Local football fanatics benefit from a five-day workshop

Coaches Across Continents (CAC) uplifted local football coaches by teaching football and life skills at a successful sport workshop from 11 to 15 February at Emthonjeni in Zandspruit.

Coaches Across Continents (CAC) is a global NGO which works with corporations, governments, foundations, and community based organizations in different continents. Their aim is to create legacies based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

 Football coaches and players attended the workshop alongside community members to discuss issues related to football and social life. Coaches Across Continents awarded everyone who attended the workshop.

“We enjoyed the workshop facilitated by Markus Bensch about football and life skills,” said the founder of Football Without Borders (FWB) Michael Mapfunde. “It was all about how to use football games as educational tools to address UN Social Development Goals.”

One of the interesting themes was dealing with gender inequality in football, Mapfunde said.  “We managed to get about 6 women to participate in the workshop. Some of them were soccer players and have the desire to start a women’s soccer club in Zandspruit. We also touched on areas such as drug abuse, health education and conflict resolution”

 The workshop equips young coaches to use football as a tool to engage young kids on various social issues that affect them, Mapfunde said.

Golden Drifters deputy president Peter Fanie Dlamini, who also attended the workshop, said the football seminar would have positive impact especially to the young soccer players.

“The youngsters were also taught how to build mutual relationships with the adults,” Dlamini said. “This will help them to seek advice from the adults about the issues they always shy away from talking about, for example drugs. We are very thankful for the teachings we received at the workshop. It will bring change in local communities.” .fP���

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Happy Feet Day Care officially launches

Happy Feet Day Care has secured more than 35 spots for children in Cosmo City’s extension 0, aiming to teach ages two to five under the early childhood development curriculum.

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet partnered with GROW with Educare Centres to officially launch the pre-school on 13 February. Their project aims to establish 21 high quality early childhood development ECD) centres in under-resourced communities of Cape Town and Gauteng over the next two years.

 “With funding of almost R5 million,” said the General Manager of MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet Pieter Twine, “this is one of our biggest commitments to a single project to date”.

“ We welcome the opportunities to partner with GROW and see 21 new high quality GROW Educare Centres get off the ground over 2019 and 2020,” Twine said.  “This is a project that brings together vital education and child care, as well as entrepreneurship, employment and sustainability.”

Twine added that his organization will continue partnering with various stakeholders to bring quality in ECD.

When they identify the potential beneficiaries of their programme, Twine said they make sure that children are learning in a good environment and teachers receive proper training.

 Happy Feet Day Care principal Maria Tabana said she was happy for the pre-school to be considered for the educational programme.

“I am happy that the preschool is now officially launched,” Tabana said. “I think it is a positive move which will benefit the community. Children will get better education and get themselves ready to move to big schools. We teach them a lot of things including how to write using pencils and how to identify colours.”

 Worldwide, delivering quality ECD has been identified as a key strategy to break entrenched cycles of poverty and inequality. GROW uses a tool developed by the World Bank (the MELQO – Measuring Early Learning Quality Outcomes) to evaluate whether children in GROW schools are achieving internationally benchmarked milestones of development.

According to GROW, under-resourced pre-school centres in Gauteng and Cape Town will be transformed and brought into the thriving GROW brand community. GROW will ensure the upgrading of facilities to meet mandatory ECD standards; leadership, business and education training for the micro-franchisee; educational training for child caregivers; provision of outstanding educational resources through GROW Learning; a healthy, balanced nutrition programme, ongoing monitoring and evaluation, as well as active mentoring, and parent and community outreach. Each school will also start the process of registration with the Department of Social Development. C

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