COJ condemns attacks on Ward Councillors for Eskom issues

City of Johannesburg have issued a statement encouraging residents not to blame ward councillors for power cut issues.

In the past two weeks, a series of violent protests broke out across the targeting ward councilors and their families and destroying government property.

Residents should use the right channel of communications to communicate grievances and raise issues, according to Speaker of Council Councillor Nonceba Molwele.

“Using violence does not solve problems,” she said. “It rather puts lives at risk. The specific duties of a ward councillor, and exactly how much power they have are often exaggerated. A ward councilor is not responsible for the delivery of basic services like the supply of water or electricity, or the fixing of potholes. Their responsibility is to represent the concerns of the residents in the ward in council. Councilors can only intervene once the resident has reported the issue, received a reference number and then received no service delivery.”

 Cllr Molwele urged residents to use channels of communications such as regional offices, councilor’s offices, and the City’s social media platforms to raise their grievances.

“We have 135 wards in the City of Johannesburg,” she said, “and ward councilors were elected to oversee specific areas within the municipality. Councilors serve as representatives of residents in their ward. They facilitate the ward’s input and serve as the communication link between council and communities. They help monitor the performance of the municipality.”

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