our business,” said Lerato Sebata, a Cosmo City resident.

“As community member, I believe that my intensions of organising this event are generated out of a caring heart for others in my community,” she added. “I don’t want business to get into trouble with SARS, all I want is to ensure that people understand that SARS is friendly and its doors are opened to any ordinary business or any ordinary person in our local community.”

“We want SARS to become visible and our plan is to make sure that SARS conducts regularly visits in our community maybe once a week so that questions and answers can be exchanged between our local businesses and the department of SARS.”


Noxolo Serane another concerned community member behind the brilliant initiative expressed her happiness.

“I have gained so much knowledge on how SARS operate. I believe that for me and for any one whose trying to venture into businesses or whoever‘s trying to gain a certain income it is every important to know about SARS and on a personal level I generally enjoyed the whole experience and I would urge that we should all comply with the formalities of SARS.”




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