Boombadotmobi combats illegal dumping

“Illegal dumping forces children to use streets as an alternative playground,” said Sbusiso Shongwe, a marketing manager at Boombadotmobi. “One boy, who had resorted to playing on the streets, was once run over by a car in Tembisa. Thank God he survived.”

Boombadotmobi is a waste management business based in Diepsloot. Shongwe said that they strive to get rid of illegal dumping in Johannesburg North townships.

 They partner with community members who enable them to divert waste from landfills to local farmers who use garden refuse for composting. They also collect building rubble and distribute it to locals for various purposes like filling the eroded streets.

Illegal dumping is a serious issue in townships. It is an eyesore and concern for residents in areas like Cosmo City,Diepsloot, Lion Park, Kyasands and Zandspruit. Streets, parks and sports grounds stink. Flies and rodents multiply, causing health scares.

Boombadotmobi wants to be responsible for the areas in the northern side of the city as they can easily identify the streets and hotspot areas for illegal dumping, according to Shongwe.

“When people do illegal dumping, they reduce the quality of our environment,” added Shongwe.

Nondumiso Sibiya is an operations manager at Boombadotmobi. She said illegal dumping has a devastating impact on society.

“No one likes to live in a dumpster,” she said. “We are visioning a clean Diepsloot by 2030. Community members are truly supporting our vision and they want the community to be free from illegal dumping.”

Sibiya added that, with their program, they want to bring double edged impact to the community.

“The impact has to be both economical and environmental. It is a business that aims to change the dirty environment of the community.”

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