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Bridgetown community members celebrated National Youth Day by hosting a sports event at a local ground on 16 June 2022.

During the day, youth participated in various activities including both netball and soccer games.

MTM Hope Givers Foundation, Avhashoni Projects and Distributors, Mr Baloyi Foundation, Absa and Halfway Toyota sponsored the event.

“I believe we need to teach our youth that this day is all about having the courage to get what you want, just as the youth back then who fought for their freedom,” said MTM Hope Giver Foundation founder and CEO Reinett Makgotla. She further added that they chose to honour this day using sports because “Sports move the youth from the streets where they end up taking drugs and also keep them physically healthy.”

Peace lovers, Rising Stars and MTM Hope Givers Foundation played against each other in a girls’ netball match. In soccer, Halfway Toyota played against Bridgetown legends, Avhashoni Football Club faced Tirong Football Club and MTM Hope Givers Football Club versus Fumani.  

The co-founder of Mr Mlambo and Mr Baloyi foundations Siyabonga Herbert Mlambo said that they are trying to grow further. During an interview with Cosmo City Chronicle, he added that his organization is looking into sponsoring girls as well.

Ekuvukeni Orphanage and Gender-Based Violence chairperson Sandile Gabriel Masuku also reached out to the youth at the event and taught them about the various types of gender-based violence, such as verbal, physical and emotional abuse. The South African Police Service was also present and they encouraged the youth not to hesitate to report instances of gender-based violence.

Avhashoni Projects and Distributors director Ronny Mthetho concluded and told Cosmo City Chronicle that they are also working on sponsoring the best Bridgetown matric learner to university by 2023.

Private Schools in Cosmo City shine in sports

 Joshua Mukwevho and Oratile Magabe

Sweet Valley Academy put up a splendid performance and dominated in this year’s Cosmo City private schools’ sports competition held in extension 8 grounds on 3 June 2022.

Four private schools Sweet Valley Academy, Faith Christian College, Rand Hills College, and Rising Stars competed in both athletics and ball games.

Sweet Valley Academy became the overall winners in 100 meters race followed by Rand Hills College, Faith Christian College and Rising Stars. Sweet Valley Academy further won the volleyball competition followed by Faith Christian College, Rand Hills College, and Rising Stars became fourth.


Sweet Valley Academy also won in both junior and senior netball competitions. Rand Hills College became winners of the girls’ soccer competition followed by Faith Christian College, Sweet Valley Academy and Rising Stars.

Faith Christian College defeated Rand Hills College to become winners of the boys’ junior soccer tournament. Sweet Valley Academy became third, putting Rising Stars on the fourth position.

Coming to the boy’s senior soccer tournament Sweet Valley Academy beat Faith Christian College 3-1 in penalties to book their place in the final. On the other side, Rand Hills College beat Rising Stars 7-6 on penalties to meet Sweet Valley Academy in the finals.

The youngsters having fun during the netball tournament.

During the final match, Sweet Valley Academy won, but they were disqualified for allegedly fielding over aged players, who happened to be school leavers.

After Sweet Valley Academy got disqualified, the sports directors decided that Rand Hills College should face Faith Christian College in a final match. In that final match, which took place on Wednesday 8 June, Rand Hills College beat Faith Christian College 4-1.

Faith Christian College principal and the event organizer Taisley Tandayi said: “One of the reason we take part of this extracurricular activities is to recognize talent”; last year when they host the athletics event two student around Cosmo city found a door of opportunities, who one is in India and another going to Spain because of sports and art.

Penalty shootout

He further explained that they are receiving devoted and undoubted support from parents. “We want to thank the parents for trusting us with their kids.” When it comes to facilities which learners are using, they are not as applicable as they should be, but since they are not the one people who are using the ground they would also appreciate it if other social link (communities) that use the space in helping facilitate the ground (sports field).

An elated Sweet Valley Academy netball coach Vongai Nyirenda expressed her happiness towards her team’s achievement. "Our junior and senior netball players won and we are so delighted."

Hungry lions on the move

Hungry Lions FC is the first team from Cosmo City to participate in a professional South African football league. The SAB Regional League is the fourth tier of domestic football in the South African football pyramid. Most teams competing in the league are made up of players under the age of 19.

Hungry Lions FC has attained three points from three matches in their South African Breweries (SAB) Regional League season, and the coaches promise to keep on fighting.

The team lost their opening match 3-2. Their second game against Fleurof Future Stars was forfeited on walk over rules. Since Hungry Lions FC player’s cards were not ready before the game, the team automatically lost three points to Fleurof Future Stars. Hungry Lions won their third match against FC Barcenal on walk over rules after the opposition team arrived late for the match.


