Here comes the bridal expo

Over 3000 people attended a weekend-long bridal expo at Oakfield Farm in Muldersdrift on the 29th of June where over 150 exhibitors showcased their wedding services.  

“It’s Gauteng’s biggest bridal expo,” said Siann Upton, Oakfield’s marketing director of seven years, who organized the entire event. With 72 acres of gardens and fields Oakfield Farm has more than enough space to host a massive annual expo to make every bride’s dreams come true.

Twenty-two years ago, Upton said, Oakfield started hosting a small open day for engaged couples, which eventually evolved into a large bridal expo. The event usually occurs in January and June. The summer expo attracts around 6000 people, she said.

More people showed up to this winter expo in comparison to previous years. “We spent more money on marketing this time,” said Upton.  

Members of Oakfield Farm start organizing the event months prior to its occurrence, said Greta Ogborne, Oakfield’s brand manager, and it takes two weeks to set everything up.

This June event started at 10 am and required a R100 entrance fee. The expo housed clothing sales and food and drink services.

“It’s all for the brides,” said Ogborne. “They need to plan their big day, and this gives them the opportunity to explore everything they need all in one place.” It is a combination that is sure to ward off bridezilla symptoms and pre-wedding anxiety.

Ingrid Vorster, who went to the expo out of curiosity, said she was surprised at how big the event was. “It had all the services for a wedding under one umbrella,” she said. Vorster wished that she had known about such expos before she had her own wedding.   

Some might think that this event is only for those who say “I do,” but it also secures potential clients for businesses that organize weddings. Hermione Ballinger, from a wedding and events magazine, said that her business secured over 100 new clients within three hours at the expo. The exhibitors were dress designers, décor managers, photographers, lawyers and others.

“Our exhibitors come from small businesses,” said Ogborne, “and this expo helps them get their name out there.”

Ilze Fourie advertised the Farm Inn Estate at the expo to showcase their wedding venue and said that they had gotten many leads at previous Oakfield events. “It’s good leads. It’s not just people passing by,” she said. “It’s definitely worth our while.”    

“We get fully booked,” said Cheree Pritchard, a baker from Jeanette’s Cake Creations. This company has baked wedding cakes as high as 1.1 meters tall and has been attending the Oakfield expo for over two years. At an expo like this, Pritchard said, people can share ideas and businesses can develop partnerships. “A nice web connection is formed as you get to meet new people that might lend you a helping hand if you ever need one.”     

The expo also showcased the talents of DJ’s and musicians. The Blu Earth Marimba Band performed during the weekend’s expo. The band members play marimbas for background music at weddings, said Khabonina Motaung, the band promoter. “We believe in the uniqueness of the marimba instrument,” she said. “It just gives a different vibe to a wedding.”

The Oakfield expo increased the band’s exposure. “We would love to be a go-to band for many functions,” said Motaung, “and Oakfield is the perfect platform to make that happen.”

Oakfield also provided excellent security on their premises. “We have roaming security guards, undercover guards and guards stationed at the entrance,” said Upton. The Oakfield members also took safety measures to ensure that their guests’ vehicles didn’t get stolen.  

“Overall, everything was smooth-sailing,” said Upton.

Oakfield aspires to remain one of the biggest wedding influencers in Gauteng with each annual bridal expo. For more information on the Oakfield Farm, contact their office at .   

A visually impaired man gets things done

Even though Mtale Modise is visually impaired, he can still demonstrate to his boxing students how to exercise and build their bodies.

As you step into the A-Team Gym at Cosmo City’s Multipurpose, you will be greeted by the 27-year old dread-locked Modise who manages and coaches boxing students. In a glance, it is the standard ‘welcoming’ gestures and the warmest smile he could offer.

However, Modise is not like any of his other peers and mates. While he may appear physically normal, his vision is impaired. Despite his inability to see, he can still comprehend orders when his students do not know what to do. He has also trained himself to understand people’s voices so that he could identify them.

Raised in Lenasia, Modise was born in Soweto with perfect vision. He was able to see until he was affected by glaucoma at the age of 14. That was when his vision slowly deteriorated until he completely lost it. Up to this day, he is only able to use imagination and his stick to maneuver from one point to another.

“I came to Cosmo City in 2016,” Modise said. “In July 2018, I joined A-Team Gym to exercise my body just as a regular member. I think they saw my potential and then I  was promoted. Right now I am coaching grannies, and some community members who come for weight loss. I also help some people to build their muscles. I am now managing the whole gym, and I am happy for that. The community members have been so friendly to me, especially at the house where I live. ”

Modise is the one who opens and closes the gym on a daily basis. “My daily routine is to work up early in the morning and come to the gym at around 5 am,” he said. “When I get to the gym I set up everything according to what we would be doing on that day. When it is the day for boxing, I set up the ring, punching bags, and gloves for the grannies. When they come, we then start working.”

