Avengers Endgame

SPOILER alert: this movie is the “ending”…see what I did there? With the word?  Eh you had to be there Anyway Endgame is the 22nd MCU movie after Captain Marvel , 11 years in the making and it was worth the wait.

If Infinity War was about Thanos, Endgame follows Avengers dealing with the after math that took place in Infinity war after Thanos’ Snappening, snapping?…wait there is better word for this….decimation that wiped out half the universe creatures.

At 3h2m runtime it didn’t feel like though the pacing is steady filling in the gaps, giving you the feels, there were audible sniffles and cheers in the cinema, how do I not spoil this?…umm Endgame is directed by the Russo brothers who seem to be capable of balancing out such a “huge” story. Last time I felt a movie was well balanced it was it…I mean “it” the movie anyway Endgame brings a climatic “end” you did not see coming. Captain America (Chris Evans)is the MVP of the movie, Thanos still remains the MCU’s best villain. With no post credit scenes Endgame gives a perfect ending to the first 22 movies saga which brings the question….now what?

If you loved….all the MCU movies you will love this one.

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