Maudi Lentsoane the founder of Lehumo capital is not only inspirational go getter, but also a clear positive role model to many of his peers.

He is financially smart when it comes to all marketing stuff at all times, “every cent the company loses I take it as a loss”. Maudi Lentsoane is dynamic young man who merged his qualification and practical experience with maverick business sense, to challenge the status quo.

He later moved from the banking environment after realising that he had passion for the Stock broking side, Since there are not many black Stock Brokers.His father worked in Johannesburg as a gardener. But despite the struggle of poverty that he was raised in, he never lost hope. After completing his matric; he then enrolled for a Bachelor of commerce degree majoring in Finances and Economics at Wits University, with financial assistance through TEFSA (Tertiary Education Fund for South Africa) and now NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme). Later he started working in the financial sector at big bank in South Africa called STANLIB. He used his father’s employer Mr Van Der Nest who was a highly respected actuarial consultant with one of the biggest Insurance Companies in South Africa and his son in Law who was a Stockbroker, how to gain insight and knowledge of the industry.

When he gives words of advice to young entrepreneurs this youth month he says “you must have passion, you will fail which is part of any business and your failures are most likely to lead to success”. “I became more interested in becoming a Stockbroker, also partly because I did not know of any Black Stockbrokers and wanted to be one of the few black stock brokers” said Maudi. His father played a very powerful role in his upbringing, instilling good values in him and with hard work being his friend, he launched his company in 2011; Lehumo  which in Northern Sotho means, “wealth”, representing an abundance of resources available at the company to enable clients to improve their financial wellbeing. As the founder and the only managing director of Lehumo capital with its offices in Sandton the company primarily focuses on broking in equity derivatives, investment research, portfolio managements and advisory services for high net worth individuals as well as corporate clients.

This man is motivated by the fact that he is contributing positively to people’s lives by ensuring that their futures are well secured financially, he said “It is a challenging but an exciting profession”. As he continued he said that the stock market is by far the best tool ever invented to make money due that there is no billionaire in the world who is not involved in the stock market, from Warren Buffet; Bill Gates to our very own Patrice Motsepe. The stock market is an important contributor into their successes. So if we are to become financially free and grow the South African economy, we cannot overlook the power of investing.

He also did a good job in investing his time into giving back to rural communities. This year he will also launch the Maudi Lentsoane Foundation, which is targeted at assisting youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with the purpose of empowering them through entrepreneurial and educational support. Maudi still finds being a full time Johannesburg broker interesting and says “I encountered many hardships growing up; It was never easy growing up impoverished”. He was born with the odds of succeeding, knowing that education is the only way to a better life. His goal is to grow his Company to become the leading Investment Company that contributes to the growth of the South African economy. He wraps up by saying his wish is “to inspire as many young South Africans, to challenge their status quo helping them to resign from their comfort zone to hard work”.

Say no to women and Children who are brutalised

Citizens of the city of Johannesburg gathered together on streets to march against the abuse of women and children.

The recent killings of young women in the country have sent shockwaves and anger through Many South Africans. Residents of Gauteng went on a peaceful March on Tuesday the 30th of March to fight against the rise number of women and children who are being killed like chickens at the province. The rally was joined and led by the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD). Youth came in large numbers to support the march coming from various townships such as Tembisa, Alexandra and other northern and western side of Johannesburg. One of the youth who managed to attend named Mbuko Mabatho said that “We are no longer safe to go around alone because, we fear that we might be the next victims since we are being mistreated by people who are supposed to be our protectors”. This march was in response to several rapes and deadly attacks against women, some of them being the late Karabo Mokwena who was killed by her boyfriend and after another horrific story that emerged of Eskom employee Thembisile Yende whose corpse was found at a Utility substation in Springs on the East Rand. The march took place in various streets in Johannesburg from Jeppe streets to Beyers Naude Square calling for an end to the killing of women and children. Their main message was Stop killing women’ and young girls.”

Cosmo City’s very own Celebrity Jesse’J-Flo’Suntele

Editors Choice

Cosmo City’s very own Celebrity Jesse ‘J-flo’ Suntele

Jesse “J-flo” Suntele who captured attention when he landed the role of Tuelo on ‘The Queen’, a popular television soapie on Mzansi Magic. His journey started at school, when he first wrote his first poem for english in grade 4. He figured out that he had passion for words and for acting. Jesse started his career in the entertainment industry doing commercials. When asked about how he got to be acting on The Queen; Jesse stated that; “Winning Top Actor opened the door for me”. “ I remember getting a phone call from Shona Ferguson saying he wanted to meet with me, when I got to his office he handed me the script and said “this is yours”  I didn’t have to audition because the referrals he had gotten had loved me from Top Actor, and that’s how I got to play Tuelo on The Queen”. “Before Top Actor I was advised to get an agent, my agent kept getting me commercial gigs, so I set a task for myself to try get something more than just adverts and that’s when I found out about top Actor competition on TV and entered, little did I know at the time that I would win”, said Jesse. The day Jesse won Top actor he

Cosmo City Medical Centre Offers Free Circumcision

Medical male circumcision decreases the chances of HIV infection by 60% for life. Medical male circumcision is an essential practice that reduces the spread of HIV and it also reduces the risk of sexual transmitted infections (STIs) such as chancroid, syphilis, genital warts and herpes.

Cosmo City Medical centre is running a free male circumcision programme this season. Nevertheless this programme will run throughout the year. During this season most young South African men go through cultural circumcision, which is a part of an initiation process that marks the passage from boyhood to manhood. Usually these young men, they found themselves going to illegal clinics where circumcision is performed by someone who is not trained to do circumcision and often times it results to death.

Medical male circumcision at the medical centre is done by a trained health care provider who is trained to perform this kind of procedure.

  1. Johan. C Botha and SR Joey Du Toit explained why male medical circumcision is very important in reducing the spread of HIV.

“Your risk of contracting HIV drops by 60% if you are circumcised. It does not make you HIV free but your risk of contracting it much less and we also council the people on safe sex practices even if they are circumcised,” said Botha “Specific for ladies again, if they are married to a man that is circumcised the risk of the cervix cancer is much less.”

“All in all there are a lot of benefits of being circumcised, “he added.

The centre has circumcised more than a 1000 patients to date. Boys as young as 10 years old can get circumcised but they need to be accompanied by a parent.

“With children under 18, their parents or one of their parents must come along to sign along with the child for consent since they are minors and only a patient of 18 years and older can sign without parental supervision.” said Botha.

All patients are advised to take a voluntary HIV test before the procedure.

“We do voluntary testing; if they don’t want to be tasted we don’t push them. If they are positive we refer them to a clinic or investigate them further and if their CD-4 count is about 350, then we do the circumcision,” said Botha. “If their CD-4 count is below than 350, we give them treatment and over the months as the CD-4 count peaks up once it reaches 350 we do the circumcision.”

He went on to state, “Even when one is HIV positive, there are still many benefits from circumcision.”

Botha also mentioned that being circumcised only offers partial protection against HIV infection and that it does not prevent pregnancy.

“As the clinic we offer this throughout the year but with special emphasis over the winter months when it is traditionally the time that circumcision is done, “said Botha.

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