MMC Mbundu calls on residents to utilise opportunity centres

The City of Johannesburg’s Member of the Mayoral Committee for Economic Development, Councillor Nkululeko Mbundu, has encouraged residents to use Opportunity Centres for business and jobseeker support.

“As residents of our City return after a well-deserved break, many will be eager to start their own businesses, while others will be looking for work. We wish to urge our citizens to visit our Opportunity Centres, which serve as a single point of contact for SMMEs and job seekers thus playing a role in the reduction of unemployment,” said MMC Mbundu.

The Opportunity Centre business model is one of the City’s initiatives aimed at assisting small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and cooperatives in their development and long-term viability. Through a combination of in-house and external resources, Opportunity Centres provide free services to SMMEs and cooperatives.

Cllr Mbundu said the City of Johannesburg’s priority is to create a climate that encourages economic growth with clear and concise economic policy, thus allowing us to rebuild a City that is Pro-business and Pro-jobs.

“Our Opportunity Centres are geared at strengthening in the main our SMME sector, making it easier to open and operate a business while also providing support to jobseekers by registering them on the City’s Jobseekers database. As a result, encourage our residents to visit our Opportunity Centres, and make use of this wonderful infrastructure.”

Some of the services offered by Opportunity Centres include:

Training Services

• Business Management (financial management, bookkeeping, people management).

• Business planning.

• Marketing strategy development.

• Supply-chain training so clients can gain increased access to markets.

Consultation Services

• Providing pre-start, start-up, and existing businesses with business development consulting.

• Advice on business planning and concept generation, as well as tax and financial management compliance challenges.

Facilitation of access to financing through Opportunity Centre partners’ services.

Facilities Usage for Business

• Access to boardroom use for business (e.g. meeting, presentation, interview etc.)

• Access to internet/Wi-Fi for business use (e.g. research, market opportunities, preparation of business proposals.

Jobseekers Support

• The Opportunity Centres also provide jobseekers with a registration database to connect the unemployed with both public and private organisations, as well as capacity-building courses such as job preparation to better equip and prepare job seekers for an interview.

Meet a passionate female entrepreneur and motivational speaker

Life coach and motivational speaker Tshandapiwa Tshuma has successfully supported hundreds of people to access the power of their thoughts, emotions and subconscious mind to create the reality of their dreams.

Motivational speaker Tshandapiwa Tshuma

 The ever-bubbly Tshuma is also a Research Consultant and a Training Facilitator. Out of her love for life coaching and motivational speaking, she founded Unstoppable Radiance.

Unstoppable Radiance deals with life coaching and motivational speaking. It aims to empower women and entrepreneurs in creating a soul aligned business so they can have massive impact. 

At Unstoppable Radiance, Tshuma said, they offer inspirational coaching sessions to help clients recognize their full potential.

“Our target audience is any individual with coaching needs,” she said. “We also support NGOs, NPOs, High Schools, educational institutions and entrepreneurs. We offer team coaching and one on one packages.”

Tshuma said they bring the most interesting, inspiring speakers to events.

Tshuma is currently based in Cosmo City’s extension 0. Through her work, she said she wants to empower many people despite their different backgrounds.

“The aim is to help people out and hold their hands as they journey into living happy lives that are up to their full potential. I believe that life that is not lived for a purpose is a waste. Rather, people should aim to die empty, having emptied themselves of all the potential in them.”

As a mother, she is very passionate about consolidating career with motherhood. Tshuma herself is on a mission to help the world recognize the value of women for more than just their body or achievements, but rather as a whole.

“I have gone through a lot of challenges as a woman,” she said. “I managed to overcome those challenges and I believe that someone can tap into my life story and take a leaf from it.”

Tshuma is encouraging women to be always optimistic in whatever they do. “Brighten other people's corners. Do not succumb to difficulties, instead be on the driver's seat of your life, otherwise life will drive you.”

For more information, contact her on 0711703044 or email:

Sizanani Charity gives back to the community

Sizanani Charity donated food parcels to six families in Cosmo City on 7 August 2021 in extensions 6 and 2.

