Crumbling streets left unattended

Most of the roads in Cosmo City are unfit for driving, residents say, and there is need to take solid action, especially in Kampala Street (Ex6), Addis Ababa Street (Ext 2), Quatemala Street (Ext 4) and Nebraska Street (Ext 0).

Despite Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA)’s efforts to roll out a road construction and rehabilitation programme in Cosmo City to revamp the roads and streets in the community, these particular  streets  have disintegrated into  eyesores.

Local authorities vow that the rehabilitation process it still on. The main cause of the road potholes is  underground water, according to Ward 100 Councillor Mapula Mosito. “We also need to take care of our roads,” the councillor said. “In most cases, residents tend to burn tyres on the roads during strikes, leaving the infrastructure exposed to corrosion. The municipality also has to keep on maintaining our roads to keep them alive.”

Motorists believe that the municipality also should keep maintaining small streets. “Whenever municipality is doing road maintenance, they only focus on the main roads,” complained resident Mohammed Assan. “We also need to see our home routes fixed and getting maintained regularly.”

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