Cllr Mapula Mosito Helps Clean Luanda Block on Mandela Day

On Tuesday the 19th of July, Cllr Mapula helped residents of Extension 2 Luanda Block. This clean-up was organised by Luanda Street committee.

“We are cleaning the street, and we have chosen to do this day because many people cooperate on this day,” said Thomas Matshisevhe, chairperson of Luanda Block. “Living in a clean environment is good for our health because if the environment is dirty it will pollute this place of ours. And for the health of the children, our children need to play in a clean environment.”

“We are always doing this on our street, we didn’t decide to do the clean-up because today is Mandela Day, “he added.

The group was mixed with young people who volunteered to be part of the clean-up.

“Look at these kids they are happy about doing this, we didn’t force them to come join us here to clean up our block,” said Thembi Nkabinde, Launda Street committee member.“I am pleading with the rest of the residents of Cosmo City, to always clean their surroundings. We need to keep Cosmo City Clean.”

Ward Councilor Mapula Mosito, also joined the street Committee to clean Luanda Block and she said that she was happy to see that young kids are also part of the initiative.

“I am here in Ext 2 Launda to offer my support to the residents here. They are doing a great job in keep their streets clean all the time. I am humbled to see that they are residents who have taken upon themselves to make sure that their environment is clean,”said Mosito.

“We want this programme to move to other extensions and we are encouraging all residents of Cosmo City to clean their streets and report people that do illegal dumping. It is not only the responsibility of the government but our responsibility as residents of Cosmo to Keep Cosmo City clean,” concluded Mosito.

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