Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation embraces World Water Week

About 7000 learners from four Cosmo City primary schools sang, danced and learned about waterissues during the annual March Water Week awareness campaign from 18 to 24 March conducted by Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation partnering with Centurion Systems.

As part of the campaign, Eco Culture demonstrated how sewer pipes get blocked by foreign objects like plastic bags, newspaper and nappies, with the hope that the demonstration will change learners’ behaviour.

“We did hands on workshop with all grade six pupils,” said the Eco Culture co-founder Alex Frost. “It gave them the practical exposure to wetlands, their health and biodiversity. Such activities made learning easier and fun for them.”

“Multiple sewage leaks are a daily occurrence in Cosmo City,” said the Eco Culture Environmental Education coordinator Marylin Ndhlovu. “During the water awareness campaign the participants conducted the mini Stream Assessment Scoring System (SASS) water test in the Cosmo City conservation area.”

 “The learners used nets to fish for aquatic invertebrates; the species composition that was found was used to determine the stream’s water quality using a scoring sheet based on the invertebrates that were caught. The learners from Cosmo City West Primary and Tirisano-Mmogo Primary found the stream to be in a critically poor condition, and this was most likely a result of the constant sewage pollution leaking into the stream.”

“We are piloting the Enviro Buddies programme within two beneficiary schools in Cosmo City,” Frost said. “The Enviro Buddies programme takes the form of an extra-curricular activity and introduces the learners to environmental issues through theoretical and practical activities that will be conducted once a week.”

Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation is a fully registered Non-Profit Organisation, Public Benefit Organisation and Social Enterprise that focuses on developing and placing environmental sustainability programmes in both schools and communities. These programmes are designed to educate and improve environmental conditions within these communities.

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