Community ruined by illegal dumping and careless littering

 Various extensions in Cosmo City are affected by illegal dumping of waste and littering, and it has left residents and business people concerned, claiming that the unpleasant situation was caused by festive season celebrations.

Many residents complained that they are constantly confronted with bad smell and a huge volume of filth, which serve as breeding places for rats and mice.

“The situation is not good at all,” said Mlamuli Masuku of Cosmo City extension 6. “People did a lot of littering during the festive season and it has affected us. We hope the local authorities respond quickly before there is an outbreak of disease.”

Even though residents have rubbish bins at their homes, the streets near their backyards remain an eyesore with sights of trash, from casual litter to deliberate illegal dumping outside the residential areas.

“I think the community generates more waste than can be collected,” said Monwabisi Qukwana, another resident. “Probably the community needs more dust bins to avoid illegal dumping.

Waste is scattered on roadsides outside buildings and public spaces in many streets in the area.

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