Cosmo City walks for safety

Residents in Cosmo City extension 3 have started a walking drive were the residents walk together and get to know each other so as to avoid criminals entering the extension without their knowledge. It was also for  neighbours to be able to look after each other.

Crime in Cosmo City has become worse especially since the festive season is coming up, it is obvious that criminals are praying on the weak and unaware, so it is important to keep a close eye on the things and people that matter  to them.

 ‘’ This isn’t the first community walk through we have had, we had one last year in extension 3, the purpose of that was to make sure that we know our neighbours, that we create a community that is talking to one another, said Lebogang Mabetha, a member of the extension 3 patrollers.

In terms of “Community-Reported Crimes”, which are broken down into four categories, the good news prevailed as there were decreases in all categories, namely:

» Contact crimes decreased by 5.3%

» Contact-related crimes decreased by 5.4%

» Property-related crimes decreased by 2.2%

» Other serious crimes decreased by 5.3%

“Crimes detected as a result of police action” are expected to increase, as this reflects a direct correlation between police actions/operations and arrests. These are broken down into illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, drug-related crimes, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and sexual offences detected as a result of police action.

‘’ We are raising funds to close up the gaps that have been opened by the criminals around, so the purpose is to have more funds so that we can be able to combat the criminal element in extension 3 before it becomes a serious problem,’’ Mabetha explained.

The residents of this extension started walking together after one of the people in extension 3 was shot, that was when residence realised that relying on the police to protect them at all times, was unrealistic and they had to be proactive to protect themselves.



November is disability Month

November is regarded as disability month and we as Cosmo City chronicle have created fictional characters to try help address awareness, each month on certain matters. In the debut of “Stokkie le Jojo” (our recycling friends who have all the entail on Cosmo city as they are constantly on the streets. They see and hear all that happens in Cosmo City), encounter our disabled brother automatically run for assumptions like some us do when we think that someone who is disabled is incapable of doing it all.

We as Cosmo City Chronicle would like to stand by disable people who do it all every day and help encourage others to want to better their lives. Having a disability is not the end of the world and people who are disabled continue to show us that they can do plenty. This is why we have disabled heroes such Natalie du Toit our Olympic champion who broke records and raised the South African flag high after every swimming event she won. One of the smartest scientist to ever live is disabled Stephen hawking, great singers such as Stevie wonder and Ray Charles paved the way for artists who were disabled in the music industry just to name a few. Let us build awareness of the great things that disable people accomplish on an everyday basis. Thank you to Bongani Mazaka, Dikeledi kgomo and Tshepo Leroy Dube together with the rest of the Cosmo City Chronicle staff for creating the characters of Stokkie le Jojo.

No contamination of water in Northriding

Johannesburg Water would like to update the residents of the following streets (Boundary & Aureole  and Spionskop) in the North Riding  area  that the first sample results that came through late last night indicate NO E-coli bacteria was found from the samples taken at Honeydew and Cosmo City reservoirs and the hydrants in the area.

We are however waiting for a second round of results from the samples that were taken yesterday. This is to ensure that we have two consecutive clean results. Residents can use water for all other purposes except consumption (drinking and cooking) until further we receive  the second sample results.

All other residents of North Riding are free to use the water and water tankers are still  available for the affected  residents on Boundary, Aureole  and  Spionskop as an alternative water supply.

Johannesburg Water is committed to provide water and sanitation that is of high quality to all residents of the City of Johannesburg and we apologize to residents for the inconvenience caused.

For media enquiries:

Mr Isaac Dhludhlu

Manager: Marketing and Communications

T: +27 (0) 11 688 1577

M: +27 (0) 72 638 5346


Community Public Meeting

The community of Cosmo City gathered at the multipurpose centre last Saturday the 21st of October, for a community meeting held by the Ward counselor Mapula Mosito. The meeting was so she could give the community feedback on issues that were discussed in the last meeting as well as hear the current issues faced by the Region C residents.

‘’We invited public entities like Joburg water, we wanted them to address the issue of drain and sewage system blockages in the community, which they have addressed and said they would be upgrading the pipes in South Africa drive,’’ explained Mapula Mosito, Counselor of Cosmo City.

This meeting was to address more than just water problems but it was an opportunity for community members to engage their counselor, address issues that concern their daily lives and an opportunity for them to be heard by the respective people in positions to help them. Some voiced their grievances about things such as dustbin pick up times and where they should be left to be picked up.

Residents of Itsoseng and Eskom were also present as the councilor also represents their areas. Residence who came from there addressed issues of improper housing, corruption, crime and issues that affect even the residence if Cosmo City like the need for a public hospital facility that would operate on a  24/7 basis.

‘’ As requested from the previous public meeting the different settlements of region C were invited. The housing department is trying to do away with informal settlements that is why we are now having RDP houses built there, but coming from a shack it will not be able to just allocate someone without them being on the allocation list’’ she explained.

Cosmo City, Itsoseng and Eskom are locations that were created as a result of people wanting better lives for themselves and the government trying to accommodate them. They are communities that are still waiting to receive that which was promised to them and that is why RDP houses are still being allocated to their residents

‘’ I think we should appreciate the successes of the government, Cosmo City on its own is a success story because the residents of extensions 2,4 and 6 previously came from an informal settlement that was called Zevenfontein, so far as a government we have managed to build  5000 RDP houses, and that informal settlement was eradicated’’ Mosito said.

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