Deep Down: Wendee’s inspirational EP

“When I fell pregnant at the age of 15, I went through emotional and physical pains,” said 21-year-old Ndivhuwo Nethwadzi, speaking about her recently released EP titled “Deep Down.” Nethwadzi is also known as Wendee.

Wendee said that “Deep Down” was inspired by her lonely battle against life experiences. “When my parents found out (that she fell pregnant) they got devastated. My mom was in tears, and it broke my heart. However, I kept everything to myself.”

While she was pregnant, she said, she experienced much regret and remorse, although she still performed very well at school and she never quit studying. “I used to receive humiliating words from people. If it was not for God, I would have probably committed suicide. I have realised that God gave me a strong character.”

She said the songs that are in her EP reflect what she has gone though in her life. “My ‘Deep Down’ EP is all about encouraging anyone else out there who might be facing challenges that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

The nine-track EP was produced by Veebeats Exclusive under Green Roots Records, featuring Wendee and four other artists: Scima, Chronic, Dizzy and Nellisiwe.

As the country celebrates heritage, Wendee said “I value my culture a lot. I feel like it's a big part of me. Because of it, my parents raised me with good morals and principles, which today make me. It's something I'm proud of, hence it's in my music along with ‘Deep Down’s’ artistry.”

 Being an upcoming female artist is difficult, Wendee said. “Generally, people do not take you seriously as an artist, and not having all the necessary resources to get your craft out there is a challenge to female artist.”

Born in Thohoyandou in Limpopo province, Wendee relocated to Johannesburg at the age of three. She started her musical career in 2008. She focuses on Gospel, Afro pop, Hip-hop and House music. She is currently studying BHS in Emergency Medical Care at University of Johannesburg.

Facebook: @Wendee

Instagram: @wendee_za

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