Back to school: They graduated and are now Grade ones

Pupils at knowledge is Power in Cosmo City celebrated their graduation in style as the institution took them out to Spurs for lunch during the festive season.

Celebrating their move to “Big School” this month, more than 30 students from Knowledge is power have moved to different primary schools in Cosmo City and nearby areas.

During their graduation ceremony, besides enjoying the meals, pupils sang songs, and reciting their vowels to show their parents and guardians what they learned in 2018.

The tiny tots bid farewell to their pre-school year and are now looking forward to starting their new academic journey in 2019.

The principal, Linda Tshabalala commended the parents and teachers for playing their part.

She likened students to seeds and parents or teachers to cultivators working hand-in-hand.

“This event will be a memorable one because they are going to their Year One. Education for early childhood is for life and very important in a child’s career,” Tshabalala said.

She added that the kids were now her friends as she spent most of the time with them, and she will miss them.

Parents, who spoke to the Chronicle, expressed their happiness to see kids moving to big schools.

“They are happy. We are also happy, and it is a lovely mood,” said a parent who identified herself as only MaDube. “They need to go to their primary school every day so they can do better in their Grade One.”

The child you send to school, MaDube said, must be well looked after at home.

“Values you teach at home are what children will take to school. Children will reflect the kind of life and teaching you portray. You and spouses should have equal responsibilities in looking after your child. ” she said.

She urged other parents to control the use of technology for their children saying they should not let it distract them when children want to talk to them.”

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