Asamkele Menzeleli, Azwifaneli Nyamande, Nokuthula Menzeleli and Nelisa Menzeleli

The food parcels distributions, which were delivered door to door, aimed at helping the needy families in the community, according to the project coordinator Asamkele Menzeleli.

“We saw it necessary to give back to the community especially to those that are in need,” she said. “Community members and my mother, who works at a local clinic, helped to identify the most vulnerable and needy families in the community.”

 Sizanani Charity is an NPO that feeds the hungry. Giving away food parcels to the needy usually brings them hope, Menzeleli said.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting communities, Menzeleli said it is important to bring hope to devastated families. “We are happy to continue reaching out to touch other people’s lives. It was also good to see them happy and thankful after receiving the food parcels. They should expect more of these from us. I am also working on introducing training programs that will uplift the youth and community at large.”

Residents who received food parcels thanked Sizanani Charity for considering them for donations.

Asamkele Menzeleli, Nontsikelelo Ndlovu,Nokuthula Menzeleli and Kgomotso Lethoko

“We are very thankful for the food parcels,” said Sakhile Wendy Mbambo. “May Sizanani Charity continue to bless every needy people around. May God bless each and every one from the charity.”

Nontsikelelo Andriella Ndlovu also received the food parcels and she thanked Sizanani Charity for helping the needy in the community.

The Pelagic Resources and The Bridged Assisted Learning School Lonehill donated sponsored the food parcels.


Catching up with Miss South Africa Finalist, Danielle Marais

Our team had a conversation with one of this year’s Miss South Africa Finalists Danielle Marais during her visit to Cosmo City and Itsoseng informal settlement on Mandela Day.

During her visit, assisted by a group of Cosmo City youth members led by Aubrey Moloto, Marais gave away hundreds of face masks and sanitizers to the residents.

Below is a transcript of the interview.

What brought you to Cosmo City and Itsoseng informal settlement?

I have been to Cosmo City a few times. I have given a talk at the city centre on the importance of female empowerment and business skill development through my charity, Walk In Freedom. We have also come to distribute pads to the girls in the communities. The previous visits the community members came and asked us for masks and sanitizer. So it is so important for everyone to protect themselves so that we can heal as a country collectively. Today (18 July 2021) we handed out 60 bottles of sanitizer and 600 masks packed into 70 care packages total.

Danielle Marais walking with Aubrey Moloto and Ward 100 youth memmbers in Itoseng informal settlement

How important do you think it is to commemorate Mandela's Day?

With what South Africa is facing during these troubling times, the spirit of Ubuntu is more important than ever. We give on Mandela Day to honour his memory and legacy. But we should embody his spirit of power in peace every day! We aim to make Mandela’s vision of prosperity for all South Africans a reality every day - not only on Mandela Day. That is why my charity is named Walk In Freedom - in Mandela’s honour.

How necessary is it to reach out and help the needy families fighting against COVID-19?

South Africans need to stand together! It is not optional at this point. We need each other now more than ever. We have seen people lose their lives and livelihoods. If God has enabled one to be in a position to help someone who needs it, how can you deny being His hands and feet.


What is Walk In Freedom NPO all about?

I teach women business skills for long term sustainability through Walk In Freedom, and then I fund the start up capital they need. You can find out more at

How has been your journey in Miss SA contest and what is your aim?

I am so honoured to be selected as a Miss South Africa top 30 finalist. I have learned a lot so far and I have grown my platform so I am empowered for my voice to be heard further and for my actions to be amplified with support. My aim is to become Miss South Africa 2021, and to use the platform to do good work in our communities, full time. The platform will empower my voice and I will be able to reach my 10-20 year goals of community empowerment specifically aimed at job creation.


How do people get to vote for you?

The public is the 5th judge this year and you have a say in who makes it to the Miss South Africa top 10 finalists.

There are two ways to vote. You can go to the Computicket site ( you are able to vote at the Shoprite & Checkers money market counter.

Voting is open until 21 July, midnight.

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