Jammed Robots and sewage upgrade cause traffic confusion

The process of sewage upgrade and traffic light technical glitches frustrated motorists in the early hours of 3 February Sunday morning essentially causing heavy traffic along South Africa Drive throughout the day, jamming all suitable entrée through Ext 6,2 & Cosmo City centre.

These recently allocated South African drive robots that links roads and stabilise the traffic conjuction seem quietly to be having indecisive technical problems, not only has it been a once, but unfortunately it has now pertained a sense repetition that most motorist are fed up of.

With its previous technical glitches, the robots that link the most acclaimed main road in Cosmo City caused a shutdown and with the construction underway closely within the robots made things worse as one of the two way roads gets closed due to the contractors on site on a daily base. 

Due to the heavy traffic flow some vehicle collided and by God’s will no one was serious injuries only altercations from both frustrated motorists were exchanged and bystanders had to intervene to resolve the matter.

“Am unpleasant and my heart is deeply hurt,” said a motorist who only identified himself as Nkosinathi.

“I just got the front bumper of my car fixed and this incident will eventually set me back,” he told the Chronicle.

“Coming from the festive session all debts have been paid off with my latest salary and now my mind set was on clearly stress free” Nkosinathi added.

“But now these terrible technical problems happening to the robots have just caused more stress that I cannot handle at the moment,” he concluded.

Zandspruit and Cosmo City residents clash in a local project

Zandspruit residents in Ward 114 are accusing Cosmo City residents in Ward 100 of invading their ward in order to benefit from a construction project worth more than 2 billion rands, it has been heard.

The project, which is currently underway at Boundary Road in Honeydew, has upset Zandspruit residents who feel deprived of their privileges to benefit. The residents allege that the councillor of Ward 114, Victor Mafinya, agreed to split the project into two as a way of accommodating Cosmo City residents in Ward 100. Ward 114 residents feel their councillor should have addressed the community before accommodating the other ward to be beneficiaries of the project.

The construction project aims to build houses, a fuel station, and a mall to equip Zandspruit community, residents allege.

“We are not happy at all,” said Zandspruit Youth Forum leader David Mangena. “This project is taking place in our ward, and it has to benefit the people of this ward. We surely do not understand how Cosmo City people get involved.”

The appointment of the Community Liaison Officer by the councillor shows that there was a plan to manipulate the project towards other people at the expense of Zandspruit, Mangena said.

“A lot of people applied for that job, but the councillor decided to appoint his friend,” Mangena said. “Now, we have discovered that this is the project of the councillor and his friends. However, we are going to fight until we make sure that the Zandspruit community benefits from this project.”

We want everything to be transparent in as far as the project is concerned, Zandspruit resident MalusiNkiwane said..

“Some people seem to be happy to always see Zandspruit in a poor state,” Nkiwane said. “We want all political parties to look at this situation and make sure that our community benefits. We have had a series of meeting, and we will continue until everything is in order. We want the community to be represented.”

Efforts to get a comment from Ward 114 councillor Victor Mafinya were fruitless as he did not answer his cell phone.

Kgowa’s Entertainment lights up the community

Jam-packed excitement prevailed at Cosmo City’s Tanzania Park in extension2 on Saturday 2 February, as scores of people witnessed a combination of music and soccer entertainment.

Kgowa’s Entertainment hosted the 9a.m to 7p.m free-entrance event. Music and soccer fans from Zandspruit, Cosmo City, Diepsloot, Msawawa, and Lion Park attended. Incredible performances by local DJs gave the event an electrifying atmosphere while the battle between sixteen soccer teams kept the spectators captivated and celebrating.

The event’s purpose was to bring the community together and to jump start the entertainment proceedings, said Tebogo Matlou, popularly known as LekgowaDaDJ, the founder of Kgowa’s Entertainment.

“I am very happy with the turnout,” Matlou told the Chronicle. “In most cases, when the youth gather, they normally do bad things like protesting and doing mob justice by burning crime perpetrators.”

Matlo said that he was happy there were no fights or serious injuries during the event.

“I love it when people get entertained,” he said. “This time we decided to bring soccer and music at the same time to get the community together. It is a good thing because in such an event people get to know each other and some get their talents realised. We will continue hosting that event on a yearly basis.”

In the near future, Matlou said, he wants to engage various stakeholders and companies to bring more entertainment to he community.

Community members speaking to the Chronicle expressed their happiness with the event.

“This is a very good way to start the month of love (February),” said Marvin Maphalala. “ I think entertainment works hand in glove with expressing love because the aim is to bring happiness. So we are happy we got time to socialize with people from other communities. I personally appreciate such kind of entertainment.” �Bl��% \�

Doctors without power

Doctors at the Strubensvalley medical practice in Gauteng struggled without electricity on the 14th of January after experiencing load shedding without a working generator.  

The medical centre usually has power when there is none, but their generator was struck by lightning the night before. The damaged generator forced the doctors to cope with load shedding the old-fashioned way, said Dr. Albrecht, a medical professional at the practice.

“At least it didn’t affect us as badly as it would’ve affected a dentist,” said the doctor. The practice’s computers all had ultimate power backup systems and the curtains were drawn to rely on natural light. “If there wasn’t light it would have been a major problem,” he said.  

Not only does Strubensvalley struggle with lightning and load shedding, Dr. Albrecht said, but the power gets tripped somewhere in the surroundings areas, plunging Strubensvalley into darkness at least twice a month.

“It was dark in the waiting room,” said Marie Farmer, an 80-year old patient. It was difficult to make appointments over the phone, because of the electricity-required landlines, explained Farmer. “The receptionists ran around looking for everyone’s folders and you had to fill in additional forms, which was time-consuming. I had terrible sinus and couldn’t wait any longer,” she said. Fortunately, the generator has been fixed, ensuring electricity for the future, said Dr. Albrecht.

Lightning strikes on a daily basis, especially on rainy days, said Challe Gouws, a Sicher Services insurance company technician. In addition, Gauteng is a high-risk area for lightning strikes, according to Morné Gijben in the South African Journal of Science. 

“Think about lightning as a big cloud looming over parts of South Africa. At first, the cloud hung over Nelspruit and now over Gauteng. It’s already started moving towards the Cape, so Gauteng will soon get rid of its bad weather,” Gouws said. 

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