Zandspruit community use soccer to remember electrocuted kids

Eight junior soccer teams participated in a one day tournament held in Zandspruit on 3 November, as a way to remember two kids recently electrocuted by illegal electricity.

The winners walked away with t-shirts from Bidvest and soccer balls.

According to ward 114 Public Relations councillor Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku, it was a good thing to keep the youngsters busy with sports activities, following the recent electrocutions.

“I was approached by a number of youngsters in the community concerned about sport activities” she said, “then I decided to organize the tournament to remember the kids who were electrocuted.”

Kayser-Echeozonjoku said they were currently focusing on soccer, which kids are mostly interested in, as a way to keep them from possible electrocutions.

“It is my first month in Zandspruit, and my role is to see that service delivery takes place in this community, “she added. “I think this is a good start because the community feels that we should be doing this every month.”

Children who live in informal settlement, Kayser-Echeozonjoku said, are close to her heart. She said if the community manages to keep the young ones occupied, drug abuse would be lessened.

Khumbulani Ngcobo, a Zandspruit community member, said he was happy for the community to be considered in sports for consolation after the loss of two kids.



Yarona FC wins Cosmo Champions league tournament

Yarona FC beat Hungry Lions 2-1 on Sunday 4 November to become this year’s Cosmo Champions league winners.

Twelve teams from three groups competed in the knockout tournament. The group winners and one best runner up qualified to play in the semifinals. On their way to the final, Yarona FC defeated FC 20 in the semifinals to meet Hungry Lions who also dismissed Bridgetown Rovers in another semifinal encounter.

An elated Yarona FC founder Caswell Mfondo was full of praise of his players.

“This achievement is a milestone to us,” he said. “I am excited and proud of the team. As a whole, I think we deserved winning. It means that we have at least set a tone, and it shows that we are ready to face any team in the league. Our focus is now on working towards winning the league title.”

The aim of the tournament was to elevate Cosmo City Football League (CCFL), said Tshepo Mothusi the secretary of Cosmo City Football League.

“Our aim is to have a league that is properly run, and to move to the next level,” Mothusi said. “We are slowly but surely getting there. We are trying our best to fund ourselves and promote the league.”

Without soccer in the community, most kids would be spending their time gambling, said Bongani “Figo” Skhosana, Yarona FC player.

“Gambling leads to crime, theft and murder,” Figo said.  “So it is good that we are doing something that will keep us busy on weekends.”




Huge turnout at Ishmiza SA’s RocTourBer

It was a marvelous night with a huge turnout of people at Momes Place in Lion Park informal settlement from 6 pm to 2 amon 27 October at theRocTourber event hosted by Ishmiza SA.

RockTourber was a campaign to promote Ishmiza SA’s nomination at the 035 Awards as the best Kwaito artiste. Over 200 people from Cosmo City, Zandspruit, Diepsloot, Lion Park and other areas attended the event. Incredible performances by local artistes like DjHeavywise, Skim Kila, Dizzy and DeEaAR gave the night an exhilarating environment and kept the audience fascinated and celebrating.No injuries and fights were reported during and after the event, according to the security.

Ishmiza SA is a music rapper based in Zandspruit who has been nominated at 035 Music Awards as the best Kwaito artiste.

Ishmiza SA’s aim, he said, was to rock the crowd in the month of October by touring from city to city.

“That is why my event was called RocTouber,” he explained. “It was a campaign for my 035 Awards nomination. When I was on the stage at Momes Place, I managed to get people to vote for me. On Monday 29 of October, I received a message from 035 Awards informing me that I had won six free tickets for my fans and after party tickets,” he said.

The Momes Place event was a success, that helped him meet his fans, he said.

“I just want to thank all my fans for the support,” added Ishmiza SA. “I just want to let them know that I will never let them down and they should not get tired of supporting me.

The awards will take place in KZN in December.


People who want to vote for Ishmiza for the best Kwaito artistes can sms Ishimza to 35029


Diversity prevails at Cosmo Mall’s Bridal Fashion Show Week

Floral designs took center stage at the Bridal Fashion Week held October 25-28 at Cosmo Mall.

Bridal fashion designers from Benquest, Ankara Textiles, MHC and Shifting Sands showcased their collections during Bridal Fashion Week.

Bentel Group organized the event with an aim to expose all wedding essentials including cakes and decorations. Sin-Gwen Models graced the event as they displayed intricately designed gowns that were as much art as bridal attire. Also on display were dramatic gowns sultry and sheer, paneled dresses as well as suits.

In an interview with Cosmo City Chronicle, Mall Space Management marketing manager Shongi  Mudabula said the events like  bridal show will promote development in the community.

“Such events hosted by Bentel Group bring positivity in the community,” Mudabula said. “They are as important as they bring convenience and resonate within the Cosmo city Community. During this year’s Bridal Fashion Week Show, one lucky bride and her groom walked away with a wedding, sponsored by Ever- Wood Venue.”

In this year’s show, the use of floral designs took center stage as gowns featuring elaborate blooms dominated the exhibition.

Shonisani Dube is one of the customers who were stunned by the diversity of the bridal dresses showcased by the designers.

“White gowns are often synonymous with weddings,” she said. “However, the designers are creatively showcasing gowns in diversified colors that appeal to the bride who wants to make her own traditional attire.”

Dube added that it is important to have such events in the community as people get encouraged to have great weddings.

“These kinds of events keep the community motivated in as far as weddings are concerned.  I think it also reminds people how important it is to get married.”


The designers showcased short, leg bearing dresses that were both modern and vintage inspired. According to the designers, these chic, shorter dresses, ranging from flirty minis to elegant tea-lengths, can be worn to pre-wedding events like a bridal shower or engagement party or even a casual ceremony.



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