Cosmo City Skills Development Centre

The development of skills in South Africa is extremely important not only to facilitate the creation of employment but to better the skills of people. South Africa has a past where certain people had no way of learning certain skills, those people now have the opportunity to learn such skills. The Community Knowledge Centre is based in Cosmo City at the multipurpose centre. The Centre began its operations in 2015 when it was registered as an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation). ‘The objective of it is to empower young people and equip them with the skills they need to be employable’ said Mustaf Makaudi co-founder of the community knowledge centre.

In 2013 Mustaf Makaudi was selected at a conference called One Young World to be one of 200 people to represent the city of Johannesburg at a conference in Sandton. After that conference 11 of them decided to open an organisation called United 2013 which never materialized, because of different ideas, but they managed to donate computers to Far North School. He was the one managing the donation of those computers. Those computers were then stolen but the organiser was able to get more computers to the school which also services the community as a result he and other partners collaborated to start The Community Knowledge Centre.

The centre offers End User computer course, they provide computer training with different programs, HIV/AIDS awareness workshops and causes in leadership and entrepreneurship. Last year an organisation called Girl Guy South Africa provided leadership training for young people in Cosmo City. Currently the centre is working with an organisation called Lulaway which helps people with employment opportunities. Young people can come in and they are then put on the databases of Lulaway where there are employment opportunities, entrepreurship opportunities among other things. Currently the organisation is not being funded by anyone so they need to raise funds themselves. They have free rewards like the use of computers for 30 minutes. They do charge for the 3 month End user course where the accreditation has been offered by Siyafunda CTC which costs R1500. They also work with Intel, which offers leadership, entrepreneurship and Marketing courses. That is offered to the community for a period of 2 weeks to a month free of charge. Upon completion the participants receive a certificate. The centre is opened from Monday to Saturday but the classes are daily from 8am until 4pm. it also has Saturday classes from 8am until 1pm.


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