Disorder on Cosmo City Streets

On Monday 12 June 2017 there was an outbreak of protest action in Cosmo City on South Africa road and Tennessee crest. The protest was because the Randburg Taxi Association informed Avanza drivers in Cosmo City that they would no longer be allowed to transport passengers to Fourways. This was because of the complaints that had been received by the association from Fourways residents that Avanza’s are not road worthy said Wandile Mrubata of JMPD. One driver also said ‘The association decided that Avanza drivers should only stay local in Cosmo City and for Quantum taxis to take passengers to Fourways.

The Randburg Taxi association failed however to inform drivers of this changes which resulted in mayhem and unhappy drivers who complained that this decision would not benefit them and as it would be them who end up suffering. They would still be forced to pay the association a mandatory fee every month said one of the drivers. He also stated that, what was happening in Cosmo City was unfair because they also had living expenses to think of and even children. Some drivers also elaborated by saying that the association wanted them to change their transport roots from Fourways to only end up in North gate and Honeydew and still expected them to pay a weekly fee of R100. The Randburg Taxi association spokesperson Mr Ngwako Daniel Mokaola commented saying ' the association came to this decision because Avanza drivers are all over the road, they park in front of customers, some do not have licenses to operate on the road and they cannot drive’. He also said that they wanted the Avanzas to be kept locally and to not drive outside Cosmo City.

Cosmo City Private Clinic

Extension 8 in Cosmo City now has a new private clinic LCS ( Luthando Clinical Services) ;. The Founder of LCS is Dr Luthando Adams. There are 4 phases to the clinic, 'Phase 1 relates to the successful purchase of the land, the people who provided the loan are Discovery health, However Discovery is in no way partnered with the clinic. Because Cosmo City has a huge need for healthcare services there are 4 elements to the clinic. 1) Seeing primary healthcare patients; 2) Minor theatre procedures such as lump, tonsils removal. ‘There will also be a sister who will see patients because they are cheaper than doctors that will be done to accommodate the people of lower income households, And if based on the sisters assessment the patient still cannot afford the treatment they will then be referred to a hospital’ he explained

The 3rd element will be wards upstairs which are called a step down unit or sub-acute wards which are still in the application phase. ‘For the low income families, the government needs to step in because someone needs to pay, we also want not only the people in this area but surrounding areas like Diepsloot, Lanseria, but we have staff and overheads that also need to be paid’ he said. He also said ‘we can enter into a partnership with the department of health to say, if you give us the medication and the people come then you decide how much you are going to pay for each person, to be consulted, the medication comes from you we give it to the patients, that will cut the costs; if you give us the vaccines and children come and you agree to pay the sister a fee for injecting and looking after them. For the wards the hospitals are always full there are no beds you can, for those whom you have established a treatment plan for in this area send them here to us, we admit them and look after them until they are ready to go home. However they have to pay that is the plan to accommodate the community that is low income without putting the project at risk financially’.

The fourth thing that is being done which the doctor is very passionate about is clinical research, which fits into the part where the clinic helps low income members of the community. ''When people participate in the clinical research they benefit in such as 1.  They do not pay for the medication or the doctor, 2. They get tested for everything one can think of and 3. We discover that people have conditions that people were not aware that they had such as liver cancer; tuberculosis; High blood Pressure and diabetes to name a few'' he said. ''That model even for private patients who come here, before they see the doctor they go through a checking system so a patient comes, registers they pay then go to the nurses to have their blood pressure, sugar and urine tested, their weight and height before they come, so by the time they come already has their medical history' he explained. He recommends that patients come to him because he offers a variety of tests that are not offered in most medical practices which help patients.

'We are looking for other conditions such as patients with lupus, children with high blood pressure, children with adult type diabetes which is type 2 diabetes, men who have been smoking for many years now they are tired, coughing alot at night, they are going to the hospital where they get labeled as asthmatic when they are clearly not asthmatic but have another condition called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which is a type of lung disease. So we are looking for those patients who are diabetic whose kidneys are not working well known as kidney disfunction' he explained further saying, for now we are only doing two parts of this four part concept so we are doing medical research which the above mentioned projects and seeing private patients, they day theatre and step down units are going through the licensing process' he explained. 'The denist falls under primary healthcare is busy being set up, it has been delayed by obtaining a license for it, we have a dentist on board, we have equipment but we are not allowed to start without the proper license same with the pharmacy although I have a dispensing license so I can dispense medication to patients' he explained.

Shoprite Cosmo City Donates to Oasis

Shoprite Cosmo City through their Yellow promotion initiative donated grossaries worth R5000.00 to Oasis Bridge the gap on Friday the 23rd of June.

“Today we are giving the less privilege kids, about 15 of them glossaries. This is an initiative done by selected Shoprite stores around the country,” said Caswell Mfundo, who is the store manager. “Our shop steward in the store is the one who identified the center. He saw that there was a need there.”

“As Cosmo City Shoprite we help the community as much as we can within the year, we have different initiatives that we do for the community of Cosmo City.” He added.

Oasis, Baby Bridge the gap is a programme that is part of the other projects that Oasis Faith works’ responsibility to the community.  This programme is dedicated to young foreign kids between the ages of five and nine who do not have proper documents to be enrolled in South African Schools.

What the programmes do to these children is to teach them the basics until their documents are sorted. Each year they take 15 children.

“Most of the kids who we enroll here have never been to school, so we have to start from the bottom with the basics,” said Nyameka Ngqondi who is the teacher.

The center has three teachers who are helping in the programme.

They also get help from government and other two private schools around who supply them with stationary.

“We also involve other schools as well, teachers with more experience to come and help us. Especially in the beginning of the year, they come and assess the children and also to provide curriculum content.” She added.

Ngqondi also mentioned that the center is more like a safe hub for the children.

“It is not safe for parents to leave their young kids unattended, so we as the center we take good care of these children when their parents are at work, “ said Ngqondi.

When showing their gratitude to Shoprite, the kids sang a song for the Shoprite Cosmo staff.

“Thank you Shoprite, may you continue doing the good work that you are doing and keep on looking for places like us,” Nyameka Ngqondi.

Women with purpose fulfilling their talent

The Sizanani team showcasing some of the work they have done in the past weeks

Members of Methodist church at Cosmo city Ext 6 are working hard to fulfil their dreams. Last year at around February they decided to come with an idea to keep themselves busy by starting “The Sizanani (Help each other)” project which is run by a few women who have passion for hand craft work as part of their daily routine.  Later after months other dedicated members from the church joined the project after realising how designing is so important. The name of the project was chosen by, ordinary church members who gave up their time to assist those in need. The Sizanani Project is a non-profit organization on a mission to help, eliminate the burden of those who are unemployed to at least make something and sell to the community to help have an income.

In this project women are trained to make, blankets, hats and other countless products that are done by wool. One of the members who wanted to remain anonymous stated that “they had experienced some challenges with most of the members joined, because they were desperate and they needed money so fast, this resulted to them lacking patience with regards to the development of the organisation and they left”.

In order for them as women to prosper, they said they need donations. One member from the team said “as a team we would accept any form of gift, be it wools crotch needles to be delivered at their church during the week on Tuesday at 10 am up until 12pm”. They added that anyone who wants to join their team from the community is welcomed and that they are no educational standards for one who needs to participate in the projects. In future they are planning to adapt students who are interested in hand craft designing to teach them.

“As Sizanani Project we cannot wait for jobs to return or the economy to improve. We only strive in helping each other to beat unemployment”.

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