Cosmo City ready for change after 2019 elections

In the midst of violent protests and an increase in crime that shook Cosmo City in the weeks building up to elections, the political parties wrapped up their campaigning, and South Africans cast their ballots on Wednesday 2019 to decide the leader of the country. Cosmo City residents told the Chronicle that no matter who wins, what the community wants after the elections is positive change.

“Ofcourse we are coming from a tough time,” said Stephinah Boshielo. “Our community has been facing many challenges including housing, unemployment, economic imbalances and lack of business opportunities.”

“Only the citizens have to decide who they want to put into power to govern and administer the affairs that are challenging our community and country at large,” she said. “However, all we need is positive change only.”

Much needs to be done to improve the community, residents say.

“There is lack of service delivery,” Boshielo said. “The community is overcrowded, lacking black people investors, and increasing in back room deals.”

Furthermore, she said, the community keeps complaining that they are not benefiting from community development.

 “It is sad to note that most people who benefit from our local projects do not reside in Cosmo City,” Boshielo said. “Some do not take this community seriously. We have an estimated number of 70 000 residents, but people failed to attend and launch South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) with at least 100 people (a minimum of 100 people were required to launch the organisation).”

It is important to organise a media workshop with the residents of Cosmo City, she said to find out why they don't have confidence in the current leadership.

 “Crime is getting more prevalent in our area,” said Malcom Mchunu of extension 6. “Whoever becomes the leader of the country should make sure that there is peace in areas like Cosmo City. This area is busy developing in terms of building houses, instead of building a proper police station. We need peace, and we also need a functional hospital in such a big community.”

Elections alone will not bring positive change in the community, said Mthethuvumile Gqongo.

“2019 Provincial and National Elections will leave very little change in terms of service delivery,” he said. “This is so because service delivery is a municipal competency.”

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