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A lot has happened in the past week and half, former President Zuma resigned from office on valentine’s day, Cyril Ramaphosa stepped into office and promised South Africa a new dawn, job opportunities in the pipeline especially the youth, South Africa awaiting on the Budget speech, China celebrating their new year. Black Panther making history as the first African superhero from the Marvel instalments with a lot of Southern African influence
implemented into creating the fictional land in Wakanda. Basotho Blankets
were incorporated into the the outfits, Xhosa being the language spoken and South African actors involved from John Khani acting as Black Panthers Father. In this instalment of stokkie le Jojo, Jojo addresses how overwhelming this week has been, which is continuing from the past episode of Stokkie le Jojo celebrating valentine’s day.

Roots supports Alfred Segkobela’s cause.

Alfred Sekgobela a man from an informal settlement in Kya Sands, a man with a vision. Alfred looks after children after school, who he used to find playing in the streets, which started his initiative of making sure that they do not get into trouble, he does so because he understands how difficult it is for parents from informal settlements to work and take care of the children, so he makes sure that he gives a helping hand by looking after children after school and making sure their school work is done and even taking them down to roots for ice cream with his own money. His dream is to open an organisation in which he can teach kids about humanity and the spirit of Ubuntu. Roots butchery noticed Alfred coming in with kids and buying them ice cream every week, and they were blown away by his initiative this is when, Eva Motshegoa the roots store manager together with the roots team took the initiative of going the extra mile and giving the childrens new school bags and stationary. This is part of the roots initiative that they have been campaigning of giving school bags to schools in and around Cosmo City. The children at the First Born Day Care in Cosmo City 19/2/2018, were the recipients of the last school bags with stationary from Roots Butchery in Cosmo City. The 25 children were between the ages of 5 and 6 years old.

The school bags were given to the young children as a way to inspire them to stay in school and for them to remember that it was Roots Butchery that inspired to love learning and be educated.

Happy New Year!


It is a norm that many people do to have New Year resolution, some believe this leads to us striving and changing ourselves to outdo previous years. January is where we plan our year and look back at certain things we want to change from previous years. Many have taken to social media stating 2018 is their year to excel and do bigger things. It is dubbed a good thing to set goals for a new year as this helps one test their boundaries and find new reasons for life, we all have hopes and dreams. Therefore in this issue of Stokkie Le Jojo they do exactly that by setting goals that they want to achieve for the year. Happy New Year to everyone and hope this year brings you blessings, let this be the year things go right in your endeavors.

Tis the season to be jolly!


The festive season is usually regarded as a western celebration, however Africans adapted the season and created their own festive season, this is the time where culture and religion combine as some people enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ and others enjoy the success of another year by having family gatherings and having traditional meals and ceremonies done in the spirit of joy. The festive season is the time where people decide to travel either back home or on family trips. Road safety has cautioned people to be aware on the roads and have emphasized the importance of not drinking and driving. Let us arrive alive and enjoy the remainder of the year with joy. Let us also be aware that firecrackers scare animals especially dogs, if we could keep that to a minimum to prevent more dogs from being traumatized in January.

In this final installment of the year we witness “Stokkie le Jojo” our friendly brothers being the neighbourhood watch, as they encounter a suspicious man jumping into a stranger’s yard. This depiction plays a double minded perception. As to how we need to be not only aware of suspicious activity, but also embrace Christmas and its blessings. From the Cosmo city chronicle team we wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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