 Demonstrating his abilities to train the boxers, Modise told the Chronicle that his disability does not upset him anymore as he can still work and earn just like any other youths at his age.

“I am also a soccer fan,” he added. “I follow everything even though I cannot watch TV. Currently I understand everything that is happening in Egypt as far as AFCON is concerned. I use a certain application in my phone to read news using my fingers. So I am always up to date.”

Modise encouraged people who are disabled not to isolate themselves from the community.

Clara Nose is Modise’s trainee and she said “Modie is good at coaching and training people. He is brave and confident enough to offer his services to his boxing students.”

There is no discrimination at A-Team Gym and everybody is welcome, said Claude Maphosa the CEO of A-Team Gym.  “After seeing Modise’s passion, we made him feel at home,” Maphosa said. “What drives a person is his heart and God is always watching people’s hearts. When someone has got a heart like Modise’s, you have to give him your best.

Spider Man Far from Home

Remember those really old Sam Raimi Spider man movies released in the early 2000’s? They still totally check out

Spider Man Far from home directed by Jon Watts follows the events of Avengers Endgame and Spider Man played by Tom Holland must take on a new threat. Far from Home takes place “far from home” as Peter Parker decides to cut loose and go on vacation to Europe and not be the web singer for a while but a an Avengers level threat “seemingly” threatens the safety of his friends and his secret.

Far from home is better than Homecoming, there I said it calm down with the pitch forks but it does not still hold a candle to Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy or at least the first two movies….we don’t really talk about Spider Man 3 or That huge Amazing Spider Man pile of crap so…so I’m going to need you to get ALLLL the way of my back with this!, sorry not sorry, talk to the hand.…. I am getting off topic… Anyway Far from Home is a bigger more ambitious movie than Homecoming and I loved it, the jokes were sloppy the theatre was very quiet and I liked the one joke from MJ…so funny, the villain Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) was awesome, there was this one scene where Mysterio takes advantage of Spider Man’s innocence…not like that but you are going to go “What a jerk!”..

I hated the pacing of this movies I didn’t feel invested until the second act. I do not remember having that problem with Sam Raimi Spider Man’s. I loved the chemistry between MJ (Zendaya) and Peter and how he had to balance being a teen and being Spider Man…SPOILER ALERT! Stay for the two post credit scenes…thank me later

Spider Man Far From Home is an amazing teen/slash superhero movie with a classic villain, Ned (Jacob Batalon) is a lousy friend just the worst! If you loved the 90’s Spider man animated series which had Mysterio as a recurring villain you will love this

Entertainers ready for Ultimate Talent Showcase

 Cosmo City’s Ultimate Talent Showcase preparations are at an advanced stage, according to RCJ Media who are the event organizers.

The event will take place on 10 August at Multipurpose Centre. As they prepare to expose the hidden talent in the community, RCJ Media said, after successfully holding auditions on 6 July at Jerusalem lounge, everything is going according to plan.

RCJ Media is a local company founded by Ronald Kubisa, Clever and Jonathan Ramoba. It is aimed at empowering the youth through entertainment.

“Our aim is to unpack all the hidden talent in Cosmo City,” said Ronald Thabo Kubisa, the co founder of RCJ Media. “We are happy that we managed to do auditions. We wanted to make sure that on 10 August we have the best singers, models and dancers to showcase their talent. So I think we are moving in the right direction, though we are still facing financial challenges.”

Kubisa added that their event is all about promoting local talent. The Ultimate Talent Showcase programme is aimed at keeping the kids off the street, said another RCJ Media co founder Jonathan Ramoba.

“It is an important thing to keep people busy,” he said. “We are trying to minimize crime activities through entertainment. When people are not occupied, they always have a tendency of doing wrong things in the community. Hopefully we will contribute to the minimization of bad things in our community.”

He added that they are appealing to the business community for any sponsorship to award the winners.

“Of course we need support from the community,” Ramoba added. “We welcome any sponsors who are willing to assist us as we are doing this for the community. As we do this we are promoting places, local artists, dancers, models and clothing brands.”

Such events help local artists build their careers and get exposed, said P styles.

“we are resdy to go there and showcase our talents,” said a local artist Mr Nice Minya T. “It is a good thing to have something like that in our community.”

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