Community Health initiative story

On Saturday the 07th of October 2017, the Gauteng Department of health together with the health promoter for region C ward 100, came together to host a health drive for the community of Cosmo City. It was hosted at Cosmo Mall.

The community was invited to get various tests done; they tested for blood pressure and sugar levels, for diabetes, for HIV/AIDS, for Prostate cancer for men and cervical cancer for women. The initiative started in Pick n Pay when the staff was voluntarily tested for these ailments.

‘’ We are giving people information about all the services, information about personal hygiene, hand washing, food preparation and how the food prep area should be kept clean. We are encouraging people to prepare for the festive season and cautioning them to use protection, get tested and know their status.’’ said Eric Matsila, ward 100 health promoter.

The purpose of this initiative was to promote healthy life styles, health education and for the community to be able to get help if there are ailments they have that they do not understand. It was to deliver a service that some people may not be able to access on their own and it was to show the community that they matter.

People are encouraged by the health promoters to use the available clinic facilities in order to access these services, clinics in Zandspruit; Velderfryn Park; Boskruin Clinic; Rex Clinic; Dobsenville clinic; Bupilong and Siphumulile clinics as well as Florida which is currently under renovation.

‘’ People should go and use the clinics and if they encounter a problem, they are encouraged to report them and if the service they receive is not satisfactory they should also report it to the relevant people, our reporting system is easy because our phone number is written on a chalkboard at these places.’’ He explained.

This outreach initiative is not going to stop in Cosmo City; it is a regional and city wide initiative. It is a mandate carried out by the region that comes from the health MMC. Who made it a priority to ensure service especially regarding peoples’ health was taken into account.

‘’ We are here at the mall because many people cannot access the community clinic that is open Monday  to Friday because they work so we came here for those, and there are many people in Cosmo City and not all get the opportunity.’’ Said Peter Mpahlele, Region C Health Promoter.

Health is a very important part of the human condition and communities are encourage to take care of themselves and others by knowing where their health facilities are and to take advantage of the services they offer.

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