Local Charity honoured with award at the United Nations in Geneva.

The Family Africa, a local charity which focuses on HIV/ AIDS projects as well as working with orphans and underprivileged children has received an award for” Outstanding Contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at grassroots in Africa”.   The chairperson, Rachel Aird, was flown to Geneva where she also gave a speech at the UN on the work of Family Africa and how it contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Rachel, who works in Diepsloot, said “It was a great honour to not only give a speech about our work which was translated into all the major languages for the delegates present, but also an award recognising the contribution of The Family Africa. None of this would be possible without the entire Family Africa team made up of volunteers from around the world and our wonderful local staff who all work tirelessly to alleviate poverty and empower women and children through feeding schemes, literacy and health programs and teacher training workshops.”

The award was presented by Dr. Deisi Kusztra, President of the WFO (World Family Organisation), which was founded by the UN after the Second World War to assist with reuniting families and was part of the celebration of WFO’s 70th birthday at the United Nations.

Rachel continued, “It is my hope that The Family Africa will be able continue to extend its programs and help even more orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS and TB. We cannot do this alone and I would like to urge local companies through this newspaper to get on board in assisting us to offer to as many people as possible “real hope for the future”.

The Family Africa can be contacted on 011 8752085   www.familyafrica.com

Women Empowerment by Afri-Berry

After an accident left her with over 150 stitches on her face, Relebohile Moeng, a GIBS graduate who holds a Master’s degree in Business Management, looked for more affordable solutions to cure her scars and it was cold pressed argan oil that yielded results. Following her retrenchment from work, Moeng and her husband Fabian decided to do some research on organic skin and hair products; this led to the launch of the Afri-Berry company in 2011.

Relebohile Moeng co-founder of Afri-Berry said‘’ Afri-Berry product line includes Scar- Nil Jelly; Tummy-Trim Jelly; Cellulite- Nil Jelly; Moroccan Gold Black Soap Shampoo; Moroccan Gold Black Skin Care; Moroccan SP40; Cold Pressed Coconut Oil; Moroccan Gold Argan Oil; Jamaican Black Castor Oil and East African Raw Shea Butter and can be obtained at every Pick n Pay and Edgars stores nationwide’’.

Afri-Berry empowers the youth, from disadvantaged backgrounds, by developing strategies for their educational, skills and personal development. Afri-Berry encourages the young youth, mostly between the ages of 18 and 35, to view their workplace skills development as an attraction and so Afri-Berry provides the necessary tools for their empowerment. Afri-Berry itself is one of few organisations in South Africa being led by a young woman (Relebohile Moeng) who empowers other young youth around South Africa.

‘’Firstly Women in general form one of the fastest growing markets. As such, the composition of organisations and institutions involved in supplying, designing, and marketing goods and services should reflect this market Afri-Berry included. Women invest upwards of 90% of their earnings in their families' health and education as well as in their communities. Yet women continue to be side-lined in accessing opportunities for significant economic empowerment and continue to largely exist on the periphery of economic decision-making. One of the reasons Afri-Berry chose the Cosmo City region due to the lack of personal and skills development by women, also unemployment’’, she explained.

Women/ Youth empowerment program by Afri-Berry started with an idea in December 2015, further strategy planning commenced January 2018. For more information you can visit our Facebook page (Afri-Berry SA) and Twitter page (Afri_berry).

Lekgowa Da Dj

Tebogo Tshegofatso Matlou better known as Lekgowa Da Dj in Cosmo City is a multi talented Dj; Dancer; MC and motivator and at the age of 23, he is already making waves in the local entertainment industry

Growing up in Mpumalanga with his grandmother, he moved to Sgodepola at just 8 years old to be with his parents, in the same year they moved again and he got into Muzomuhle primary in Diepsloot. Still yet to learn the art of self discipline he made friends with the wrong crowd and got into trouble often both at school and with his parents.

Lekgowa stated that In grade four he moved to Soweto with his parents because his father got a job that side, we stayed there for a year, it wasn’t easy for me because now I’m moving from isiZulu to Sesotho, .

He started his journey to being a Dj as a young man under his father’s guidance who first introduced him to drama and dancing. He was also an award winning athlete at school from best soccer player to best goal scorer, so he is more than just a Dj.

His work with the community began when he found out about the issue of drugs and drinking amongst young boys in Cosmo City. He took it upon himself to try and understand and find out what was the main reason for boys as young as 10 years old, skipping school and engaging in recreational drug use.

He used his platform to get permission from the parents of these young boys to talk to them and try to understand what was happening, so he got a decent group together to talk to them and teach them something that would help them get out of the drug world and improve themselves.

He has videos available on YouTube of him on the decks, he owns a company called Lead gang and he is the leader of a dance crew of the same name.  Lekgowa can be found on facebook as Lekgowadadj Matlou (kgowa’s entertainment FP) and LekgowadaDj on Instagram

Happy New Year!


It is a norm that many people do to have New Year resolution, some believe this leads to us striving and changing ourselves to outdo previous years. January is where we plan our year and look back at certain things we want to change from previous years. Many have taken to social media stating 2018 is their year to excel and do bigger things. It is dubbed a good thing to set goals for a new year as this helps one test their boundaries and find new reasons for life, we all have hopes and dreams. Therefore in this issue of Stokkie Le Jojo they do exactly that by setting goals that they want to achieve for the year. Happy New Year to everyone and hope this year brings you blessings, let this be the year things go right in your endeavors.

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