Diepsloot Sports against Crime Tournament aims to lessen drug abuse

Diepsloot Sports fanatics partnered with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and organized a two day soccer tournament to fight against drug abuse and crime.

Diepsloot Sports against Crime Tournament is a holiday sports program which is done every end of school term to keep the youth away from the streets.

The tournament against drug abuse comes just month after South Africa’s Constitutional Court passed down a judgment that makes it legal for adults to cultivate and smoke marijuana in their homes. The 29 to 30 September tournament saw 34 soccer teams from Diepsloot and Cosmo City participating. The following are the teams which won during the tournament: Diepsloot junior chiefs (Under 12) Oliven junior chiefs (under 14) Bophelong (under 16). The winners were awarded kits trophies and medals.

“It is sad that girls are also starting to get involved in Nyawope drugs,” said Thabo Wesi the general secretary of Diepsloot Stream. “This Nyawope drug has taken away a lot of joy from the Diepsloot youth, and it drives the youth to be thieves and robbers.”

Wesi added that the tournament was an opportunity to raise awareness about the side effects of drugs and crime to the youngsters.

“The tournament was well organized and soccer has become a great tool to address such social issues,” Wesi said. “A child in sports is a child out of jail. We have to make a good pathway for the children by using sports to take them out of bad habits.”

He said that it is important to keep the youth busy as it would keep them focused.


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