Promising times for SCIMA

Trials and tribulations of 2020, which were accompanied by COVID-19 pandemic, did not set back Cosmo City’s exciting musician Sfisokuhle Mkhwanazi, popularly known as SCIMA.

SCIMA’s season to reap what he sow all these years has come, and 2021 is a promising year for him, said his manager Wiliam Molaule.

“We are working with stakeholders, board of directors, major investors and sponsors towards making this joint venture a success for all parties involved, “he said.

  SCIMA has achieved a lot as an independent artist, Molaule said.  In November this year, SCIMA appeared on Channel O in a music video he was featured in by Razor, produced by VeebeatsExclusive titled ‘Abangani’.

Molaule told the Chronicle that more is set to come in 2021 about SCIMA.

“There are a lot of positive things happening behind the scenes,” he said. “SCIMA got a cosmetic endorsement from Amukelani Bohlale Fragrance based in Midrand. At the same time we are looking forward to launching his fragrance and have it in retail stores at an affordable price for our customers and supporters at different locations.”

During the hard times of lockdown SCIMA decided to open a car wash, focusing on producing his own sound, working on his clothing line, and financing his own career instead of waiting for a miracle to happen, Molaule noted.

“Then in December, a miracle happened as we have managed to get him an endorsement deal. He has been doing great in the past years, but his fans will see a positive shift in 2021.”

SCIMA, who has also been featured on Rhythm City episodes, started his musical journey at a young age, and has shared stage with Semi Tee, Malemon, Phokomaane and PK93. m��2

Chef Benny Brings the Heat to your Braai this Summer

Every South African loves a good braai and this summer, it’s all about smaller get-togethers and keeping things closer to home. But that doesn’t mean get-togethers can’t be equally memorable. Getting everybody in the family involved in the preparation and the cooking process helps create great memories. Smaller groups are also easier to manage, especially when catering to different dietary preferences, said one of South Africa’s most-loved culinary masters, celebrity Chef Benny Masekwameng.

With his personal cooking experience, his time on Ultimate Braai Master, and his BIC® Lighters and Firelighters ambassador role, Chef Benny sure knows his way around a braai! Here are his top tips for making sure that your festive season is “lit”.

“Summer is the time for braaing in South Africa. A time where families get together around a fire to laugh, eat, share stories, and have a good time.” says Chef Benny. However, he suggests keeping things light, simple, and healthy this year. “Use a combination of fresh, ready-to-eat uncooked dishes, cold cooked salads with different textures, sauces and relishes, and a protein selection with different seasonings and flavours.”

He adds, “My advice to make sure things go off without a hitch is to pay attention to your fire. I use South Africa’s favourite braai buddy - my BIC® Lighter and Firelighters. To help ensure the perfect temperature of the coals, I divide them up so that on one side of the braai there are hot coals for quick browning and the other side for quick cooking.” He continues, “Another handy tip is to take your braai meat out of the fridge an hour or two before braaing. If it’s at room temperature, it cooks quicker!”

To ensure that everyone is happy and satisfied without breaking the bank, Chef Benny advises to look out for bulk specials this festive season. “I always buy my braai cuts in bulk. This is great for portioning, allowing you to freeze for the future instead of having to buy each time you braai. Cheaper cuts like chuck are also great for braaing, not just prime cuts like rump and rib eye. In my opinion, chuck is the best cut of meat. You can throw it on the braai or pop it in the oven – it works well for any occasion.”

Chef Benny also insists that anyone can add some finesse to their dishes this summer. “This summer is going to be hot, so light meals are going to be a favourite. Individual portions do it for me – think skewered seafood, chicken, vegetable or wors for a quick dish-up and presentation. It’s the small things you do that can create a truly great meal with minimal effort.”

He continues, “Presentation is as important as flavour for me and how you choose, cut, and prepare ingredients for your braai plays a big role in how the final product is going to look and taste. Use different colours, flavours, and textures to enhance your offering.”

While the summer season is all about family and memories, Chef Benny reminds us that it is also important to take the necessary precautions when handling the heat. “I use gas for a fast braai or when I have large batches of meat to cook as it’s easier to control. But like any proud South African, I prefer a wood or charcoal braai when I have time. Not only is this the true South African way to braai, but it adds a delicious, smoky flavour to steaks and bigger joints that will have your family members coming back for more,” he concludes.

For more braai inspiration as well as a chance to win incredible prizes, head to @BICLightersSA on Facebook, @bic_sa on Instagram or @chef_bennym. Join the conversation using #BICxChefBenny #LightUpYourMoment. }'�q���

Minno MORE Entertainment: A move to empower local artists

Minno MORE Entertainment, which was recently launched, is striving to empower upcoming artists from Cosmo City, Lion Park, Zandspruit and other communities in Johannesburg North.

Operating from Cosmo City’s extension 2, the recording company aims to mentor upcoming musicians and promote the well-established ones.

“The main agenda is to give platform to the young, talented artists,” said Minno MORE Entertainment founder VeeBeatsExclusive. “We also want to show the community that it is possible to inspire and nurture youth through entertainment events. While doing this, Minno MORE Entertainment’s future vision is to become a fulltime media house that is fully equipped. We aim to possess all the required keys that a media house would have in order to open the right doors for our Major Artists and our youth.”

During the official launch day, Minno MORE Entertainment artists including FlightModeGang, MinusForce performed alongside Buti Green and other local artists.

“The response that we got from the audience was massive and unforgettable,” said VeeBeatsExclusive. “The positive thing is that ever since the day of our launch, many artists are now willing to work with us.”

He concluded by thanking Ant Wisdom for sponsoring the event through clothes branding.

Rol’Model Agency roars into life in Cosmo city

Rol’ Model Agency, which operates in Cosmo City, hosted their first annual event and crowned their first ever Miss Rol’ Model Cosmo City on 31 October at Pat in extension 4.

Luyanda Methula was crowned the First Queen, Tebogo Teffo the first Princess, and Pfarelo Ratshivhombela 2nd Princess. In the teen category, Lyris Mogano was crowned Miss Teen, Karabo Monyane became the First Princess putting Nandi Ndaba the Second Princess. Sinegugu Mondlane was crowned Miss Rol'Model Public choice.

Rol’ Model Agency is a modelling agency specialising on grooming and mentoring models to become role models.  In an interview with the Chronicle, Rol’ Model Agency founder Seelebatho Zondo said their organisation will continue hosting modelling shows in the community and areas outside Cosmo City.

 “The aim of the event was to breed role models,” he said. “Those role models will breed others too. We believe that we can learn from each other."

“We would like to thank everyone who managed to support the event. We had great Performances from local artists such as Nathan, RJay, GMT Nigmola, Flacko Luthando, G Boss Da Fresh, Hlonie & Leigh Segow, Trizzy, Scratch flows, and many more.”

“Winning the title (Miss Rol’ Model Cosmo City) gave me the real public identity, “said Luyanda Methula. “I have always identified myself as a role model to young girls.”

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