Festive mood spoiled by sewer problems

Sewage problems at corner Uganda Street and Sudan Street are giving extension 6 residents hardships, who say the situation affected their festive season celebrations.

The sewer system blocked and burst on 23 December 2019, according to residents.  The waste, collecting from the sewer, has been overflowing along Uganda Street.

“No one can celebrate and enjoy in such an environment,” said Samkelo Mphini. “We were supposed to enjoy the festive season, but we could not because the place stinks and it is unsanitary. Our children play here and are getting exposed to health risks.”

Mphini said they reported the issue to City of Johannesburg, but they have not gotten a response.

“We expected 2020 to be a better year in as far as the sewage crisis is concerned in our community,” said Nonhlanhla Mbele. “But we seem to have started the year in a bad way because the sewage issue is refusing to come to an end in our community.”

The sewage problem in Cosmo City has been affecting the environment by causing the road corrosion, making the streets look filthy and forcing residents to breathe harmful stink air and exposing them to health risks.

Sewage spills may also cause lack of oxygen in the environment, and lead to serious damages in Cosmo city’s infrastructure as the sewage crisis continues, according to environmental researchers from Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation.

Since 2018, local authorities have been promising to initiate a project to permanently end the community’s sewage problems.  The project, which aimed to see the main sewer pipe upgraded, was noticed last year. However, the sewage crisis is still persisting in the community.

Community ruined by illegal dumping and careless littering

 Various extensions in Cosmo City are affected by illegal dumping of waste and littering, and it has left residents and business people concerned, claiming that the unpleasant situation was caused by festive season celebrations.

Many residents complained that they are constantly confronted with bad smell and a huge volume of filth, which serve as breeding places for rats and mice.

“The situation is not good at all,” said Mlamuli Masuku of Cosmo City extension 6. “People did a lot of littering during the festive season and it has affected us. We hope the local authorities respond quickly before there is an outbreak of disease.”

Even though residents have rubbish bins at their homes, the streets near their backyards remain an eyesore with sights of trash, from casual litter to deliberate illegal dumping outside the residential areas.

“I think the community generates more waste than can be collected,” said Monwabisi Qukwana, another resident. “Probably the community needs more dust bins to avoid illegal dumping.

Waste is scattered on roadsides outside buildings and public spaces in many streets in the area.

Cosmo City Matriculants do well

Hundreds of Matriculants in Cosmo City collected their 2019 results, on 8 January 2020, in jubilation to celebrate their achievements.

 Meridian Cosmo City recorded a 98.8% pass and from 80 students who wrote the exams, 79 of them achieved. Blue Eagle High recorded 92.6% pass rate and 137 out of 148 students achieved. S’godiphola Secondary recorded 90.7% pass rate with 107 students achieving out of 118. Cosmo City Secondary 1 recorded 89.6% pass rate 181 students out of 202 achieved. Far North Secondary recorded 74.2% and 95 students out of 128 achieved.

“I am happy with my results and I want to go to University soon,” said Dyondzo Chauke a former head girl at Cosmo Meridian who scored 6 distinctions.

“I was only expecting to get four distinctions, but I had to work hard and managed to get more than I expected. I think I have to appreciate the support that I got from the parents and teachers.”

Chauke said she is aiming to enrol at Wits University to study law. “My aim is to study law before I venture into business,” she said. “I would like to encourage current matric students to never give up and focus on their studies and they will make it.”

S’godiphola Secondary principal Regina Mpete said she is happy that her school showed some improvement from 2018’s 83.1% pass rate to 90.7%.

“The students were willing to go an extra mile,” Mpete said. “Due to the support from the School Governing Body, teachers and parents, we managed to improve. We want to see Cosmo City children getting proper education within our community, instead of going to other areas outside of Cosmo City.”

 Overally, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced that the matric class of 2019 has achieved a pass rate of 81.3%, from 78.2% in 2018.The class of 2019 has breached the 80% threshold for the first time.The minister stated that 788,383 full-time and part-time candidates wrote the exams.The Free State is the leading province at 88.4%, an improvement of 0.9% from 2018.Gauteng achieved 87.2%, a 0.7% decline from 2018.

174 arrested for crime committed in festive season

Police arrested a total of 174 people in Cosmo City, Honeydew and some parts of Roodepoort for crimes committed during the Festive Season, police reported.

Police had to be vigilant to combat crime during Christmas period, Honeydew police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan told the Chronicle, because people tend to commit more crime during the holidays.

 “Some people use illegal means to get money to travel during the holidays and we had to be on our toes during the festive. Up to date we have managed to arrest quite a number of crime perpetrators,” he said.  “Through our Festive Season operations, we caught people in connection with house breaking and robbery. We also arrested more people for drinking and driving.”

Police stations contributing to the arrest of the criminals in local communities during the festive season are Honeydew, Randburg Diepsloot, Douglasdale, Linden and Florida.

Operations were conducted by all the police stations leading to many roadblocks where law enforcers stopped and searched vehicles throughout the policing areas, Captain Muthan said.

“New constables from college also participated in the programme boosting the visibility of patrols at malls and shopping centres. All liquor stores and other liquor outlets were closed during the specified times as well. These operations will continue until further notice.”

All arrested suspects will appear in various magistrate courts. Captain Muthan thanked all the police for their efforts to bring peace in the communities during the festive season.

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