Cash build helps uplift Diepsloot schools  

Diepsloot Primary School No 4, Akani Metmar School and Rabasotho Combined School were three of the eight schools which received a Cashbuild building material voucher to the value of R15 000.


Diepsloot Primary No 4 School’s Principal, MJ Makhafola said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen and so proud of our learners. The vouchers would be used for much needed paving as the school was originally built on a dump site and is always covered in dust and mud so the paving will make so much difference to the learners.”

They would also like to replace the window handles as most of them are broken so they can't close them which makes it very cold for the learners in winter and the other handles have been stolen.  MJ Makhafola added:  “They would also like to paint the outside of the school as it hasn't been painted in many years.

”SI Jeke, Principal of Akani Metmar School said: “We are delighted and very grateful to Cashbuild to have been chosen for this.  Our main priority is to erect fencing around the school grounds to keep learners safe.  We would also look at painting the outside of the school to make it as beautiful as our scholars which is just another one of the much needed upgrades we would love to do.”

The Principal of Rabasotho Combined School mentioned: “Our priority at this stage is to build another classroom for our learners and then do as much maintenance as this wonderful donation will allow.”


At the official Cashbuild Diepsloot Store Opening Ceremony on the 23rd November 2017, when the building material vouchers totaling R120 000 were handed to all eight schools, the children entertained everyone with singing, cultural dances and theatrical performances.

The Cashbuild Art-at-Heart competition entails learners from each school submitting their best artwork to Cashbuild. This artwork is displayed at the ceremony, and then remains on display in the Cashbuild store for the next six years.


Artwork was judged and three winners from each school were chosen.  Winners received Cashbuild Art-at-Heart gold, silver and bronze certificates for first, second and third place respectively. The Manager’s Choice award was also presented to the overall winner, Mbalenhle Radebe from Diepsloot Primary School No 4.  This award was announced on the day and the winner received a stationery pack and a glass trophy. The winner also officially opened the store.


The schools that benefited from the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart donations were:

Gold Award                   Marvelous Nkwe

Diabetes day

World Diabetes Day falls every year on 14 November and is a day when millions of people around the world come together to raise awareness of diabetes, and what it is really like to live with the condition. It is a global campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) with activity taking place around the world.

Diabetes has come to the forefront of much discussion following the findings from the 2017 Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) mortality report, which positioned the disease as the second highest underlying natural cause of death among South Africans in 2015, surpassing HIV/AIDs. Diabetes has become an epidemic,

Better known as the silent killer and the figures are continuously increasing. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that over 2.3 million South Africans are living with diabetes today. However even more alarming is that more than 60-80% of people with diabetes in South Africa die before the age of 60 years. Novo Nordisk South Africa is a pharmaceuticals company that is committed to Changing Diabetes in South Africa

Novo Nordisk has been at the forefront in the fight against diabetes for a long time and this year they educated people about the disease, taught people how to live long lives even with the disease and answered the many questions that people had about the disease.

‘’Changing diabetes is our global mission, it’s the reason we exist and therefore it makes sense that we get involved with every opportunity to try to conquer this disease. And surprisingly, even though we make most of our business out of diabetes our mission is to ultimately conquer it, which is why the research that we do is actually tailored toward this as well,’’ said Dr Babalwa Maholwana, Medical Director at Novo Nordisk.

The most important message we want to drive is awareness and basic education about diabetes in terms of what it is, how one recognises it, why it’s so dangerous and why it’s so important to treat it correctly. These are the main messages that we really want to drive.


‘’It’s really important to know what happens in the body, and this is primarily because of the high sugar levels that reside in the circulation and how this affects your blood circulation in general and all the different target organs. Basically, what happens is that because there is high blood sugar, this becomes toxic or poisonous to the blood circulation – and therefore that affects the kidneys, the heart, eyes and the nervous system in general. This is why it is important to understand that because then the complications of diabetes are related to exactly this including kidney failure, heart disease which is inclusive of heart attacks, stroke, blindness and foot disease that ultimately may lead to amputation,’’ the Dr. explained


A Family Africa in Diepsloot

Diepsloot children were treated to a Christmas party celebration on the 16th of November, by a foundation that has worked in the area and with its people for over 18 years called A Family Africa. The foundations aim was to educate and empower young people and women in the township.
A Family Africa started working in Diepsloot through them providing adults literacy classes. They also went there because people needed to be educated about HIV/AIDS, because of the number of people that were dying from the disease because they did not understand it and the stigma which was attached to the disease 18 years ago.
‘’ I was invited to a school, to teach children as young as 7 years old and teachers about HIV/AIDS and was reluctant at first, it was a defining moment because the children would be involved in the learning through acting and dance, said Rachel Aird ’’, Chairperson of The Family Africa.
Though that program A Family Africa was able to start similar programs for children in secondary and high school were they taught children how the HIV works in the human body, what they can do to live longer if they had it and how to prevent getting it if they did not have it. This then allowed them to see how else they could help the community
‘’About 75000 students have benefited from the awareness programs that A Family Africa is involved in so far, much of this was led by what the community wanted, because I believe that organisations should look at what the community needs,’’ she explained.
HIV/AIDS as well as tuberculosis affect township at a much larger scale mostly due to the fact of lack of education, in such places it is also found that stigma is more prevalent and people are treated differently if they are HIV positive then when they weren’t. It is unfortunate that after many years of education and the improvement of literacy levels in South Africa, there are still places were being HIV positive is still shameful and continues to be stigmatised.

Cosmo City walks for safety

Residents in Cosmo City extension 3 have started a walking drive were the residents walk together and get to know each other so as to avoid criminals entering the extension without their knowledge. It was also for  neighbours to be able to look after each other.

Crime in Cosmo City has become worse especially since the festive season is coming up, it is obvious that criminals are praying on the weak and unaware, so it is important to keep a close eye on the things and people that matter  to them.

 ‘’ This isn’t the first community walk through we have had, we had one last year in extension 3, the purpose of that was to make sure that we know our neighbours, that we create a community that is talking to one another, said Lebogang Mabetha, a member of the extension 3 patrollers.

In terms of “Community-Reported Crimes”, which are broken down into four categories, the good news prevailed as there were decreases in all categories, namely:

» Contact crimes decreased by 5.3%

» Contact-related crimes decreased by 5.4%

» Property-related crimes decreased by 2.2%

» Other serious crimes decreased by 5.3%

“Crimes detected as a result of police action” are expected to increase, as this reflects a direct correlation between police actions/operations and arrests. These are broken down into illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, drug-related crimes, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and sexual offences detected as a result of police action.

‘’ We are raising funds to close up the gaps that have been opened by the criminals around, so the purpose is to have more funds so that we can be able to combat the criminal element in extension 3 before it becomes a serious problem,’’ Mabetha explained.

The residents of this extension started walking together after one of the people in extension 3 was shot, that was when residence realised that relying on the police to protect them at all times, was unrealistic and they had to be proactive to protect themselves.



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