Diepsloot cricket club promoted to senior Sunday League 5.

Gauteng Cricket Board promoted Diepsloot junior club into Sunday senior League 5 early this year.

The league kicks off later this year across some communities in Gauteng, in order to ensure sports is developed in South African communities.

Formed by Salman Khan in 2013, Diepsloot Cricket Club is a team that is Gauteng Cricket Board registered and playing its third season in SU8 (Sunday league 8) with junior & senior teams. The team was formed prior to Mr. Khan’s understanding of the conditions endured by most youths in Diepsloot. He saw a vision to establish an ultimate resolution to reduce crime, drugs, high level of unemployment among youth’s in the community of Diepsloot through Cricket.

The Initiative proves sincere involvement that is socially based on empowering young stars to be better leaders in their community. Mr. Khan’s vision brings a great impact in this community and through sports Mr Khan believes that it enhances change and absolute chances that young talented kids can better their lives.

Besides the lack of resources like proper cricketing gear, kits and equipment which are most of the challenges that the team are facing at the moment, it seems nothing will deprive the teams confidence as the hype is at the top of the trophy to an extend of proving that the team will win this upcoming session. At the moment the team is showing absolute resilience and perseverance to survive and stabilize a club and some of the players are of exceptional talents in batting and bowling.

“Sports has always been a fundamental element that unites people,” said Mr. Khan. “And through sports you can educate a child to do wonderful things with the talent they pose.”

“I don’t want the dreams of these kids to be lost drastically,” Mr. Khan explained. “We need your help to make these kids dreams a reality.” “We look for all kinds of support in donation, financial assistance or strategic partner to resource mobilization.” Mr. Khan concluded.

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