 “We are looking forward to competing with the teams in a professional league,” said Hungry Lions coach Paul Mphela, also known as Zico.

Zico’s team was affected by South African Football Association (SAFA)’s delay to issue the players’ cards, he said. “We lost a match against Fleurof Future Stars in a walkover rule because our players had not received their cards. So we had to give away three points to the other team. We are now playing in a professional league, and we have learnt that rules do apply.

“We promise the fans that we are going to do our best in the league and fight for promotion to the ABC Motsepe League,” he said.

Zico is happy for Hungry Lions FC to be the first team from the community to be a part of professional league. “It was not easy to get there,” he said. “The boys did very well, and they really want to see themselves in the next level. We are appealing to the businesses and community at large to give us support. We still need help in terms of ferrying players to and from the stadium. We have a challenge of players arriving late for the match especially for the away games.”

The coach also said that they need help with training equipment. Hungry Lions FC will be hosting Varsity College FC on Saturday 13 November at Cosmo City Multipurpose grounds at 15:00.

Hungry Lions qualify for SAB Regional League

Cosmo City’s Hungry Lions FC beat Diepsloot’s DYA FC 8-2 in the South African Breweries (SAB) League final play off match held at Multipurpose grounds on 6 September 2021.

In the SAFA SAB league semi-final play offs, Cosmo City Local Football Association was represented by Ikade Youth Development (2018 Senior League winners) led by coach Lazi Ntaoland and Hungry Lions (2019 Senior League winners) lead by Coach Tshepo Motsomi.

The two teams would fight for the Sole SAFA SAB Regional League spot against 2018 and 2019 Senior League winners from Diepsloot Local Football Association, namely DYA FC and Bophelong Sporting.

The resilient Hungry Lions beat Ikade YD 3-1 in the semis while DYA FC defeated Bophelong Sporting 5-2.

The final was very exciting between Cosmo City versus Diepsloot to crown the ultimate champion of our football region. DYA FC started well in the final and took an early lead against a very shaky and nervous Hungry Lions. Hungry Lions managed to settle their nerves and started getting more on the ball and took control of the match with Vusi and Austin dictating terms in the middle of the park. Hungry Lions started dominating the game and responded with quick five goals. At half time in was 5-1 in favour of Hungry Lions.

The second half started lively with DYA FC showing incredible fighting spirit to try get back in the game with yet another early goal to make the score 5-2. Hungry Lions once again settled and took control of the midfield. What followed was three goals from Hungry Lions to end the SAFA SAB Regional Play Off final 8 - 2.

This is an incredible achievement for Cosmo City football and the community at large as Hungry Lions is the first club from Cosmo City to ever qualify for the SAFA SAB Regional League, said the chairman of Cosmo City Local Football Association Thulani Malebana.

“This is a great achievement for us as the league,” he said. “we have never had a team in the SAFA SAB Regional League before, this is a great achievement indeed for the development and growth of our football and the Community of Cosmo City as a whole. When I was elected as chairman of the Football Association in 2018 one of my main objectives was to see a team from Cosmo City qualify and being represented in the SAFA SAB Regional League. That is a stepping stone. One day we would see one of our clubs in Cosmo City being represented in the PSL League.”

The South African Breweries Regional League is the fourth tier of domestic football in the South African football pyramid. There are many clubs competing in the competition. Most teams are made up of players under the age of 19.

“SAFA SAB Regional League is the first step, next step is ABC Motsepe League, then GladAfrica League and then the PSL - all is possible with a vision, hard work and determination,” Malebana said.

“I would like to wish all the best to Hungry Lions on their journey in the SAFA SAB Regional League. We know it is not going to be easy but the Assocaition will be there every step of the way to support Hungry Lions. To achieve what Hungry Lions has achieved in a period where football has been interrupted by the COVID pandemic in the last 18 months is truly amazing. We appeal to the community particularly private sector and businesses to please join hands with the Local Football Association to support Hungry Lions in the quest to put Cosmo City on the Football map, as this is challenging journey particularly financially as the team will be travelling all over the Gauteng province to represent Cosmo City in the SAFA SAB Regional League.”

We would like to thank the league for the opportunity to be part of the SAB playoffs, said Hungry Lions Management.

“The journey wouldn't have been easy without all of you. We would first like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to Ikade YD for the game they gave us. As Hungry Lions, we will need your support going forward. And we know we can count on all of you for support.”

Hungry Lions FC Management Tshepo Motsomi &

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