An Iconic Jabu Nkosi Picture


On Saturday 2nd of December Casper Nyovest made history by filling up FNB stadium with 60 000 plus people, for what is regarded as an iconic concert and one for the books. In this caption of Casper Nyovest taken by Jabu Nkosi, a young passionate photographer who surely knows how to capture a moment at the prefect time. His picture is being regarded as an iconic picture, which depicts the atmosphere of the night. Jabu Nkosi is no stranger to Cosmo City as he attended a local church in Cosmo City and he would be seen taking pictures at church and one could see at that young age he was passionate about photography. We as Cosmo City Chronicle, congratulate Jabu Nkosi for his achievements and bright future.

November Diabetes Month

November is not only regarded as disability month but also Diabetes. Diabetes has been regarded as fast growing in South Africa, "The diabetes tsunami is here. And we in South Africa are in trouble." This is the stark warning of Dr Larry Distiller, founder and managing director of the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Johannesburg, over the ever-increasing diabetes numbers in South Africa.
"Three-and-a-half million South Africans (about 6% of the population) suffer from diabetes and there are many more who are undiagnosed". It is vitally important that we have more people testing for diabetes. In this installment of “Stokkie le Jojo” they tackle Diabetes where they are building awareness in that watching ones sugar and salt levels are important regardless of one’s skin colour or background anyone is vulnerable to diabetes.

Skeem Saam actor Thabiso Cornet Mamabolo opens offices in Cosmo City.

Cosmo city chronicle sat down with one of the leading actors of Skeem Saam, Thabiso Cornet Mamabolo better known as “T-bos” on Skeem Saam.  Skeem Saam a SABC 1 soap, has been described as a soap that focuses on the complex lives of some of the characters of Turfloop (Turfloop is the township Skeem Saam revolves around), together with the lives of people they associate themselves with. Skeem Saam has been known to face topics that are relatable to the daily lives of some modern South Africans as it depicts the situations that seem to be constant within society which makes it relatable.

“The journey of Skeem Saam was like the normal routine of going to auditions and getting call backs and I was fortunate to get a call back”said Thabiso.  The priority was to get young talent who excel in the indigenous languages, at first it  was known as Turf  this is the time I came on board then it progressed over the years to what it is today Skeem Saam.  Thabiso has a foundation called CMF (Cornet Mamabolo Foundation), which focuses on outreach programs such as fund raising for books. He has raised books to the amount of R1.5 million to set up libraries.

“We still have some institutions willing to partner with us to give us more books. How these books are distributed are through creating mobile libraries and containers set up to store these books. They are not just placed for people to read but one is able to communicate further about the books they read. We create a face to face environment where we communicate with them and motivate them in order to build on their education. We do so by creating programs that run even when we have left and have regular routine checkups. We chose this method because it lasts longer when you can relate to their situations and spend time to actually show that you care and want better for them. We actually had a program in Limpopo an outreach just last month (September 2017) which was national science week which focused on improving maths and science in Limpopo. Where we create activities that are science and maths related in rural areas to help people engage and see that science and maths can not only be fun but can better their communities” said Thabiso.

Thabiso parents and siblings live in Cosmo City and he is a frequent visitor of Cosmo City as he too once lived in Cosmo City for about two years. When Thabiso speaks about his parents you can see that he gets a lot of his wisdom and urge to want to not only better his life but the people he comes across and hence the birth of CMF foundation and Digni. His father who is not only the principal of Zandspruit but also runs an athletic club in Diepsloot and his mother also works at Cosmo secondary. The family is rooted in Cosmo City and active in impacting the community in their own different ways.

Thabiso opened offices in Cosmo City Junction for his company Digni with his business partner Johnny Modiba. Digni is a financial services provider, what they do is they offer financial services directly to the individuals in society and groups of people within society form companies to stockvel to churches etc and offer funeral policies. “The reason we are in cosmo city despite it being a new area we realized that it is an area which connects people together from different backgrounds and somehow leads to them being a unity. That’s what Digni is about being a financial voice for the community regardless of your background” Thabiso Concluded.

The Founder

For those who love McDonalds this one is a treat for you.  The movie starring Michael Keaton (Beetle juice) is a movie based on the true story of how the McDonalds franchise came to be. It focuses on the story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) a salesman from Illinois met Mac and Dick McDonald, who in the 1950s in Southern California were running an impressive speedy system of making the food and he saw a franchise potential. Through that Ray Kroc maneuvered himself into a position of pulling the company from the McDonalds brothers and creating a billion-dollar empire.  It is a family move with parental guidance required 7-9 PGL.

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