Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin has steadily ascended in the world economy for 9 years. An intricate phenomenon, it is still misunderstood by many in South Africa and the rest of the world alike. It has granted users the ability to use Bitcoin for their day to day transactions rather than the rand.

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto currency, it is a virtual currency. Bitcoin is owned by no government in any country which makes it useable in all countries that recongise it.

‘’Bitcoin is a growing phenomenon. It is the subject that people speak about all over and where ever they are, we are an education firm that teach people how to buy and sell Bitcoin, how to open a Bitcoin bank account and how to order a Bitcoin debit card, we teach them how to trade and exchange Bitcoin,’’ said Jeff Galbraith, CEO of Bitcoin 101.

“Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008 its value has increased by over 50 000%, so if R1000 was invested into Bitcoin in 2008 there would be a return of R30million in 2017. In 2010 if R135 000 was invested the return would be about R2.7 billion from Bitcoin today.”

‘’Bitcoin is a registered Forex currency together with the Rand, Dollar, Pound and the Yen, but what most people struggle to understand is the decentralization part which means that Bitcoin is owned by every single person just like time share, so every single person owns a percentage of the Bitcoin network’’ he explained!

Bitcoin 101 prides itself on being a beacon of integrity. They pride themselves in educating people about Bitcoin and ensuring that people have a better understanding of the crypto-currency. Bitcoin101 also cautions people on the possibilities that Bitcoin could fail and as a result it is extremely high-risk investing.

Bitcoin 101 teach investors on how to invest in Bitcoin, the best choices to make when investing in Bitcoin, how to use their Bitcoin currency.

To get in touch with Bitcoin 101, they are on Facebook as bitcoin101sa, email one of their educators on or visit their Head Office Suit11A, first floor, Bryan Park shopping centre, Corner Grosvenor Road and Cumberland Avenue, Bryanston, Gauteng 2191.

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