Taking care of the elderly and disabled in the community

Action SA visited five families in Cosmo City to give away diapers to the disabled and elders on 29 August 2021.

Cosmo City Clinic, which operates at Multipurpose, provided the list of elders in need of the diapers, according to Action SA Branch Campaigns Manager Motlatsi Yvone Monyake.

Providing diapers to the elders improves their health, Monyake said. “If elders do not have diapers there is a high risk of developing sores and infection due to unhygienic way of dressing. Lack of diapers could also affect self-esteem.”

Before the diaper initiative, Monyake said, she went door to door introducing herself to the beneficiaries.

“I informed them that we will be visiting and delivering diapers,” she said. “We managed to gather more people who needed diapers. We also met one lady who is in need of a wheelchair, and we now have a new mission at hand to try and acquire one for her. One of our colleagues Bulelwa from extension 20 is already on the ground with the task.”

 It is necessary to give a helping hand to the community from time to time, she said, “With the grant and disability money that they get, it is not easy for the elders and the disabled to buy for themselves. So it is an ongoing struggle.”

Monyake, who is also gunning for the Action SA Ward 100 councillor post, said her party will be soon focusing on visibility campaigns and voter registration as they prepare for the elections in October.

“We will be on the ground on Wednesdays starting next week,” she said. “We will be doing door to door in collaboration with Wards 96(Diepsloot), 100 (Cosmo City and Itsoseng), 114(Honeydew and Zandspruit) and 115(Kyasands Pipeline). Action SA President Herman Mashaba will be invited to one of our campaigns.”

Monyake further said that Action SA will collaborate with Pikitup for a clean-up campaign focusing on South Africa Drive.

A runaway car crashes following police pursuit

Two suspects crashed their getaway car into another vehicle while they were attempting to evade a police chase at the N14 Total Petroport on 3 September 2021, according to Diepsloot police spokesperson Captain Tinyiko Mathebula.

A runaway car that caused accident in N14

The suspects have allegedly been terrorising motorists at the N14 Total Petroport, breaking into cars and stealing items such as laptops, he said.

The crash took place near Thabo Mbeki informal settlement.

“When the suspects spotted a police car,” Captain Mathebula said, “they sped off and chase ensued. The suspects crashed into another vehicle while driving at a high speed a kilometer away from the filling station. Suspects managed to flee on foot.”

When police searched the car, Captain Mathebula said, “The police found two laptops, one tablet and car breaking implements. Two victims were contacted and confirmed that their items were stolen at a petrol filling station along the N3.”

Police have been doing observations for months at both the petrol filling stations. “Months of hard work paid off when one of the suspected vehicles, a grey Mercedes Benz sedan with two male suspects inside, arrived at the N14 South Petroport while the police were lying in wait,” the captain said.

The police's meticulous and relentless investigative work led to the arrest of the suspects on Monday 06 September 2021, in Soweto and Krugersdorp.

stolen laptops and other gadgets were recovered

Total Petroport N14 has experienced a spate of theft out of motor vehicle crime, in which vehicles are either broken into or being jammed and items such as laptops being stolen. Diepsloot police mobilised resources to bring this persistent criminality to a screeching halt.

Diepsloot station commander, Brigadier Koena Moichela, commended members involved in the arrest of suspects. He further pointed out that criminals cannot terrorise communities with impunity and that Diepsloot police will stop at nothing in stamping authority of the state.

The two suspects have appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

Push Foundation reaches out to Far North Secondary

“It is very important to keep a girl child safe,” said Push Foundation founder Reneilwe Keepilwe during her organisation’s donation drive held at Far North Secondary on 3 September 2021.

“Girls are very sensitive,” Keepilwe added. “If there is no father figure or mother figure in the family, a girl child tends to seek attention elsewhere. Eventually they find themselves in the human trafficking environment,”

Push Foundation founder Reneilwe Palesa Keepilwe engaging with the students during the donation drive

During the donation, Keepilwe encouraged the girls to remain focused at school despite challenges that they face, and her organization handed over dozens of sanitary pads to the female students.

“Our aim is to help every girl child to carry on with school,” she said. “We want to provide help in wherever we can. We also aim to help them getting bursaries so that they can pursue their studies. We are not forgetting the boys. The reason why we focus so much in girls is because of the illegal activities that girls end up finding themselves in, like human trafficking.”

Based in Gauteng and North West provinces, the one-year-old Push Foundation donates to schools every three months.  The organisation has donated over 1500 sanitary pads to four schools.

“today we are donating to our fifth school,” she said. “We would love to do our donations every month, but due to COVID-19 regulations we had to stop and do it every three months. We are targeting to help 20 schools in a province.”

Keepilwe said she is thankful to the school for welcoming Push Foundation’s initiative. “I also want to thank Scima for helping me to approach the school.”

“We really appreciate the efforts put by organisations like Push Foundation,” said the Far North Secondary principal Sello Maropeng.

“On behalf of the school, we really appreciate Push Foundation for reaching out to the school to help our students,” he said. “I believe that there is also need to do something for the boys as well.”

Local Pantsula dancers dream big

The energetic Pantsula Royal Milano 37 Nation dancers literally stop traffic when they start busting their moves in the Cosmo City township.

“We love to show people what we are capable of in terms of dancing,” said Antony Mathonzi, popularly known as Maganja, who formed the dance group in 2017 with his friends Prince, Lebo, Chris, Junior, Nono, Maposi and Sfundo out of their love for Pantsula.

“I grew up surrounded by AmaPantsula,” said Maganja. “I used to do skeleton dance moves when I was young.  When I came to Cosmo I met my friends and we decided to form a dance group. Dancing has helped us to be off the streets and stay away from bad things.”

Pantsula Royal Milano members

Maganja said their group raises money to buy themselves their Pantsula culture clothes by performing in the streets and at local events in the township. Their dream is to travel the world to showcase their talents and also to participate in the Pantsula Dance Competitions around the country.

The Royal Milano Pantsulas will be featured in Triumpha Euphoria’s music video titled ‘Ungumsindisi Wam’

Pantsula is part of the day-to-day life in many townships, with many dancers showing off their skills in the middle of the street in broad daylight. Pantsula originated in the 1950s and has developed into a form of social commentary in many townships.

The dance style began in two townships in Johannesburg, Alexandra and Sophiatown as an expression of resistance against the Apartheid Government during political struggles in South Africa. Pantsula dancers move to Kwaito and House music with on-the-spot rhythmic footwork in a quick-stepping, tap-dance- influenced dance style that includes everyday gestures, such as the rolling of dice. Dress style is as important as the dancing in isiPantsula.

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