Nate Africa raises level with his new single

Local Producer, Song Writer and Vocalist Nate Africa brought a stand still moment on all major digital platforms with his new single ‘You and I’ as it reached over 11 000 downloads when you combine all the digital platforms in just a month of its release.

Nataniel Guambe born on the 6th of august 1993, popularly known as Nate Africa, is a multitalented optimistic artiste with a vision set to uplift the craft of music broadly across the world. Natured by the sounds of Africa, Nate developed his love of music from stories that were practically brewed in the place that he grew up. He was raised by his parents in Muldersdrift informal settlement.

The well-acclaimed Nate Africa began his musical career in the early year of 2015, since then he never looked back. Each single is formally composed and produced under his knowledge, the same knowledge he transcends to other upcoming artiste in his community through true life experiences possessed in his songs.

Following his jump start into the industry Nate later that year went on releasing songs, and his first outbreak to the people was when he released his first single titled "My Nig*#s" which he dedicated to everyone who loves or hates his music. In that same year the single managed to reach about 13000 downloads digitally.

The artiste acquired massive trends with the new single and has been featured in several Radio and TV stations including being on one of the biggest shows called One Mic that air's on SABC 1. Nate also had his latest single play listed and interviewed in an international radio station in the United States of America called Side Radio station.

"I am international, entirely loved by my nation, the same nation that introduced the greats of this country to the world," Nate said.

"Each step I take leads the other step" Nate expressed. "However, as an artiste I feel unacknowledged by the department of arts, I believe that am not only speaking for myself but for all artiste in the North. I certainly believe that the department of arts is not doing enough to assist local artiste they are not familiar with especially in the North."

"What I have always used to motivate myself is self-love and hard work which is currently working for me," Nate explained in an Interview with the Chronicle. "With that note I edge every single artiste despite of your situation never give up and never have the thought that you will never make it."

Meet Big Mike Beeinjy, a rapper with a hidden talent

Hip hop talent in Cosmo City hides in the underground where a flourishing rap and hip hop scene goes unnoticed.

Within this hidden world, experimental artists, especially in local communities, strive to showcase their musical talent. Michael Zibusiso Ndlhovu, known as Big Mike Beeinjy, is one of these artists who deserve the spotlight.

The 28-year-old started his musical journey while he was still at high school. He said 50 cent’s music inspired him and his friend Prince to venture into the music industry. Becoming a music artist, let alone a rapper, was something Beeinjy considered a dream. He is one of those artists who decided to create his own line, forming an image that is blended with contemporary hip-hop beats.

In an interview with the Chronicle, Beeinjy said it is hard for underground artists to be noticed and they are always looked down upon.

“This has a lot to do with the music industry,” Beeinjy said, “where better known artists are held to high standards and get their music played in local radio stations. Some of us, who operate underground, always remain at the same level.”

Due to his musical talent, Beeinjy has been invited to different events to do live performances throughout Johannesburg.

“I think I have had some wonderful experiences,” he said. “When I did my first performance at The Base in Hillbrow, I got lots of love and support from my fans, friends and family who encouraged me not to give up.”

While performing on the stage, Beeinjy said, Mr. Collen, the founder of Khalination productions, spotted his talent and approached him after his performance.

“He then invited me to perform at his music launch in Braamfontein,” Beeinjy said. “I was much honored to see other people appreciating my talent. I would love to see myself in a better place when it comes to my music.”

Despite being a full time worker, Beeinjy said, he puts a lot of time into his music to maintain his skills whenever he gets a break from work.

“I write more lyrics and work on instruments just to make sure I do better because there is always room for improvement,” he said.

Beeinjy has released one single titled ‘Ambitions’, and is currently planning to release his single Deep In The Game, which he said will help him grow as an artist.

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