Cosmo mall and Roots Butchery celebrates five years in style

Roots Butchery, Pick n Pay and Cosmo Mall recently partnered with other companies, which operate at the mall, feeding 151 children and 75 elderly as a way to celebrate five years. 

 Steers, Roots Grill, Cash Crusaders, Auto Zone, Old Mutual Bank, 3@1 and Builders contributed to the celebrations. It was an honor to see the community coming together for the celebrations, said Roots Butchery manager Marcel De Freitas.

“We managed to bring community members together to celebrate with us,” he said. “We fed children and the elderly, we provided jumping castle for the kids and got their faces painted. We wanted them to enjoy the day. Other companies contributed as well. Some provided ice creams, hampers, and prizes for the community members.”

It is always good to dive back to the community, he said. “We did all this to thank the community for being supportive to us for five years. Giving back to the community helps us to grow as a brand.”

Celebrating five years in Cosmo City means the mall has developed a good relationship with the community, said Mall Space Management. `

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