Cosmo City residents still value the importance of workers day.

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“Workers day is one of the greatest days for me,” said Pardon Madzivire when the chronicle asked him what he thinks of the workers’ May Day holiday. “The day is important to me because it means that us as workers are highly appreciated in the constitution of South Africa”.

The chronicle collected resident’s opinions in the streets of Cosmo City, about why the holiday is important to them. It also asked what activities they participated on in celebration of workers’ May Day holiday.

Workers day serves as an important day that celebrates the role played by Trade Unions, the Communist party and other labour movements in South Africa. The day originates from the battle that South African workers struggled to conquer in the late 1800, in order to improve working conditions, new labour laws and other steps towards social justice.

However, workers day and its ethics were only legitimised officially on the first democratic elections in 1994. The day still serves as a significant historical holiday, not only in South Africa but across the world, basically offering a platform for workers whether in the health, Educational, Industrial, Farming and Mining Sector to be appreciated for their hard work.

“I celebrated the Workers Day with my beloved sisters,” Madzivire added, “because we hardly spend time together and this day offers us the opportunity to exactly do that as a family.”

“With the unemployment rate being at 27.1% in South Africa,” said Alberto Zikwimba, “It’s then as a human you should appreciate and cherish your job and commemorate those who made it possible.

“I spent this holiday by advising my kids on the importance of workers day and reminding them how important is this day to those who sacrificed for the 8 hour labour holiday,” Zikwimba concluded.

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